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Application for $300 (ghs 938) for inventory for my boutique

Dear zidisha,i thank u for offer that was done me to help grow my business in the form of inventory.By Gods grace business has been very good,especially when i introduced the market to market business to my boutique business.By God's grace today happen to be the last but one week of my repayment,however with the financial strength i have for this week i have decided to add my final repayment of GHS 38 to this week repayment of GHS 32 thereby accumulating to GHS 70.I am doing this to enable me apply for my next credit facility within this week because by God's a colleague business partner is ready to take me to Togo (a country in Africa) to buy my clothings at cheaper prices over there and bring them to Ghana.i believe this move will really grow my business and give me a competitive edge over my competitors because i will have the strategic opportunity to cut my prices slightly to gain more customers.
Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity because it has really impacted my business positively.

Fertilizer and seed for planting season

Hello lenders since i got your loan it has been unbelievable to my business.Since i bought the pump am able to sell greens every day and drought is not a threat any more.Money is coming and i can say am able to pay more,thank you all.


Raising funds for shampoo basins, wash cups & utensils

Thanks alot to the zidisha community for having funded me the loan i was given plus my personal savings has really worked out for me, i bought the required equipments and stocked a new and big premise that i moved in , the business is now picking up very well am sure its growing into a bigger business in the near future. thanks very much for the funds

Small brand new deep freezer for food storage

My lenders i come before today to thank you very much for supporting me.I had reschedule my loan to smaller amount earlier but today as i promised you now i reschedule to bigger amount because my business is doing fine.

To buy working beauty products in my salon

Dear my lenders am very thankful for your support,i received your loan and invested fully in my business and at the moment i see a big change in my business because am able to attract more customers hence able to get more profit in future.Now i kindly request you to allow me to reschedule my loan to a smaller amount for only one month as means of grace period,thanks.


Add more stock and renew license for my shop

I am happy today as i take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for supporting me this far because am able to grow my business this much.Now it's not me who is happy but my entire family.Today i reschedule my loan as i had promised you,thank you for giving me this grace period.

Starting a health & wellness business

I thank the entire Zidisha team and my lenders who have shown great love towards me.
I have stocked my boutique with more shirts due to the increase in demand.
I was able to pay my fees on time.
Thank you very very very much ZIDISHA

Buy more clothing materials & pay fees for master's degree

To my Lenders and Zidisha Team,

I want to thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate you promoting me to a higher level and i hope to increase my profit more and more.

I would like to wish all of you a HAPPY EASTER. May God bless you all.

Buy incubator for expansion of poultry farm business

The 1 month old chicks

Buy irrigation equipment for my vegetable farm

Dear lenders,have been very fine with my son and doing very well with my farming.I really upreciated my second loan which helped me to boost my produce and made a profit which helped me to complete my loan confotably.I hope for a successful funding of my next applied loan.thank you all.

Purchasing an embroidery machine

Hello Lenders, I’m very grateful for loan of Ksh10, 956 that you gave me. The loan has helped me purchase some more stock for my business and I have also started selling trench coats for women and slowly I can see my business expanding. May God bless you as continue to support and uplift us.
The below photo include some of the goods that I managed to add to my stock.


To preapare the farm and repair the irrigation system

My sincere gratitude goes to all the lenders who gave me the financial boost, my agriculture is on track, i am able to pay fees for my children and meet my needs , i am looking to hire another piece of land else where within the same region, the market is growing and i want to be one of the active players, my vision is to be a strong supplier of local supermarkets,today is Easter holiday and i am with my family and my grand children have also visited me, Thank you



Hi my lenders! am very thankful for your funding.In fact the loan received was 100$ which has actually boosted me enormously. I managed to introduce two more varieties of fruits in my grocery at a cost of 100$.I expect to get 50% profit increase out of this expansion.Again thank you for your support and I hope you will always support me.Good luck.

Materials for large client order in welding business

Hi lenders, am working hard to push my business to another level.

Loan to help maintain supply of mobile services to customers

Dear Lenders,

Last week, a torrential rainstorm in Accra let up just enough for me to make it to the city center, where I met Monica. Monica sells mobile phone recharge cards out of a small booth, just big enough to sit two people comfortably. Although the wooden structure is dark, it is brightened by Monica’s big smile, colorful dress, and the bejeweled butterfly clips in her hair. Located in the heart of the city and right across from the main post office, Monica’s shop sees a lot of traffic. She sells single cards to individuals but many of her customers are regulars and come for big orders of various cards to resell on the roadside or in shops.

I was actually referred to Monica by Vincent, a student at the University of Ghana whom I had met earlier that week. Vincent was one of Monica’s regular customers but was disappointed one day when she didn’t have the cards in stock that he needed. She explained that, buying on credit, she didn’t yet have the capital to pay back her last purchase and restock. He had recently used a Zidisha loan to pay his academic fees, and introduced her to the website.

Since getting started with Zidisha, Monica’s business has transformed. With her first loan, she bought an expanded inventory of cards upfront. Her second loan provided the capital for a big purchase just before Christmas, to take advantage of a regular surge in demand. With the boost she earned from that season, she no longer buys cards on credit, further increasing her profit margin. She is also able to keep her inventory well stocked, and that reliability has attracted a lot of new regulars.

But it’s not just her business that benefits from her loans. Monica is a mother to her twelve-year-old daughter, Caribel, and lives with and cares for her youngest sister, Alice. And with her increased income, Monica has been able to pay for Alice to fulfill her dreams and attend nursing school.

I know Monica is incredibly grateful for the help she has received from Zidisha and her lenders, and hopes to continue to grow her business and support her family. And Monica – thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. It was a delight!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Materials for hand crafted jewelry

Dear Lenders,

I met Love recently at her home in Kpone, a neighborhood whose name I will probably never learn to properly pronounce, near Tema. She heard about Zidisha from her brother Benjamin last year and has been using loans to supplement her work with beaded jewelry.

Love’s designs incorporate a variety of influences – putting a modern and cosmopolitan twist on traditional African designs. She sources her beads and materials from as far as Nigeria, the Czech Republic, and China, but makes sure to feature traditional Ghanaian beads (like the ones on the bracelets, pictured) in every piece. She says her customers want to wear jewelry that feels modern and at home in the city but that recalls their heritage and, to stay ahead of trends, she gets inspiration online. Her most recent work involves twisting wire from China around African beads in intricate patterns (see images of necklaces).

Love has overcome significant challenges since her husband passed away nine years ago. Suddenly she needed to find a way to support three children as a single mother. So although she had a degree in fashion and worked as a seamstress, she branched out to incorporate and then focus on beadwork. Now the whole, artistically talented family gets involved. Her older children, 23 and 20, have started beadwork themselves. And her youngest daughter, 11-year-old Jasmine, often draws designs that they then create. (You can see some of her other drawings below.)
Zidisha has afforded Love the opportunity to purchase stocks of materials for her designs. Most of her work is made to order and often purchased on credit, with customers paying at the end of the month when they receive their salary. So having the ability to buy extra materials in advance has been a great help to Love’s business as she is putting her youngest child through school.

I know she is incredibly thankful for the support she has received from her lenders and looks forward to growing her business. I recently returned to Tema and was excited to get to visit Love again and purchase some jewelry for myself and family. I also have to credit “Mama Love’s” house as the first place I tried sobolo – a sweet and refreshing drink made with bissap leaves, water, and ginger.

Anyway, Love, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me! It was a pleasure to meet you and Jasmine.

Thank you,

Ghana Country Ambassador

Mini-pharmacy for my community

Dear Lenders,

Edward lives near Cape Coast, a city known for being surrounded by beautiful beaches and haunting colonial forts. But we met recently in Accra where he popped in for a few days to take care of some business.

Edward’s story is nothing short of inspirational. He spent his early years in a charity center, which provided housing for orphans and rehabilitation for troubled youth. But the center lost funding while he was there and could no longer serve as a home or provide funding for many of its residents. Edward was fortunate enough to find a family member to take him in. He was able attend school, excelling at his studies as the assistant school prefect, and graduate.

Edward has always been interested in business but lacked funds to pursue university. So he started to read and study on his own and became interested in entrepreneurship. He began with the idea to open a computer center, but soon he noticed that there was no good pharmacy in his community. And after watching his neighbors have to travel very far in order to get their medicine, he decided to open one up himself.

The first challenge of opening a pharmacy, he told me, was obtaining the proper licenses. But once he had accomplished that, he ran into another difficulty – keeping a stocked inventory. He instantly attracted potential customers but couldn’t always provide them with the exact medicines they were seeking. Although the business had been started so that his neighbors wouldn’t have to travel far for their medicine, all too often he had to send them away on that same journey when he didn’t have what they needed on the shelves.

That’s when a friend introduced Edward to Zidisha. His Zidisha loan provided the upfront capital necessary to keep his inventory full of a wide variety of basic medicines. Finally, he could cater to his community’s needs and didn’t have to turn customers away. The pharmacy has been opened for a year and a half now and is continuing to grow. When we met, Edward was actually in Accra finishing up the paperwork for a license to bill prescription drugs to the National Health Insurance Scheme himself, further easing access to his customers.

Although his focus now is on his current business, once that is established he has his sights set on expansion. He still keeps in touch with a few of his mates from the charity center home, smart individuals but many of whom, he explains, didn’t fare as well as he did. So in the future he hopes to provide one or two with job training and employment in his growing business.

Edward, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me on your trip to Accra. We wish you the best with your pharmacy and look forward to seeing how it grows!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Loan for laptop and school fees for education degree

Dear Lenders,

Last week I finally got to visit the campus of the University of Ghana in Legon, a northern suburb of Accra, where I met with Vincent and a few other students.

Vincent is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in history and archaeology and on track to graduate in 2016. Afterward, he plans to return for his master’s. He especially likes learning about the African diaspora and the chance he gets at university to talk to international students about their experiences. Quiet and thoughtful – he would rather be reading (his favorite author is Chinua Achebe) than at a big party. Of the opportunities for exploration on campus, he says, “Every moment as a student you discover something.”

Vincent has used his Zidisha loans to pay academic fees and recently to purchase a laptop for his studies. Before, his only access to a computer was at the computer center on campus, a good half-hour’s walk away from his residence hall. Now he can do his work anywhere, enabling him to better fit schoolwork into his schedule and more easily work on his projects.

As we talk, he gives me a tour of the university. We start at the centrally located Balme library (pictured), passing through Vincent’s favorite spots to study and the African studies library which displays, behind cases, the University’s collection of old and rare volumes. Outside, attractive white buildings with terracotta roofs make up most of the campus with expansive trees lining the streets, providing shade and a distinctly collegial feel. Finally, we stop by the Kwame Nkrumah Institute of African Studies, one of Vincent’s buildings, and take a look at its museum of Ashanti artifacts.

I know Vincent is grateful for the support he has received from his Zidisha lenders in allowing him to pursue his education and the opportunity to interact with lenders around the world.

Vincent, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and letting me wander around campus! It was such a pleasure and we wish the best of luck in your studies.

Ghana Country Ambassador

Loan to buy laptop chargers and batteries stock

since I bought the flashing equipment my business has improved and my earnings have increased, I have used the income to pay back my zidisha loan which I completed repayments last week and reinvested in buying phone repair parts like screens. I also took a course in laptop repair and am currently getting many clients seeking for laptop and repair tablets and many others looking for laptop accessories like chargers, hard disks and batteries and I have found a source where I will be buying such accessories and low price from a dealer who imports them.
am so greatful to the lenders because they are helping us actualize our dreams which were limited in the past by financial constraints.God bless you all.

New modern computer

Hello Jessie,I thank you for your support. I received the two computers yesterday(Friday). I am very happy because today my business appears to be expanded. The few customers that I have served during morning hours have expressed their happiness because they can now access to services easily. Thank you

Premium dog food in bulk for breeding German Shepherds

Dear lenders, I'm really grateful for all the support you've given me. No words could possibly explain how grateful i am.
Today I've completed repaying the loan in full, thanks to you, my business has grown and its now headed somewhere.
It might take a day or two to update the payments. I'm also very happy to have completed the loan 'early'. Thank you so much for your help...
Here are some photos..
Pup photos taken @2wks..

Inventory for internet installation

Wishing all zidisha Lenders a happy Easter Holiday. Happy to inform you that my internet connection and services has boosted my income and I can inform you that I'm very happy for your funds and repaying the loan will be smooth and efficient. Thanks

Transport fee for my son

My daughter just turned 10years yesterday and we had a party it was good,thanks to you lendrs because of you my business expand and now I can entertain my family.

Hire accountant and buy office materials for pest control service

Am thankful to lenders for my first loan, it enables me to buy cleaning materials in time and hence improved service delivery to our customers, I was able to get more customers from referral from existing clients due to good services.the profit I got I used to improve my family life by building a nice house.

Farming, and expansion of business selling shoes

I would like to thank the lenders who funded my 1st Loan. I was able to buy the pesticides I needed for my potatoes. am hoping to get a very good harvest because of your help. I was able to repay my loan on time and without any difficulties. with the money I will get from the sale of the potatoes I will be able to educate my son and also help in improving my family's living condition.

Loan of ghc 1114 helps me buy more shoes for sale

l invest all my loans from Zidisha to add more shoes to my shoe business .I purchased more shoe for sale.

Additional professional film light for video production business

Dear Lenders,
I am very grateful for your support in the previous loan. I was able to purchase a professional film light and now my production have improved. I look forward for more of your support in the next loan to help me reach and maintain the set standards in the film industry and keep up with the competition.

Solar products to sell

Thanks to Zidisha team, for the loan that really increased my input. Actually was able to make 95% profit. This profit is revolving back to the business to make it firm. The shoes that am selling is actually opening more opportunities to ventures into other related business.

Funds to buy a digital camera

I would humbly like to thank all the lenders who are helping us realize our dreams and above all the lenders who lend me my loan amounting to Ksh 9,000. This amount aided me in buying a sony digital camera worth Ksh 10,500. Once again I couldn't be more greatful. The zidisha fraternity has become a pure game changer in the lending arena. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

Transportation and test kits to perform mass medical exams

Dear lenders,
I am very grateful for your great support towards my business. I have been able to reach out to lots of people and attend their various ailments. My work has become very interesting because of the mobile home service I have been doing. Most of my patients prefer to have me at their homes. Normally after doing a test with the quantum analyzer, I carry on from there to do a further laboratory test to confirm the results. Some of the common laboratory tests I do are, fasting blood sugar, random blood sugar, typhoid test, malaria test, hepatitis, HIV, HVS, liver function test, PSA, etc.

Hairdressing school

I received a loan of 3500 from Zidisha company... I used the money to buy another hair browdry for my salon. I honestly thank the Zidisha team for their support and may our Heavinly Father bless you...I appreciate your concern towards me and truly im honoured

Money Transfers & Electronic Refills

Merci, chers prêteurs; ceci est un message pour vous faire part de mes nouvelles, comme convenu. Tout ce passe bien à mon niveau et cela à cause de votre générosité. Je vous remercie pour cette confiance et je ferrai tout ce qui est à mon niveau afin de ne pas vous décevoir. Grand merci.

Thank you, dear lenders; this is a message to make you a part of my news, as agreed. Everything is going well on my level and that is because of your generosity. I thank you for this confidence and I will do all that is possible in order not to disappoint you. A big thank you.

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Merci chers prêteurs, ceci est un message pour vous faire part de mes nouvelles comme convenu. Tout ce passe bien a mon niveau et cela a cause de votre générosité. Je vous remercie pour cette confiance et je ferrai tout ce qui est a mon niveau afin de ne pas vous décevoir. Grand merci

Electric sewing machine to increase dress production

Dear lenders,
I appreciate very much for your good works and the smiles you are putting on faces of many borrowers without you getting money to work to realized their dreams wouldn't have come to fruition of which I am no exception.
My customers are sewing clothes for the easter festivity and my retailers are also demanding for more clothes to be sold because of the easter. This has seen more profits in my work and therefore thought it wise to increase my repayment amount so that lenders can lend to more and new borrowers.
Thank you

Adding mobile phone money transfer service to my retail shop

I am happy to report that my business has really improved with the Zidisha loan,my income have doubled because of increased stock.I would like to increase my loan amount because of the increased income and also get the new loan to increase my stock before May when the students get back to school they form a major part of my customer base..

Increase inventory for my school uniform business to support my charity school

i am happy to I am going places with my business and support for the orphans and vulnerable children,the reason why I would like to increase my loan is because I have sold most of my stock and now most of the money is in my bank account because the schools are closing and I cant do much sale so I wanted to increase the amount I pay so that I get the next loan early May to be ready for the purchase of uniforms for the beginning of second term.I am very happy to have known Zidisha I am planning to start a shop outside the school office to sell uniforms and more reach more people when I receive my next loan.

Pay on time

i purchased , more plastic and rubber shoes which which have demand , my profit increased with 20 % , now i used the increased profit to buy more good with demand high my profit is going up zidisha made a good profit incresed in my business in a year i will be seling whole sale , god bless lendres god bless zidisha

Business uplift loan application

Hello lenders, i acknowledge that i received the loan from zidisha of Kshs 9130. i highly appreciate for giving me a chance to help purchase a laptop at my computer shop. this will enable me manage my business easily since the resources have been improved.
once again thank you, i look forward to working with you in future.


Hi lenders .This is to register receipt of ksh 95000.Tomorrow I will by posho mill and within the week I will bring home the heifer( in calf). I will post the photos.I salute you all.Thank you.

Computer training college

dear lender i am happy to bring to your attention that i received the money i requested and i have started procuring the computers. the moment i receive them i will share with you probably tomorrow. may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Furniture equipments

Hi am so glad to receive this cash amounting to K sh 9130. I luck words to express both your kindness and support towards every better course in my business and entrepreneurship at large.
I have actually acquired a brand new vacuum cleaning machine that is powerful and efficient,and i have resumed services immediately.
I have to thank you all so much for your support and God bless you.

Set of studio lights

Dear Lenders
Let me take this Opportunity to wish you and your Family
Happy Easter! I hope some time out for rest and relaxation with your loved ones puts a spring in your step and gives you a chance to celebrate life and all its blessings.

Buy fast laser printer for my cybercafe

I got my loan towards the end of last year. I had asked for a loan to enable me buy a printer for my printing work. I am glad I got the money on time and went ahead to buy the printer which has become a very valuable asset in my business. I no longer have to have my work printed elsewhere since I do most of my works under my roof. I am humbled by your kindness and I can only say thank you and may you continue with the same spirit.

Solar lamps

Hi zidisha team and lenders thank you very much for uplifting me financialy,my life have copletely is pictures of solar lamps beeing charged and one of the student (cilent)is now happy using solar lamp,and she can now read for long because solar lamp does not emit smoke that affect eyes and cause running nose.

Pig feed


I would like to sincerely thank our supporters for their kind heart of wanting to help. I did receive Kshs. 9,130/= and have started to repay my loan as well.
I was able to finish the pig shed . thank you so much for enabling us finish our projects .
I have a total of 20 pigs.

Thank you very much


Loan to purchase 50 banana suckers

Today, I received my first loan amount of KES 9, 130 to my registered MPESA safaricom line. Immediately with due effects the holes are currently being prepared for the banana plantation to proceed considering the fact the rains have started. Tomorrow I will transport the banana suckers for the plantation. Thanks and keep it up with your good work.

Seed, fertilizer and fencing to grow maize and kale

my dear lenders i manged to take care of my produce with the water tank i bought with the loan you offered me,my kale's are almost getting ready for sale and the raining season has just began thank you so much you saved my produce.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

2014 wedding shots

Boda boda transport

Hi lenders , i really want to appreciate the good gesture you gave me by lending me money to increase my stock. I got ksh.9048, and i was overwhelmed with joy. This money am going to use it as follows;
am going to buy girl dresses , baby rompers ( the weather has changed and its cold) , and few boy clothes.
I'm really honored for these was the best time to have gotten this money . my business was a bit slow because i was lucking new stock, customers love to see new arrivals. i will keep you posted on the going of my business.

Addition of a computer and cable for networking

I purchased Skype cameras and headphones, for the loan given by zidisha team. that makes my customers like my cyber, cos their is enjoyment with music and communicating with people hum are outside my country like U.S. people are admired my cyber from yesterday I close my cyber at 11.00 from 9.00. yesterday I earns Kshs. 2,064 from net only, the other days back I was earning 1,873 but new am ok as I see thanks zidisha and my friends hum told me about the zidisha. I will also invent my friends about your good work zidisha team do about has.

Cash for phone money transfer (m-pesa)

thank you zidisha team for funding my loan, here i have the money for my m-pesa business.