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Contribution toward land purchase deposit

I hope your dream will come through no matter what the situation is nor the good or bad everything will come through and hopefully your project will fulfill very soon Read Matt 7:21-25.
Take care...

Purchase of chicken feeds and medicine

Because of Zidisha I was able to meet all the medical bills related to the birth of baby Shiphrah. Being an Hodgkin lymphoma patient the pregnancy was termed as a dangerous pregnancy and all medical management to it's full term has to be met. All this needed money, the nine months and the surgery part was made possible by the proceeds of zidisha.
Thank you very much.

Water purification service

I wish you blessings and prosperity. Good luck!

Selling plantain chips

Thanks for my lenders for lending me the money to support my plantain chips business so I can get some more plantain

Fashion design business & mobile money services

I want to say a very big thank you to all my lenders for support you offer me.
To be honest zidisha loans have changed my life totally for good.
I have a long list of progress through zidisha loans, to just mention few
1 I just purchased a new designer machine last week out of profits I make from zidisha loans
2 my Mobile money shop has been stocked with mobile phone covers
3 I have recruited a young shs graduate last week to help my other staff at the Momo shop.
My dream is to upgrade my Mobile money shop to smart phones shop in the nearby future.

For my business of selling shoes & bags

Once again I really appreciate you all


Water purification service

Way to go! The world needs more clean water! :)

Cybercafé (and farming)

Farming may be the best option

Mobile money services (send, withdraw, receive)

Dear lenders, your financial support on my business has made a big difference, previously I had little capital and my transactions were small, but after I received support from you my capital has increased and mobile money transactions have increased as well and my profits have also increased.

Am so happy and grateful to you, I believe as you continue to support me I will grow my business. May God keep you and bless you mightily.

To buy seeds and fertilizer

Thank you all lenders

To buy pipe materials for pipe-borne water to my house

The loan I just completed helped me to buy two mouth credit to my prepaid meter, I thank you a lot for your freehand support keep it up and you will be blessed forever.

For a laptop computer to do research at home

Zidisha is helping me a lot in my education so I will soon make the payment so that you can help others and help me too again. Thank you.

To make another deposit for my deep freezer

Thank you so much Leigh I have accepted your wishes may Lord God of host bless you forever.
Please stay safe...


To make another deposit for my deep freezer

Your business plan sounds great, Vida. Best of luck to you! =)

School fees

Got this filling machine too

School fees

Hi folks is being a while.
I now have a website for my business:

Developing my restaurant business

Dear lenders my loan has made a very good impact on my restaurant business since becoming a member of Zidisha and support have receiving, has made my restaurant business grow and generate high profits today.
Am so happy may God continue blessing you.

Organic vegetable farming

Dear lenders through Zidisha platform and community, I would like to commend for this wonderful platform without it my farming project would have been collapsed considering the financial constraints, the loans have really helped me a lot during this difficulty time, my farming doing fine today because of your efforts and support. Thank to you all may God bless you.

To invest in my food provisions store

I will use to purchase more rice to sell and it helps me to get more income I thank the zidisha team for their help.

Purchase of phones and accessories

I have received an amount of 2014 GHS. This will be used to buy mobile phone and accessories. Thank you once again.


Desks and teaching materials for our school

Keep up with your good work Silas!

Restock physics laboratory

Gratitude to my lender's, I made additional repayment today.

To help pay for online course in graphic design or editing

I would like to express my unending gratitude to you for funding this proposal. This loan will help me to clear out my balance for my online class fee and it will enable me to enroll into the class as early as October! This means a great deal to me and honestly, big thanks for coming to my aid.

Vegetable garden

Thanks once more again for your continued support!

Printer paper & a large stapler

Good afternoon,
After getting the funds, I will purchase printing papers and big stapler for bulk printing and stapling.
Thank you Jake and Beverly for your full support. God bless you.

Kente cloth weaving

Please İ received 638 cedis and I used it to buy threads to weave more kente cloth. Thank you all very much for supporting my project


Water purification service

Keep the water flowing, my friend.

Stocking baking ingredients for sale

To all my wonderful backers/funders, I am very grateful to you all . this loan will help me bring my project to reality.

To make another deposit for my deep freezer

My Dear lenders I greet you all I am very glad to inform you that I have completed my loan this evening and I appreciate everything you've done for me especially having great patience for me to repaid my loan I haven't seen the a good loan company like zidisha taking loan out and you are defaulting and they encourage you to make payment a bit by bit and I have seen that you understand human nature,(2) your caring is perfect (3) you care how the business is going, Although upon late payment of my loan I didn't withdraw the amount which I used it to deposited my deep freezer and it has become a profit of the loan I just completed.
Thank you so much all my dependable lenders and zidisha team may Lord of host bless you and guide you forever.

Incubator for poultry business

Hello my Noble Lenders,
I've been able to buy the incubator. I am very grateful for the help. God bless you all

To put toward renovation of hairdressing salon

All my community members say God bless you for bringing this platform to Ghana

Re-stock men’s boutique

I would like to thank you for believing in me and contributing to my loan by Grace of God i will not let you down,by this loan i will be able to add stock to my men’s shop ie trousers ,tshirts,shoes belts e.t.c

Purchase a bale of second-hand clothing

I bought a bale of second clothing and i earned profit on top of what invested am so happy for your support lenders may continue this great work.God blesd you


Add inventory to mobile money business

Hope your business prospers. Please share your love and profits with others -God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

Fence for chicken farm (& transporting crops to market)

Dear Romuald, thank you for your support. Being sick and still moved to help others in need is the move of God. I am praying for you to get well and also hoping to get my project funded on time for you to hear the success of my project. Thanks again.


Fence for chicken farm (& transporting crops to market)

Dear Nicholas, I hope this Set you in motion to accomplish your dream. I know what it’s like to work at a farm and to get things accomplished.I support people like you because I have fallen ill and hope to help other people achieve their goals. God bless. Namaste, Romuald

New items for my provisions store

A very big thank you to you all who funded my project
I am getting new stock with it and it will help my inventory

For educational project research

Hi Wellington,

Your project sounds interesting. I hope this loan will help you help others.

Take care,
Rachel :)

Prepaid phone card sales

Thanks for your support,it will help me in my business and I will use it to increase my recharge card business.thanks

Online blogging

I thank you so much for your kind assistance with the funds allocated to my account. I plan on using it to invest into my online blogging site to reach out to more people around the world.

To enhance my plumbing skills

I'm proud to be a member of this ZIDISHA family.
Infact I can now feel better in terms of business uplifting since I joined ZIDISHA.
God bless anyone involved in ZIDISHA service

Extra class fees for my children

My dear lenders, good day.

I hope by God grace you are doing well.
Please I will kindly make the payment very soon. Its because, market is very slow for now that why I am facing some difficulties to make the repayment but I waiting for something to pay it off very soon.

My dear LENDERS, your love is deep!
I love you too!

Farm inputs, such as certified seed & organic fertilizer

Thank to you for supporting my project

To help me buy more eggplant and tomato inputs to grow & sell

Thank you for everything you have been contributing to me

Buying fertilizer for my cocoa farm

Thank you lenders for support

To put toward purchasing a new sewing machine

My sincerely thanks to the entire zidisha team

Stocking retail shop with foodstuffs

Thank you for supporting my business. I'm doing great and business is good.

To purchase quality farming inputs, such as certified seeds

Thank you all for funding my project this time

To buy nutrient-rich fertilizers to expand my crop farm

Thank you lenders Mr Felix and Mr Asamoah am very grateful

Household goods

Firstly would want to appreciate for the help you guys have been rendering to us tho business has not been easy during this period of the pandemic of corona virus.but we really appreciate that you guys have reallyneen helpful.thank you so much for the help rendered to us.thank you.