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Graceann Kimaru     Feb 21, 2018

Hallo my lenders. I received 12,419 Kenya shillings. I used this money to buy green groceries to expand my business. So far the business is doing exceedingly well. I have already earned five thousand net profit and future looks bright. I am targeting to earn eight thousands by mid march. This will go to clearing school fees for my daughter. Thank you very much for your continued support. God bless you abundantly.

Potatoes, carrots, vegetables and onions for green grocery
Nairobi, Kenya

Darius Mukabwa     Feb 21, 2018

Thank you very much my lenders, I received atotal amount of 2,431kes, I used the money to buy school uniform and shoes for the orphan child I adopted, the cost of the uniform is 1500kes, then the shoes cost 800kes, this will be beneficial to me because when this child get my support , he definitely counts some blessing to my life, thank you.

New tyres for my motorbike spare shop
Eldoret, Kenya

Christian Snr Ababio     Feb 21, 2018

When I see these little children going to school and smiling everyday, I just think of the immense opportunity Zidisha has given me to make this happen. God bless you all lenders for helping support this worthy course.

Broaden product portfolio
Accra, Ghana

Sofi Mumun     Feb 21, 2018

Hi everyone,
Just arrived yesterday. 40 pcs case and 20 pcs tempered glass (white box).

Ready to sell it!

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Hi everyone,
Just arrived yesterday. 40 pcs case and 20 pcs tempered glass (white box).

Ready to sell it!

Inventory of phone parts and accessories
Bekasi, Indonesia

Longinus Nyongesa     Feb 20, 2018

I used my loan to purchase photocopying papers,this has really increased my income hence being able to provide for my family. I used to make a profit of an approximately 5dollars per day but as per now the profit has increased to 16 dollars. This has helped me to increase my stock, paying school fees and paying back my loan. I have also planted dry resistance maize from the little I have been saving to continue increasing my income to take care of my family. I say thanks a lot to zidisha indeed you always give me a reason to smile having hopes that my future is bright and through Zidisha I will be able to support my siblings too. Thanks to my lenders, am always greatful .

Bungoma, Kenya

John Ndegwa     Feb 20, 2018

With last loan,i bought a pulling machine and a vibrater. With this two machines,i can now do more better than before. In some few months, business had been difficult, but now i praise God that things are turning otherwise. There was a time i had an accident at work but i became well. Now I'm working and I'm hoping to finish my due soon.

Pulley Machine... Expanding My Construction Project
Kiptagwanyi Kenya, Kenya

Francisca Takyiwaa     Feb 20, 2018

I have been able to restock my shop. I purchased two cartons of milk. Business is moving on well, now I can pay for the books of my child. A big thank You to my lender for trusting me with his money. I really appreciate and promise to pay back as scheduled. God bless you.

Stock for my shop
Techiman, Ghana

Benjamin Kobby Tetteh     Feb 20, 2018

A successful end of second semester has been all good, all thanks to my lenders for making my course successful.

Health examination fees
Odorkor, Ghana

Takyi Esther     Feb 20, 2018

i am very delighted for zidisha and lenders for how far they have supported me in my nursing training college .i really impress and my studies has improve through zidisha loan support.Thank you all my lender keep it support me again.

My dormitory fees & tuition fees
Drobo, Ghana

Michael Edward     Feb 20, 2018

The loan is going to relieve me the burden of the pending bills am having. Am going to clear water, electric, hospital bills and the remaining amount to pay for the rent. My business is now going to be stable than before. Thank you my lenders for your trust to me.Am glad and may God bless you more abundantly. Thanks to Zidisha.

To clear outstanding bills
Thika-kiganjo, Kenya