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Vertical bags for small scale farmers

khat farming is the cash crop and the economic activity highly embraced and practiced in Maua in meru county.Behind me is a Khat tree(Miraa) tree. Photo taken at Kangeta in maua, Meru county

Improving my provision/store business

I'm grateful for the loan given to me I received the loan I applied for I'm so happy thanks for the loan

Advertisement scaling

I have received my loan of N73,000. I have been able purchase 30 pieces of a convenience product to be delivered as wholesale to a customer. Indeed zidisha has been a game changer for me. I am grateful

Finance products

Thanks to my wonderful lender. I made good use of the last loan. I was able to get more products to sell and make more profits. This loan is really moving my business forward and its helping me to satisfy my customers more. God bless.

Sanitizer & anti bacterial hand liquid wash

In the last 2 weeks I have followed the trend Global of Covid-19 pandemic. For a while I imagined for sure zidisha would shut down but I got an email that gave me and many like me hope. Despite this pandemic many of our donors on this platform continue to support us through Zidisha. I want to on behalf of all those who benefit from Zidisha to thank you all and let you know our prayers are with you in the challenges your respective nations are facing at this time.

On the other hand I have used the last two weeks to buy and resell stocks of sanitizers. using social media I have helped people know the value of washing and sanitizing their hands so us to keep safe and the same time making some profit from the sell of the sanitizers. Thank you Zidisha and all my donors for your support

Spare parts for motorbike mechanic

Hello to all lenders I will be buying inventory as I stated on my loan proposal, and it will enable increasingly my capital and stock,. Thank you all in advance as I will be updating you once I get my inventory.


Thanks for the loan which will be used to boost my business and buy some cloths for sales

Studio & wi-fi purchase

I am so glad of the strides Zidisha lenders has helped me make. I have seen my dreams coming true and I am so grateful for that. May you be truly blessed even at this time of trials. Thanks you again

Loan for executive shoe business

6892ghc is the amount I received and I have used it to purchase shoes which I will resell them to make profit it. Thanks you all for supporting me and may the Lord bless you all.

Buying of sneakers which moves fast on market

I thank all my lenders for believing in me.
With this loan, I will be able to buy new sneakers for my shop and this will help me gain new customers.
Thank you Zidisha and all my lenders.

Music system and TV for entertainment center

I will be able to buy 2 best Tvs and a Best Sound System, which will enable me to expand my entertainment business by doing this it will help me improve my living standard where I will install some rental houses on my plot.
Thank you for your funding and support, God bless you.You are great people.

For purchasing fashion wears for resale

Some of the polo tops ready for delivery

Crop production expansion loan

I purchased more seeds and cultivated larger space for my vegetable farm, now I make better profit. I reinvest my profit into my business for expansion

Install Wifi in our office

I'm really grateful for funding my loan. This will go a long way to help me make final payment for a Wi-Fi for the office. I'll also be dilegent in payment in order to continue building great business relationship

Stock for my home supply store

Will buy items that really sell fast in my shop...I'm grateful for the loan and God bless you

Working capital

The loans I got from my lenders has been a good impact in my life.its has add a good favour for me and my business has been going smoothly and have been able to buy more goods in my store.have been able to make more sales and profits.i am very grateful.a word can't express how grateful I are the best.thanks so much.God bless you abundantly

Loan for a more efficient used car for my taxi business

Lenders, I am so grateful for your support. You have really been the game changer in my business. And I hope this relationship will continue for a very long time.

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello dear lenders, i hope each and everyone of you is safe. My heart bleeds as i read the news coming from China, Italy, USA etc just to mention a few. I pray the Almighty God Give peace to those that have been seized by fear, as we were not given the spirit of fear by You. Instill a peace that surpasses all understanding in this turmoil. Give provision to those in need. Encourage those who feel overwhelmed. Arise oh Lord and show Your Grace and Power.

May the Lord protect you all......Amen.

For purchasing fashion wears for resale

I have been able to return around my sales in an amazing time. Due to the covid-19 virus most people don't want to go out to get wears. I have been able to make far more sales than average by taking advantage of online delivery if clothing wears to my clients .This as increased my sales tremendously

To expand my Ghanaian food joint

A very big thank you to my lenders

Fresh fruit juice

Thank you very much for the loan it be of great help. As i said will use the money to purchase fruits from farmers directly

Expand my grocery shop

I would like to thank dear lenders for their continued support in my humbled to say thank and may the almighty God bless you abunduntly.i will use the loan to expand my business.thank you.

Beauty accessories

Zidisha loan is been very helpful to me and my business so far, I really appreciate and grateful for this wonderful platform.


Hello lenders,
I am thankful for my previous loan. It really helped in the purchase of home supplies for my business. Thanks you.

Petty trade to support our school

I'll use it to boost business in my school.

Expand my grocery shop

good luck!

Safari guide service

A big "Thank you" to my lenders for fully funding my loan request.

With it, I'll be able to apply for my guiding license.

Thanks again for believing in me.

Muthama's cybercafe

I highly thank all my lenders who wholeheartedly funded my loan into full amount when I know that this amount will highly help to improve my business....may God all of them plentiful....

Purchase of greenhouse sprinkling taps

Thanks to my lenders I received KES 12,136. I will use this money for the installation of sprinkling pipes in my greenhouse.

Buy water tank

We have to make the base where the tank would stand and a water pump to pump the water to the tank.. this tank has help us since tenants were moving away because of lack of water, right now we are assured of having water through out thanks to zidisha lenders.. may God bless you receive below the the photo of the water pump and part of the base that was made

Buy water tank

Halo lenders.. my phone has been having difficulty in upload pictures I.. hope this time will go through
Below is a picture of the tank that I bought,, which is helping us to store water and use when the city council water isn't available


I will use it to buy goods to my store,it will help me to enlarge my business,,thank u so much for your love and care,I really appreciate your help

Producing hand sanitizer labels

Despite the corona virus epidemic, business is still going on. Thanks to Zidisha team for pumping financial life into my business.

Purchase of cereals for my business

May God bless our world to get out af this corona crisis,lets pray for it inorder for our business to go on well

School equipment

i received the sum of 22,770 in my bank account. i will use this money to get more equipment in my school to improve the standard.
i thank the lenders and i say a big thanks

Loan for school to provide short computer lessons

i just to take this moment to appreciate everyone who funded my loan proposal
my earnings per day increased by 20% ,
my business has improved.

Iron sheets to renovate home

Hi!the loan amount I have applied for, will help me buy the iron sheets for construction.

Purchasing genset

I thank all my lenders who made the loan possible for me. The loan really helped me alot thankyou so much. It has helped me in my business. Thankyou so much

Peanut butter and peanuts stock addition

I'm so grateful for having funded my loan,now I will buy more stock for my business and expand it by providing new customers.Thank you so much.

Restaurant upgrade

Looking forward to soon display my new menu in actual food warmers.thank you so much for your contributions.

Plantain production

Honestly, ever since I got my self associated with ZIDISHA, I have never regretted. The fund I have received from my cherished lenders of ZIDISHA enabled me to purchase enough suckers to cultivate. I am very excited;thanks.

Plastic recycling

My previous loan was a push for me to increase my inventory. I increased my profit margin by almost 40%. I had some extra cash to pay my office rent and I am grateful Zidisha for this wonderful opportunity.

Finance products

The last loan helped me in my business because it gave me the opportunity to get more products to supply my customers demand. I am so happy to benefit from the loan and am blessed to be part of this community helping lots of people. Thanks to my lender and God will continue to bless you.

Clothing, computer equipments and building materials

Thanks Christelle Hugel and all my lenders. This loan will help to expand my business, it will enable me get more goods (Especially clothing materials and computer equipments) for my shops, thereby making my sales to rise tremendously to satisfy my customers standards and also maximizing my profit. I'm grateful.

Beauty products for customers

I humbly accept your loan lender Paul Buchheit from United States. God bless you abundantly.
Warm regards.

Restocking of equipments

Thank you lenders for your support and love. I will buy more equipments and foodstuffs to cater to a larger client base.the previous loans has helped my business grow steadily.


Am happy to have 26kids whom I can support to board at our school. I really need mattress for all of them one costing 2900. thanks in advance as you plan to help me

Amaranth & carrot seeds

Thankyou lenders for your generous support. I was able to purchase the seeds and currently preparing the land for planting come next week. That SK a lot and God blessings be upon you always.

Second hand clothes business

Thank you once again lenders for funding my loan proposal for me. My loan will be use to buy more set pieces of the second hand clothes as I am planning to become a wholesaler as well as been a retailer also with the subsequent loans. Thank you lenders and you are so wonderful. God bless

Office equipment interior designing

One of my advent casement windows with no divider and with a special material D cover profile