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Purchase of mobile phones and accessories

Great lenders, I am grateful to you with the director also, the fund came handy and I repaid fully since Saturday, my business is an upswing too.


I received the cash with thanks and added the float if my Mpesa shop and now am increasingly earning the profit in my shop I wish to thank you who went out of your way to lend to me may God bless you

Restocking with iPhone 12 chargers and earpieces

I made more profit than usual restocking with the iphone chargers because the new iPhone 12 doesn’t come with chargers so i got alot of sales .i got a 156 pieces and am almost out of stock.thanks again for the loan.


Purchase another concrete mixing machine

Hi Saviour - sorry to hear about your phone. Hope you are able to get a new one. Thanks again for paying off the loan on time. Lots of confidence in you and great to hear the loans are helping you to continue to expand. Happy to help support the new loan request. Best, Erik

I need funds to purchase pesticides & herbicides

I will purchase the pesticides and herbicides to protect my vegetables and maize so that I can produce health crop production for sale.Would produce a good crop production I will make huge profits of which I use the profits to buy organic fertilizers for my necessary vegetable Gardens.

Thank you so much my lenders am really happy may the Lord bless you.


All thanks to Zidisha and it's lenders, before I have been thinking on how and in which way I can upgrade my business. But now Zidisha have given me opportunity to upgrade.
With the last loan I got from Zidisha, I bought 2 cartons of ampiclox and 1 carton of aquasulf. And I will buy more goods with the loans I'm yet to receive. My business is growing faster since I started using Zidisha loan.
Thank you Zidisha,
Thank you my Lenders.

Loan to expand my phone shop

At previousi was selling phones accessories only covers,hands-free but now due to zidisha loan giving to me I have add Bluetooth hands-free, Bluetooth speakers and portable machines to my business so if I get this money I will use to expand this business for a new portable machines like triple power Bluetooth speaker c20 t11 C6 etc

Selling shoes

The loans are helping grow the business at hand,shoes selling

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

I'm now happy that I have made the purchase of the wheelbarrows. They will help much in my business. I'm hoping that the profit will also raise to a higher level. Thank you lenders.


Loan for my knitting business

Good luck! My wife is currently learning to knit. I hope your business grows.

Buying inputs and other materials for vegetable farming

Thanks to you my lenders, farming produce is good and sales have increase. Thank you

School fees

my admission

Bike purchase

Good luck Jennifer. Please send a picture when you have the bike. Best wishes, matt

Sewing business

Thank you Zidisha lenders for continuity helping us

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

This loan will help me to widen my construction business. I will buy 8 renting wheelbarrows. For now, I'm in samburu county. I'm to build two water tanks. I have already measured them and the foundations had been dug. See photos below. Thank you lenders.

To buy and sell online

It was great having my loan funded 100% by the following lenders here:
Christine (United Kingdom), Black and White Zebra (Vancouver, Canada), Framework Eyewear (Utrecht, Netherlands), moursund (Beaver Nation, United States), Dave Bogard (New York, United States), JV - Javier Vicente (Sarriguren, Spain), CA - Carles Alcolea (Barcelona, Spain), M-marycb (United States), CP- Colin Pardue (United States), BS - Brooke Schreier Ganz (Mill Valley, California, United States), GF-Gammon Family (United States), and LP - L Paul (Canada), among others.
I have already taken the critical steps required to prepare to fund my wrapper supply with this loan.
Now I will just go ahead and fulfill some new orders with this loan.
I am really grateful to all you my lenders.
I am proud of being a part of this community.
Thanks all.

Loan for clothes sales

Dear Chizoma,

I wish you all the best for your business.

Kind regards from Switzerland,



Supplies to complete the construction of my house

Your building looks great William!

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

My dear lenders, I am short of words to express my gratitude to you for the opportunity you have given to me again. I will invest this money into my vegetable business. This amount will surely help increase my overall capital. Am most grateful for the opportunity. Thanks you.

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

Wishing you lots of success with your business!

Decorations business

My dear lenders of Zidisha loan Platform thanks you very much for supporting my work the image below is another decorations I did when I received the loan please continue supporting me as soon as I get the money I will pay off the loan to get to my next level

Catering business

I wish to conclude my loan, this week was indeed a fantastic one

Business selling second-hand clothing, and vegetables

Good luck with your business Doris, best wishes.

Growing & selling food

The loan has been received and it has helped me with my business thank you

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

With last zidisha loan, I made an additional vibrating machines. This has totally changed my business. I can now get much profit. It has also widened my business opportunities. See I've already now have opportunities to work even outside my home area. Below is a photo of an intake dum in samburu county. I'm to build 2 water tanks for water storage. It will much help the residents with water. It is a masonry tank build with brocks. Thank you lenders .

University education: tuition and living costs

I received a loan amount of 7,933 GHS successfully. This would help me take care of my school expenditure. I am always thankful and grateful to all my lenders. God bless and take care for you all.

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

My dear, am most grateful for the opportunity you have given me. I promise I won't disappoint you. God bless you.
Many thanks.


Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

Great job using your last loan :) Continue your great work. Much love


To help prepare for my tertiary education

Hello, Priscilla! I wish you all the best at your university. Have fun studying!

Ollie S

To maintain Bajaj tricycle for business

through your support i was able to buy Bajaj Starter Gear to maintain the machine for business
this maintenance has gone along way to make business easy and has increase income
this has also made take of my sibling easy
A very big thanks to my Dear lenders for their support

M-pesa mobile phone payment center

It was not easy task but all was well. Zidisha has helped me to know how to save and minimize my expenditure. Kindly assist me to contribute to my loan.

Importing wigs made with human hair

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for your patience in allowing the numerous changes on my repayment period. However, my business is get better and i would like to reflect that through an increase on my current repayments.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

Yours Faithfully,
Joan Ngugi.

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

Sometimes my work gives me an opportunity for adventures. Now, for this time, I'm out of my home area to samburu county in kenya for a new building site. I'm there to build two water tanks for (225m³) volume. You can see the beauty of the area.

Buying of clothing bales to sells

Thank you lenders, I thank you for your support

To expand my mechanic shop

I will use to buy some needed tools that will improve my shop. I want to thank my lenders for helping me.

Training seminars for small-business owners

Dear Clifford
I have just contributed to your loan.
I see that you are offering business education. You might consider using – free of charge – my website,
iniPax offers many things, all of which you are free to use. The things that I think would be the most immediately useful are the book-keeping system (Cash Book) and the teaching materials (Outback Accounting).
I have built the system over many years and have used it for Village Entrepreneurs, not unlike those I see on Zidisha, in Cambodia and India. The book-keeping system is very simple but has proven a very effective introduction to financial management. The teaching material has proven equally effective in introducing the principles of business finance.
Although it is free for you to use, I hope you find a way of making money for yourself by using it to advise others. The book-keeping service can be set up for multiple businesses under your own login, so you could provide accounting and advisory services for any number of businesses.
You can check it out at (remember, it's free!). Like contributing to Zidisha, this is what I do.
Kind regards
Barry Cooper

To buy groundnut to make paste

I will buy groundnut to make paste. My lenders I thank you. I thank you so much for helping me

Hospital supplies for distribution

Thank you so much lenders. Sales have been good. I appreciate your efforts

I need to buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer

Hello Obert,
I like your business proposal. I am curious, how far from your field to the market?

Restocking with iPhone 12 chargers and earpieces

I purchased iphone chargers for iphone 11 to iphone 12 and since iphone 12 doesn’t come with a charger it going to be a good investment since my customers have already started getting them and some are also buying for resale which is also good for me because it will make the selling really quick for me .thanks again guys

Supplies to complete the construction of my house

Iam glad because outside structure is complete

University education: tuition and living costs

I will use the loan received for hostel fee payment, part payment of school fees, buy books, transportation, feeding, internet service and buy a laptop.

Zidisha is a great opportunity. Having raised this money here, I will be able to concentrate more on academic work.

I take this opportunity to say thank you to all lenders for your continuous support and encouragement. I'm forever grateful. God bless you all.

Restock provisions shop

God bless you zidisha and all the lenders for your support and patience towards my loan. Thank you so much

Making shoes and sandals for customers

I received the loan granted to me and I want say a big thank you to you all my lenders for the benevolent contribution towards my business, God bless you with your heart desires.

Making briquettes (cooking fuel) from biowaste

October- December Rainy season has slowed drying of briquettes under the sun. However, the market is still open as every dry kilograms is sold so demand exceed supply. in future planning to have electric dryers.

Selling mobile phones and accessories

I will used this loan to purchase more goods and I thank all my lenders for helping me to get this loan

Investing in sanitizers, nose mask and sprays

I am going to buy perfumes and Sanitizers, this loan would really help serve my customers very well thank you to all my lenders

Expansion of my second-hand clothes business

To all my lenders, thanks for your trust and faith in me, this loan will help me get the stock i need and be able to expand my business.
Thank you so much, God bless you

To do irrigation farming

I will buy water pumping machine for my irrigation project. That will help me to start my irrigation farming. Am very greatful

Purchase iPhone ear phones and chargers

Thank you Mr. John Minges, I appreciate what you have done for me. The loan has reflected in my account. This loan will really help me boost my business and at the same time meet the demand of my customers. The loan mean a lot to me. This community work like magic. If I had met ZIdisha long ago, My business would have move to a greater height by now.