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Solar energy kiosks

Dear Utahna, Joseph, Ru and Chris,

Thank you so much for the loan! I will use the loan to buy mobile units for our Energy Kiosks and develop a new Energy Kiosk in Siamatika village. Thanks to you guys this goal is now a reality!

Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

Sewing machine to start a sewing business

My loan was received successful
My daughter sewing machine was brought thanks goes to all my lenders and may God bless them all

Amaranth & carrot seeds

Good morning lenders,
Today being on Monday,I am still doing fine back here although the I have not harvested big part of the vegetation to get to market. I am working hard to see I get enough production and thereafter selling them to the nearby open market and gets some profit out of my hard work.
It's my prayer this will be achieved soon. To all the lenders our there, stay safe.
Be blessed.

Selling jewelery and other accessories

Thank you lenders for your support. I humbly appreciate your efforts in helping growing up my business. Thank you so much and please help me in your prayers as my daughter has been admitted to the hospital two days ago. I love you all

To purchase goods and supply to my clients instantly

Good evening to all zidisha family...

Buying of farm inputs and fertilizers

Thank you lenders for funding this loan for me. This will help in buying farm inputs and fertilizers for my farming. Thank you so much

To buy more products/food items in my store

Thank you so so much my lenders, am grateful, and all credit goes to you my lenders, I won't have grow to this level with out your helping hand. First I was able to pay my store rent without stress few months ago, and now because of how my business has grown, I got the contract of supplying 15 bags of rice. Am so so happy and all thanks to you. God will reward you for me, Team zidisha, you guys are the best ever.

Distributing grain and vegetables in the city

Business is going well but with a lot of good competition with other people who are not in employment. Everyone is trying business and interesting the vegetables stuff is most popular.
I am happy I have a good number of trusted clients giving me orders to supply them with vegetables. Meanwhile, I keep busy with the grocery store.

To buy more products/food items in my store

Great news! Its a big one, I won a contract in a company to supply 15 bags of 50kg long grain rice, and I was given part payment. So I said let me pay back my loan to my beloved lenders because if not because of you my lenders I won't have progressed and grow my business to this level that I am now.

Installing piped water in my beauty salon

Thank you very much my lenders. Despite of the hard times the world is going through, you spared some coins to ensure my business goes on as usual. Thank you once more

Increase stock for my used clothes business

This is to convey my heartfelt gratitude for believing in me. I promise to put the loan in intended use and repay in good time.

Selling home appliances and clothing

Today i was in a workshop to buy some spare parts.I travelled by trotro most commonly use transport in Ghana,with my two helpers.

We all enjoyed the journey together and shared some beautiful ideas together.Its being a while i am trying to connect this spare parts business people but finally i got them and i think it was a great achievement for me.

Customs duty for imported goods sales

I used the previous loan to make a part payment for my good I have ordered.
Thanks for the loan

Quality seeds and fertilizer

Thank you for funding my loan. The money will be used to buy a bag of fertilizer, seeds and seedlings to plant. I will keep updating on you the progress. This loan will greatly improve the yield from my subsistence farming and keep my family eating healthy. Once again, thank you

Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

Thanks for you my Lenders. The loan really upgraded my Cyber cafe business thus improving the life of my two adopted orphans. Be blessed.

Selling of second hand clothes

Hello lenders I received an amount of 2,031 ghs and it will be use to buy more of the second hand clothes. Thank you lenders for your support. Really appreciate your efforts

Traditional green vegetables

Best of luck with your business!

Rice and onion sales

Before the pandemic ,I used to sell maize in bulk.i used to take maize to miller's and schools,then covid19 was never the same again. My children were used to presents and good food from my profits. When covid19 struck, I was not paid since it just came unexpectedly,and schools were also closed . I had to think very fast coz now I was like jobless and all my money was with the people I take to the maize(miller's) and schools. I remembered ZIDISHA. I applied for the first loan which was too little and I decided to buy bundles of which I knew I had some clothes that I used to sell before I ventured into maize business. So I started advertising those clothes online and things changed for the better.i latter took a loan of 800 with that,I just related without using it and I latter got 2000. With that I bought 2 net of onions.from onions ,I made a bit of profit repaid my loan and was left with the 2000 of which I paid and got 4000 ,added more onions repaid and my young business started to grow. I again I applied for 10,500 of which this time I bought a bag of rice. So far so good, I can proudly sayi have the onions as my stock and rice, and I can afford a decent meal and some goodies for my children. Life is almost back to normal through Zidisha.Thank you so much, I don't know what I could have done if it was not for zidisha .

Inventory of face masks and sanitizers

thanks lenders for your continued support and standing with with during this difficult times I am looking foward for your continued support for the progress of my business

To finance my university education

A loan amount of 5,280 GHS successfully received. This would help me take care of my school expense. Always thankful and grateful to all my lenders. God bless and care for you all.

Photography and video business

A loan amount of 3,624 GHS safely received a moment ago. I will therefore be buying these items as promised Hand sanitizes, liquid Soap, face/nose masks and also purchase of photographs accessories for sale.
Once again, than you to all my lenders God richly bless you

Making cooking fuel from recycled bio waste

Managed to pack briquettes for sale.
Thanks for the funding

Expand my plastic recycling business

Hello Zidisha lenders, I’m so grateful for funding my loan application. I intend to meet target finally by this loan and also prepare towards the acquisition of a tricycle which will make pick up and sales of inventory swift than before.
Thank you so much.

Selling of second hand clothes

Thank you so much good lenders, this loan will help me to purchase more clothes items and by increasing my sales. The money will be use to buy second hand clothes. Thank you so much for the loan. You are great

Finance my education

Am so happy for raising this it will help me start my online studies thanks to my lenders for making it possible to me

Purchase of generator

Thank you for your help at this point in my life and business. May God bless you

Sales of hair products

Greatings lenders, the money was credited to my account yesternight so I took the money first thing this morning went to buy more hair products. Thank you very much. God richly bless you so that you continue becoming blessings to humanity

To finance my university education

I will pay for my monthly hostel fees, make Part payment of school fees for the semester, buying books for academics work pay for my Transportation for the and use part for my feeding.
This would help keep myself in school and educate myself successfully. Always grateful and thankful to all my lenders, for love and care.
God keep you and bless you all

Expand my plastic recycling business

I am very humbled by how far zidisha loans have increased my ability to expand my business. I have increased the purchasing and sales of my inventory from 75 kg of plastic waste to week to about 800 kg of plastic waste a week. I am sure I will be hitting my target of 1 tonne per week if I am able to secure another loan. I am also in need of a tricycle to aid carry inventory from the storage center to the plant as an when the need arises. This will not make me rely on rented tracks which sometimes slow down on time delivery and payment.

Nose masks and sanitizers seller

I want to use this loan to buy Nose Masks and sanitizers to customers who demand for it to help fight against corona and I also say thank you very much for your loan


Selling herbal medicines

Best of luck sir! Herbal remedies and good nutrition are the best ways to promote immune health. I'm glad to see you promote this and not pharmaceutical drugs.


Establish a hand washing center

I am sure the hand washing station will help to save lives from the Coronavirus. It is a blessing for so many people that you installed it.

Cleaning and sanitation service

Thank you very much lenders for considering my loan application.
This will be of very much help as i will use it ti but the disinfectants and disposable safety wears.
Again, thank you

To finance my university education

Zidisha loan have been so beneficial to me and I Can't imagine how my world would have been without Zidisha loan; my education and my future. Thank you to all my lenders for supporting my dream. You made me forget those difficult days when things were so bad for me financially. Once again thank you for your rescue, God richly bless you all. You made my study smooth for me. In the era of online studying due to COVID-19, I’m able to do studies successfully.

Catering and events hire

Dear ,Dave , Kjartan and Ru

I would like to appreciate you for providing me the funds as an input to my cash flow.

Despite the COVID situation you still have provided the funds. I do appreciate (It’s really a social good ).


Selling refurbished computer equipment

This is to say thank you for all my lenders.

Second hand shoe retail

Thank you. God bless you all

Sales of hair products

Greatings to all zidisha team, thank you very much for working tirelessly on my loan. I have just received email message that my loan has been fully funded, when I receive this money it will be use to buy hair products for resale,I hope this loan will help increase my sales by meeting my customers demands. Again I thank you most expecially my lenders,Edwin Torres and Andreas Holmstrom. With love.

Selling children's clothing

Its my prayer that Our Heavenly God has protected each and every ember of this great family. I pray to God to restore the normal norm in out lives and to help us get yo out daily businesses without more worries.
I will appreciate to hear from you all soon after this pandemic.

Photography and video business

Always grateful to all lenders for your support, love and care. I wonder how my world would be had it not your support. Your support put food on my family table and pay my bills. With your support, even in the era of COVID-19, I'm able to care for my family. God bless you all for days ahead

Catering and events hire

I would like to say thanks to the funders , for providing us the much needed funds to boost our cash flow especially at this time of the COVID 19.

thanks &

Buying of second hand clothes

Hello lenders I thank you so much for your support given me. This loan will go a long way to purchase more second hand clothes and it will help me to improve upon my sales. I received an amount of 506ghs.thank you my lenders.

Cabbage farming

Thank you very much for funding this loan. It will be put to good use by buying seed for our next project which is cabbage and ensuring we continue to meet demand for fresh produce in our community. Thankyou once again

Buy a dryer and more salon products

A big thanks to all my lenders, this loan will help me get the drier and this will help my business.

Purchase of new electronic home appliances for customers

Thank you Mr. Paul Buchheit for lending me the money . I have received the disbursed amount of 84 Ghana Cedis ( USD 14.51 ) after all processings. I am very grateful. I will buy the needed item and update the progress of my business regularly.

I am happy i was introduced to Zidisha , you are such a wonderful people. I will honour all repayments on time to increase my credit limit . I look forward to great partnership with all . Kudos and keep it up .

Second-hand clothing sales

Am so much greatful for the loan, I will be able to add some new stock in my business, I believe my profits Will rise, thank you so much my lender

Customs duty for imported goods sales

Thanks very Much for the Loan. I have been able to use the loan to make an initial payment for the order of my new goods.

I am working hard to raise money to pay off this loan so that I will be able to get the next loan to clear the goods when it arrives.

God bless you all

Selling clothing and face masks

Face masks, these are locally made hence making them cheaper

Motorcycle to deliver fresh produce to customers

Increased my business by introducing transportation services and delivery services.My customas have increased and my sales are up ,i thank GOD.My profit is still at 10% but there is a good sign that the profit will increase soonest.But for now the business is stable.

Feed my provision store

Special thanks to all zidisha lenders for helping me till this far and may the good Lord Almighty God bless you all