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Preparing for arrival of my and my wife's baby

It was great to have received my second loan so far, I got the amount I was qualified for, and it's going to help me fix home in preparation for our new baby. I am grateful to my lenders on Zidisha, I don't know what I would have done without you. Thanks a lot.

Improvements to school infrastructure by fixing doors and windows


Improvements to school infrastructure by fixing doors and windows

learning on!

Make-up artist

Thank you so much zidisha for the previous loan, I managed to purchase cosmetics for an event I had,,,,thank you

Buying an overlocking machine

This are the curtains i was making

Buying an overlocking machine

my assistant and me

Purchasing food directly from farmers to resell at low cost

Hello My Dear lenders,
I bought the cereals and and sold in two days. This made me to reinvest all the gross income and bought more cereals to supply to meet the demands of my customers and also helping at least more families to access at least a meal.
Thank you very much for your support.


Buying and reselling household wares

Dear Jacqueline: I've noticed that you are doing your best to repay your loan, and wanted to say thank you. Even if payments are a bit late, or for not the total amount, it is still better to pay something, so you can keep using Zidisha in the future. Good luck! I wish you the best!

Piping to install irrigation for tomato farm

Thank you Chris and thank you to Julia at Zidisha, for creating an amazing platform that brings people from different countries to become such great friends!

Every bit helps and goes a long way to helping solve issues that in the past would have been impossible to solve!

Thank you once again for your kind support!


Piping to install irrigation for tomato farm

That's great! Thanks for posting the photos, It's nice to feel like I'm helping you in a very small way. The tomatoes look lovely. I hope you get fully funded! Photos are a great way to make friends with lenders.

Piping to install irrigation for tomato farm

That's me and a friend in the photo! We are pumping water from the lake to my farm.

Lake Kariba is a man-made lake and so the water keeps moving farther and farther from the mainland when the rainfall is low. This requires buying new HDPE poly pipes to water my tomato garden.

Thank you for your support! I truly appreciate it!

Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

Everything looks great, Samuel. You’ve got a very good construction business going of great benefit to the students. I hope you and they all stay well.

Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

I wish to thank my lenders for their continued support,I confirm that I have witnessed tremendous growth in my businesses through the help I have received from this platform, May God bless you abundantly as you continue touching lives and empowering entrepreneurs.

Rice farming

hello bro,
wish all the best in your in business progress

Distributing solar lights

I am sorry business is slow and I hope it improves soon! I see that you have lowered your payments. Good job! That's a great way to maintain your credit rating.

Selling clothing imported from China

Samples of my goods that I sold in my shop

Buying more fabrics

Thanks very much for the loan and your patience
The repayment plan came late and apologised for that it was because most of the clients I sold to gave me ending to come for the money that is why immediately I took them all this morning I immediately made full repayments

Buying 4 bundles of second-hand clothing

am really humbled, i would like to appreciate you my lenders for the efforts you put in to help me.It is not easy during this period when the world has been faced with greatest challenge of its own kind since God's creation due to corona virus that has seen so many being killed like animals being slaughtered.
Dear Mr Franmiguel, i will buy 2 bundles of second hand clothing, it is the main source of my income i will do my best to hard and earn profits out of it.Once again than you sir.

Buying phone accessories to resell

I will buy DDR 3 RAM for laptop computers.thank you guys for the loan

Fresh vegetables for sale

Dear Lenders

I have finally received the payment for the vegetables I supplied to a local restaurant! This is so exciting!

Thank you to Zidisha and the Lenders. I promised that I would repay my loan in full and this is what I plan to do! I feel so excited!

Cabbages for sale

Dear Lenders,

Please allow me to let you know of the profound gratitude I have for the loan that you lent to me.

The loan helped me to harvest my tomatoes and to sell to a local restaurant.

I got the full payment and I had promised to repay the loan within a week so that I can get a new loan to plant Cabbage seeds and get some equipment to water the field.

I am so grateful to the Zidisha team and to my dear Lenders for your support.

Thank you.

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all so much. God bless you all.

Additional sewing machine to create another job

Best of luck with your business!

Second-hand clothing business

I thank my lenders, one for making the process fast,second for the loan which will enhance by business expansion, i look forward for more loans and better ones to enable me to own a shop,

Additional sewing machine to create another job

Will buy materials and sow into garments for my customers and also retail to the general public for cash in return. I thank my lenders for supporting me with this loan. Thanks.

Sell village-produced food in the capital city

Thank you all so much. God bless you all for the loan.

Increasing stock of foodstuff & plastic items to resell

Hi Erik G, thank you for your advice and concern about plastic materials.for the carrier bags and packaging materials, I am using environmental friendly materials.The plastic materials am selling for now are basins,buckets,jars,dustbins,dustpan,potties,containers and utencils racks-which can be recycled after use.

Online business selling items on "Jumia"

Thank you so much sermo,paul,Sven and Eric for the trust you have in me,,, I promise to be faithful in my repayment,, thank you for the loan

Agent for MTN mobile money

With this loan, I will be able to make more Momo transactions and realize higher profit than the previous times since my customers' satisfaction is going to be at the maximum. Thus, more evd transfers is going to be on the increase and there will be free flow of both cash at hand and electronic cash in my day-to-day transactions. I'm so thankful for all Zidisha lenders and members mostly importantly, Daniel Kalla, Bing-sun Pan and Daniel McFarlane from France, Taiwan and Australia respectively. Thanks for your help, kindness and generosity and don't forget that service to humanity is service to God. I pray for higher heights. Thanks so much.


To enhance my vegetable production

Best of luck to you!

Grains and other staple foods for my retail store

Thanks for your best wishes.

I have readjusted my loan Weekly repayments amount , and have remitted my first installment already.

I appreciate your understanding.

Thanks for your support Erik, Zidisha Team and all my lenders.

You are the bright stars that shine the path to my dream.

Asanteni sana ( thank you in Swahili)

Best regards

Vegetable nursery and garden

Thank you so much for the loan. I will use it for buying manure for the vegetables and get seeds for a variety of vegetables. This will help to have healthy vegetables and also help in expanding the seedlings section.


Increasing stock of foodstuff & plastic items to resell

Hi John - given the issues with plastic waste have you been able to look into recyclable materials as alternatives for some products? Are many people around Nakuru looking at reducing waste/plastic products or want sustainable alternatives? When I was last in Kenya two years ago the govt just implemented a much needed ban on plastic bags. Would be great to hear what your thinking is around this. Best, Erik


Grains and other staple foods for my retail store

Thanks for the updates Goodwin. Wish you all the best in the new location and gaining new customers.

Grains and other staple foods for my retail store

My new business premises along Voi -Mombasa Highway adjacent to River Jordan Hospital, Maungu, Voi SubCounty.

Towel warmer for my barbershop

Thank you all lenders for good work

Buying goods to resell on Facebook, Instagram, Jiji, etc.

I'm very grateful for this loan I'll buy more skincare products to help me serve my customers better

Wholesale & retail grocery items and supplies

The last loan helped me to deliver my contract on time thus giving me more recommendations from the firm I supplied, to others who might be interested. It also increased my sales and profit, thereby putting food on our table. Thank you my lenders from my heart.

Fees for driving school

Thanks So much guys, this really means a lot to me, I do appreciate so much.

Stationery for bulk printing of forms

I want to say a big Thank you to Zidisha lenders for assisting me with this funds. This funds will go a long way to enhance my daily operations.
Thank you



Adamu - thanks for the great communications and updates and also for keeping to the repayment schedule. Looks like you are managing things well. Great to see/hear. Helps to create and build confidence in you from your lenders/investors! Great to know that since joining Zidisha you've been able to increase earnings and productivity so much. If another loan will help your growth plans after your have paid off this one, I'll be there to support it! All the best, Erik


Vegetable nursery and garden

Great work providing nutritious food and seedlings, sir!

Adding selling beauty products in my salon

I borrowed Ksh.31, 000, this allowed me to brand the shop to make it more visible, this increased sales by 29%, generator repair and plumbing repairs also increased efficiency. This coupled with increasing variety of products has increased number of returning customers. Thank you lenders, my business is able to survive in this tough economic times.

Large-format printer for my design firm

Lovely message, Ulrich. Keep well, and your family too.


Upgrading photography studio

to all who made this loan possible,i say thank you.

Tess's Food Shop

A loan of #16,590 was received by me. I used it to get more good in my shop. I use this medium to say a big thank you to you all. May God bless you all

Buying photo papers: 183 grams & 210 grams (10 packs each)

Buy my camera lens as proposed for my upcoming wedding video coverage and photography programme . Zidisha loans is one of a kind ..

God bless you my lenders, i will continue to maintain my timely repayments. Great support..

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

A very big thank you to zidisha family for still being by my side. am forever greatful for the support.

Large-format printer for my design firm

Thank you all so much. For your love, patience and care. I hope you are all doing well. This COVID-19 too will pass and be history. Stay safe. Love you all.

Cabbages for sale

Dear Lenders,

Thank you so much for lending me the money for my vegetable business!

I appreciate you guys so much! I hope you will participate in my next loan request.

Thank you!