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Catfish & eel farming

ini hasil dana yang di pinjamkan dari zidisha untuk kemajuan usaha saya.

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks

Hello all zindisha borrowers. I hope you are having a smart Sunday.
How many of us ever went through the founding story of zidisha. If you haven't, i wish to reffer you back this story.
Julia Kurnia may Almighty father bless you more. You have unlocked so many dreams which without you couldn't have been unlocked forever.


Inventory of cosmetics goods & another blow-dry machine

To all my worthy lenders,I say THANK YOU for entrusting your hard earned money for boosting my business.I am certain that through your kind demonstration in funding me,my salon will acquire the new drier machine and i will add more stock in the cosmetic section.Thank you to you all and God bless you all.Have a super and lovely Sunday

Spices to supply to hotels

I made good sales last few weeks due to the just ended festive season. Cash from the sales has started to come in and I am now capable of repaying KES 1000 per week. I take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for making this happen.

I believe I have found a reliable partner in Zidisha. God bless you all.

Stock for grocery shop and school fees for my son

The onion seed nursery

Stock for grocery shop and school fees for my son

My 2 Jewels

Stock for grocery shop and school fees for my son

The chicken

Support capital for my supplies business

I would like to thank all my lenders for trusting in me and giving me the financial support. I was able to purchase a more fingering for my fish rearing business, i also bought seat for my farmers to be sitting comfortably during the trainings, i organized my farm well by fencing the compound for security purposes. From the investment i have been able to earn extra coin for myself and the society. My earnings have almost doubled now and i am not straining to feed my people as i used to do. Now i can pay my house expenses and have even taken my daughter to a better school where am paying more than double the school fees i used to pay in the former school. During the holiday season for Christmas i managed to take my family for a tour in Mombasa where we relaxed and enjoyed our selves very much. I am planning to continue growing my business because it is my passion and it gives me joy to see it grow. With the zidisha support i am sure i will grow big business wise and i will be able to achieve my long term goals like buying a good car with will help me move efficiently and serve my clients well. I am very thankful to lenders for because of their support i have been able to achieve a lot. Thank you so much am happy.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

Wife and baby are fine.Thanks for the tips.I live outside town,and its only in town where internet is accessed,so bear with me when i sometimes take a couple of days to respond to your comments.But i am glad i met a photoshop enthusiast.Hoping to learn and share tips with you.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

I have seen the success of getting a loan.It boosts me greatly.I am working hard to have my own studio in town,considering i discovered that my "elementary" photoshop skills are above average in this town.Making some good enough money.Holiday income saw me paying my wifes hospital bill after she delivered a baby boy.Thanks lenders.I couldnt have been ready to have the kind of money they wanted from me for her delivery.Hoping to continue working with you.I will have to get permission to share the wedding photos here.

Play station 3 and 4 for games business, school fees

am so grateful to God felling hapy and blessed after buying a printer so far have raise 120 usd from photoshots and photocopy.

Loan to upgrade and expand my agribusiness

as i feed the cow

Loan to upgrade and expand my agribusiness

as i push the cow dug to the compound pit .
later will be used in the farm

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks

Dear zidisha community.
Hello once again!
First let me appreciate the work you are doing to other mankind.
I found my home here at zidisha after several days of business loan search. Even my bank couldn't offer me a loan coz they required me to save and withdrawal regularly a requirement which I didn't met because I had to do buy several goods every morning thus left with nothing or little to save. I remember a morning well going through a local dairy when I came across a page of zindisha biashara advert of kcb & safaricom. I noticed they could grant one a loan of 20,000 without security. I followed the procedure and later opened an account with them but later I was informed that I had to operate the account regularly for at lest one month hopelessly I went back to my shop and started to search the web for their term. Fortunately when I clicked the search button I spotted ZIDISHA.ORG website and it caught my attention. Now I have brothers and sisters who understands my problems and are readily available to offer me great support when I am in need. That why am here to stay.

Loan to buy a table and seats for my chicken hotel

My business profit have increased by 80% since I acquired a new deep freezer. Thanks once again for entrusting me with your money. What you have helped me achieve is the greatest height since I started business. I hope with God I will one repay it by changing someone's life positively. God bless you.

Increase inventory for my school uniform business to support my charity school

Thank you otto Fortune Learners is a very interesting project,it is a project of Fortune Community Centre a community based organization which has three main mandates:
1.Providing education to the most vulnerable children living in informal settlement of Soweto and Kayole.
2.Promoting economic empowerment of vulnerable women and youth.
3.Provision of HIV and AIDS education to children,youth and women.
The education project was started in January 2014 and I witnessed a big number of orphans and other vulnerabe children missing out on education for lack of the small levies charged in government school,others could not afford school uniform which was mandatory in government school and that is when I thought of starting Fortune Learners Centre ,the school admit children orphans and children from poor families and others from families who can pay some small amount to pay for administrative costs,which in most cases is inadequate,we integrate the orphans and they are taught free of charge,they are also provided with uniforms free of charge that is why everyone looks smart but there are some many problems hidden in those nice uniforms and lovely faces.We depend on local and international volunteers to provide education at the project.Attached is the photos of the orphans who have been admitted this new year.

Increase inventory for my school uniform business to support my charity school

I am grateful for Zidisha,you people helped me open school with uniforms in place.

Loan to purchase a chaff cutter

Hello once again for your help,im now on the process of taking care of my farm to produce more feeds for ma livestock.

Buy color printer and add more stock to cybercafe

I appreciate my lenders and the Zidisha community for your assistance i was able to boost my business by adding stock to , i purchased stationery(photocopy papers and flash disks) and i have also purchased the ink cartridge am now well prepared for a booming back to school business this January and February.

Poultry project

I am happy that i have repaid my first loan on time and successfully. Over Christmas holidays i started collecting rare birds because i love them. I admire watching them play, forage, eat, lay eggs and hatch chicks.
Secondly these birds are almost extinct in my community and our children do not know the difference between a duck and goose.
It is my hobby and thanks to Zidisha lenders for making it possible.

Expansion of sales of cane products business

Hi Wise,
I am about to go away and will be out of touch for six days, but my preliminary thoughts are these.
It does seem as if you have put a lot of thought into your proposal.
I would suggest that the next step would be to develop a business plan detailing all the expected costs and probable income to project cash flows for your business.
Wise, I see that you have studied business at college, so I expect that you would have already done some of these calculations.
I expect with the purchase of a motorbike and employing staff, the amount required to start this business will not be small.
Any investor will want to see the Maths behind the proposal, which would have to included in the loan application.
Lots of Business fail asthe costs are underestimated and the expected income is overestimated during the planning stages. It always pays to be conservative in estimating both of those parts.
If the plan is well though out, and the "numbers" support the plan, I am sure that the Zidisha community would support you.

Expansion of sales of cane products business

I am sorry for being late to reply your massage. I just arrived home from church meeting.
Among a lot of business ideas, I have a plan to start
This idea is about home service delivery.
My targets are the following:
Office workers, shop owners, lecturers, students and bankers.
Sunyani is a fast growing regional capital of the Brong Ahafo Region.
The town is highly populated with workers, students and shop owners. This is because; there have been recent increase in tertiary education and government agencies and other businesses including a giant Mining company Newmont gold Company. There are Sunyani polytechnic, Catholic University, Cape Coast University Distance Campus, University of Education Winniber Distance Campus, University of Energy and many other professional and private High schools introduced in the capital City within two years. All this organizations employ a lot of people on full time jobs.
In this case, i will take the advantage of their time of closing from work to provide them with all the items and food stuffs they will need for the week at affordable price.
Sunyani as a town is still running the market day system where villages around brings their food items on Wednesday to sell and the items are sold at a very cheap cost.
so this is where my business comes in.
During the day time of their work like busy bankers, lecturers, students, and shop keepers who cannot close from their work to visit the market will need my help.
I will go them at their offices and take their orders for the week.
Do presentations
Deliver the items at their office and at their home where and when necessary.

Very soon there will be road traffic due to the increasing population and my services would have been known to all organizations in Sunyani.

I will need to buy a motor cycle which i have a driving permission.
I will also need to employ additional person probably a lady who have idea on food stufs and other items.
Hotels and catering service only supply meals.
I have enough knowledge on all the roads and names of road and places in the Sunyani Township.
I have enough experience in customer relations, personal selling skills, and also a graduate in professional marketing skills.
I also have much working experience from organizations such as MTN Ghana, Expert Link Microfinance, Big Dreams Microfinance where i ended as the Branch Manager for the Sunyani branch.

The use of motor bike will reduce transport cost.
Getting about 500 customers a year will increase revenue.
Operating under the registered name Sir Wise Business Consult will provide trust to customers.
Food stuffs such as Cassava, Plantain, Yam and vegetables are very cheap to buy on the market day.
I can combine the sale of the cane products with this business unit when i get the motor bike because I am making good returns from the sale of the cane products.
I believe you are positive about this idea.
Thank you.

I have another one from saving our roads from high way robbery if their aim is to rob for money.
Please is 11: 30pm here in Ghana and i am very grateful for you concern. Good night and thank you once again.

Opening vegas playstation & gameworld

am also a musician so you can download my Niko Upside album for free here

Cyber cafe inventory

I am so happy, thanks to the zidisha loan I was able to complete my academic writing course. I am now looking for clients so that I can start earning from the writing job.

Goats for the Christmas festivals

Hello dear lenders ,wishing all of you a happy blessed new year.My december holiday was very fine and after doing the goats business i managed to get 270$ this was due to that there were some other business people who had ventured into this business and this made the price to come down .I got my capital back and i have reinvested it by buying more lines to supply. With the profits i got i will be enrolling for a driving course this january and the rest i have ordered 100 chicks to add to my business. Thanks very much for your kindness.

Motorbikes spares and repair

Thank you so much Zidisha team and lenders i recieved my loan ... am gland i will now storck my business and i believe i will archieve my dreams.

Create a stock of animal feed to expand my farming business

Zidisha family,
I am attaching some photos as an update of how the business is going begining of this year. A small shed has already been constructed and animal feed purchased. The next step will be to buy more sheep from the rural market. And the second round of treatment will hold in two weeks time.
I am so thankful to my lenders for their support that allowed me to carry out many promising activities this new year.
Happy new year 2015 to everyone!

Building a better coop for my laying hens

Photographie de ma ferme

Laptop computer, hardware & software

I have decided to adjust my instalment to Ksh. 500 because with your help with my first loan i was able to use $40 of the loan to employ a worker who has been helping me with type setting, photo printing and internet services. The amount catered for printing papers, envelops, pens, maintaining and replacement of printer parts including ink cartridges, purchasing of more stock such as printing papers and other stationery that i sell in the business. This has really boosted my business and my monthly profit has shot up by 50%

Expansion of sales of cane products business

Hello Michael,
Good morning,
I can see my dreams gradualy coming to bee.
Since 2011, I started writing down my business ideas and plans in all aspect of living. I have alot of busines ideas.
If you wouldn't mind i can share with you many of my busines ideas. This cane business is just one of them. Because i did not have money to begin so i decided to work for companies. Every company i worked for appreciated my hard work but paid very little as low as GHs 400.00, that was when i have obtain the position as the Branch manager in a microfinance company. I see your support as an open door from heavens into my life to fufil my dreams.
Thanks very much for your advice.
I would not let you down.

A bigger freezer for my fish maws business

I have got a new buyer who has accepted to pay a higher price for the fish maws for a short period of time due to a high demand on his market.So I feel it is reasonable to give priority to the loan I have at Zidisha.With the loan I was given I purchased a freezer which has enabled me to keep my fish maws fresh all the time for my clients.I am grateful to My lenders for their continued support to me and I feel I am blessed to have joined Zidisha.I will continue with zidisha forever.I feel very lucky indeed.

New machinery for my barbershop and saloon

the loan that i have finished paying has improved my business especially during the Christmas season.i was in a position to purchase the necessary machinery required,and also increase the input in terms of stock.
the next step is to add more labour since clients have really increased inn number.

Business improvement loan

Thanks my friend. Despite being miles away you are my best friend. Hope to see you one day

Accounting degree tuition fee

I feel honored to say the least, to have a part in your studies and future success. Good luck with your courses and never give up!

Computers to start an IT training center

THANK YOU SO MUCH LENDERS OF ZIDISHA TEAM. my brother now has been able to complete his Diploma in IT through zidisha program, thank you so much for the money you've lend to me, it did so much in my business and am even able to raise the school fees of my two sons too. Thank you

Entreprise d'élevage de volaille locale

Hello. I'm happy to write you this morning to tell you a bit about how the last loan affected my family. When I received the previous loan, I bought an incubator, I completed the brooder house, and I spent the remainder on feed. What you must remember is what it brought to my daily life. My production increased by 50%, so during the holidays I sold at least 110 chickens at 3,000 francs each and I used the profits to buy clothing for my children, my wife, and I. I was also able to have a great Christmas by having friends and family over, something I haven't done since I started animal raising. That's why I had no trouble paying back the loan. I'm proud of you and I hope to continue working with you. Thank you.

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Bonjour c'est avec un sentiment de gaieté que je vous écrit ce matin pour dire juste un peu le changement que le prêt précèdent a donné à ma famille. Quand j'ai reçu le prêt je suis allé payer une couveuse, ensuite j'ai terminé mon chantier et enfin j'ai mis le reste dans les aliments volaille. Ce qu'il faut retenir dans tout cela c'est ce que le prêt m'a apporté dans ma vie quotidienne. Ma production a augmenté de 50% donc pour ces fêtes de fin d'année j'ai vendu au moins 110 poulets à raison de 3000f les poulets et le produit de la vente m'a permis de payer des habits pour mes enfants ma femme et moi-même et en plus de bien fêter la Noel en invitant les amis et les parents; une chose que je n'ai jamais fait depuis que j'ai commencé mon élevage. C'est pourquoi je n'ai pas eu de problème de remboursement. Je suis très fier de vous et je souhaite continuer à travailler avec vous pour toujours. Je vous remercie

Expansion of sales of cane products business

I visited all my customers yesterday and almost all of them paid me. I was very happy. As at yesterday 5/01/15 only three of my customers could not pay all their debt. But the payment from my customers profited me about 97% of my invested income. I had additional contract from a timber firm to suplly them with 113 hamper buskets on the 1st of January, which made me a profit of about GHc 300.00.
Though i spent about GHc 100.00 on transportation, i still made a reasonable income. I think i can call this success.
Thanks to Zidisha

Expansion of sales of cane products business

Hello Michael,
I am too much suprised and see this whole thing to be a miracle in my life.
How my loan was funded and how i took the opportunity and how my customer paid back after delivery. God bless you leaders of Zidisha especially leander Franmiguel. i am very grateful for your support.
Indeed i am applying for additional funds to countinue this business. The demand for the cane products will never pass away it will need innivations every time. During my adventure i introduced most of my customers to other cane products like bamboo chairs, dinning table and many others. Infact my producer was very good and sincere. This time i cant trust him again when i prefinance my items on demand.

Motorbike for village taxi service

It a new year and i would like to thank all my lenders who made it possible for me to have my second loan i don't have enough words to express my gratitude because i managed to get a new bike and though i had lots hectic time at the county office for the new license due to the new county laws am happy to say that my bikes are all working and making a huge change in my life, after buying the bike and the license i manged to remain with 10, 000 which helped me to go and visit my rural area which i haven't done for like 8 years and am really happy that i did go home thanks to zidisha. since now i have more than three bikes my income has increases which is helping in paying the tuition for my little niece which is my primary goal and my life has never been the same again not to forget i did employee a rider who is very hard working guy who volunteer to work through the week and rests at night which is really improving the life of his family. i can't thank zidisha enough but hope many people around the world is getting such help like this and making a change in their lives. Thanks to all of you and may God Bless you.

Installation of 3 in 1 photocopying machine

Thank you Zidisha for the good work you have done, I feel thankful for Zidisha group and may almighty God bless you abundantly. My previous loan helped me a lot to achieve my goals last year and am much happy for the effort you made to see me through. Through the loan you given me i was able to buy a new photocopy machine which has assisted me much in business and have made to to gain a lot of customers due to its quality. I thank you once more, hoping that even the next loan will be of help to me and my business.

Irrigation plumbing materials for my farm and family

A happy 2015 really it is. During the holidays I did a clean prunning on my trees. Thanks to Zidisha. Now my trees can grow stronger and beautiful. I could not get a good photo while up the shaky tree. 2015 has presented challenges to farmers in our county after an out break of necrosis attacking cereals crops. The county advises on alternative farming and I was already on a small project on passion fruit farming. These are hardy crops and yield well both in product and farm gate prices. I need some cash to buy quality seedlings from KARI each @ KSH 30. I will inter crop among the young trees and use cypress posts and rafters(from my pruning waste) to support the vine. Farming is tricky but I expect to give positive progress within 2 months of planting as this plant is very vigourous.

Loan to expand my cereals business

Indeed the sum has been of help and now am so busy.Thanks to God that I trust myself and know that i will graduate to the next level and see my business in another level with the ability to create more jobs and make food reachable to majority of people in the Kisumu City.May the LORD bless you people for choosing to stand with people like me and us.Shalom

Completing electricity installation for rental houses

My first loan was great, i managed to buy grey paint for my doors, white paint for my lintel and black paint for the window panes. This amounted to a total of 5000ksh, i also spent the rest of money to pay the paint man for the job.

My houses look more beautiful and attractive even to my tenants. Now they are very happy because the houses look good. this has also increased confidence between me and my tenants. My houses are also fully occupied and i happy because this is possible because of zidisha loan. At least now i have a guaranteed income from this projected and i will now continue re investing the income that i get inform of rents to build some more houses. this income will also help me educate my children.

having a permanent source of income is a very important thing for a family. my family is happy and i have confidence that zidisha loans will help me develop it further.
Thanks to zidisha loans, my project is now taking shape.

Inventory of digital decorders and tv sets

hello hello dear lenders,once again i thank you for making me my business more prosperous. i started with a simple movie shop and now it has grown to double where i sell even stereo machines like subwoofers and tv sets. am happy to do business with you and expect more in future

Expansion of sales of cane products business

Thank God for Zidisha. i have earn double of what i invested in the cane business in the christmas season. there are other thisng i have to do as soon as i am done with this repayment. i am very grateful.

Feeding programme and purchase of textbooks

Thanks to all my lenders you people have really demonstrated your love for the children's, I will not let you people down, I will make sure that this loan has made some changes to the life of our children's

Maps, books, etc. for scouting training business

Good morning. i purchased stationary and maps to aid me in my training of scouts n since school are opening on fifth January i am optimistic that my business in scouting will be a success as it will impact well on student scouts and make me known for a great training .I will be able to get new schools and train them on scouting and this will increase my earnings tremendously. T,his year my son will join school kindergarten and i am looking forward to the task ahead. During the holidays here in our country and neighborhood, we make merry by gathering as family and friends while sharing drinks food,singing and dancing. We love fun and are welcoming people. thank you for giving me this loan as it has broaden my mind and make my business a profitable one in the coming days.

Construction of rental houses

Hi Michael,

Here is the chair I bought for our business.


Chicken feed (and seedlings & irrigation equipment)

I am greatful for what Zidisha has improved in my business. I had little faith in online crowdfunding but I am now evidence that such things exist and ACTUALLY work!

I am in a position to pay a higher instalment amount. I want to repay my loan in the shortest time possible with as much ease as possible.

Happy new year to my awsome lenders.

Help me buy seeds and fertilizer for maize planting

Dear lenders,

I am very glad since you understood me when i was facing too much rains that i could not access the market.Now the problem is over and am able to transport my tomatoes and vegetables to the market,some of my customers too are now able to reach me.Now am able to generate enough income to help me repay my loan as am planning to buy a water pump if in very future you reloan me again.

Thank so much.