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To buy bicycles for transporting clients

Raining heavily this week

To buy bicycles for transporting clients

All in a days work.My bike has fed and educated all of us and hopefully will open the doors to development in our family.

Cultivating oyster mushrooms

Dear Lenders & Zidisha,
On this occasion I would like to say thank you very much, lenders and zidisha has helped many of our businesses. Currently our efforts can be said to begin to grow, funding from zidisha very helpful to us. In 2015 we plan to do a different location with the development effort now, given the increasingly high demand for local mushrooms. Hopefully still received funding support from the lenders and zidisha that the development of our business continues to run smoothly. Attached photo 1 (current business conditions) photo 2 (satellite image location development plan months in January 2015). Thanks

New motorbike taxi & bricks to build a home

Dear lenders and the management it is my happy time to give a BIG thank you for my lenders to the opportunity and the improvement that the loan has done to my life so far, I had shared with you recently that I have now completed my well and have full water in my compound where am preparing to start a construction soon, I have also levelized the ground for the house to be constructed as on the photos had attached the house plan and hope my next loan I will be able to start to bring the construction materials like bricks, ballast, sand as I have already have the iron sheets although my credit limit cannot allow me do more but hope gradually i will make it.
Thank you and I request you all once again to continue supporting me as am also preparing to take in another loan to enable me do the things have mentioned above.
Vincent VM Kenya

Inventory of household items

I am very grateful to Zidisha lenders for the facility they gave me four months ago. I managed to buy the cereals just the way I had planned. I take this opportunity to thank you profusely for your valuable support which has made my business grow by leaps and bounds.

The friendly repayment terms provide a good environment for business growth, and with Zidisha on my side, I can confidently say that the sky is the limit. I am optimistic that I will take my business to the level that I have always wanted and ultimately attain my dream of providing a secure future for my family.

I also thank Julia Kurnia for choosing my photo as the official Zidisha website picture. I am sincerely humbled by this gesture.
I wish everyone in the Zidisha community well in all your endeavors – we are a family indeed.

Accounting degree tuition fee

Hi Lenders and zidisha family.
Am still continuing with my exams.The last paper is on 05.12.2014.Sometime I just pause and ask my self whether all this would have been possible without your help.
Thanks God you all came along when I needed you most.Blessed all

Inventory of Charcoal

hi Dennis,i dropped my phone in water on zoeys birth day hence couldnt be able to upload pictures of her birthday to share the fun that we had,birthday girl notwithstanding.but hopefully it will be repaired in due course and i shall post those pictures. Otherwise my bussiness is doing well ,am almost clearing my stock that came about two weeks ago ,and also glad to report that i had already placed onother order which should arrive anytime,the proceeds that i got from that stock helped me to organise zoeys birthday and she confessed that she had never had such a wonderful birthday with a 2kg cake,baloons,and lots of her friends.initially it used to be 500gms cake,few friends,no balloons,so thanks to you generous people who have made this possible,looking forward to more good and positive things happening in my family life!

Providing more health services at my clinic

hello, this is to thank you all for your good work. regards for supporting me by lending your money. since then l am able to supply lab equipments to many more clinics and also ensure large stock for the supply. due to my efficancy, efficiency and conviniency to my clients, the demand keep increasing. special thanks to you my honours. l just pray to have that faith of supporting us now and in future to keep us growing. thankyou in advance

To improve my poultry farm

first let say thank you for coming to my rescue i have added some new 1 inch pipes for my irrigation,i am happy now i cam irrigate without losing water.

Add more stock of wheat flour, cooking oil,maize flour

I love you guys , thanks for your kind support towards my ambition to become a great entrepreneur, God give you strength to continue helping others. Kudos Zindisha and my lenders.

Tomatoes growing project

thank you zidisha team. my tomatoes are happily smiling for the protection you provided against the heavy rains that are falling in this mount Kenya . they are fully supported.

Knapsack sprayer ruths farm

Dear lenders I am very sorry for late payment.Finally my aunt got better and my farm is doing equally good ,I wish to repay my loan in full,I am so grateful for your patience,The loan really helped me since I was able to expand my farm,This has significantly increased my income,Thanks so much,I am so glad

Another greenhouse for my farm

Thank you honorable lenders for supporting me,I would like to give back to the society through using my expertise to help other like minded youths to succeed in their ventures. I am therefore planning to register a training and consultancy firm that would offer free financial consultancy and advisory service to any zidisha member from my region who wishes to get my services.I would also use my green house as demonstration center for youths who would be willing to learn more about agriculture and technology adoption.

Expanding my vegetable farm by one more acre

With a buyer in my amaranth farm ,this one of peoples favourites

Children's syrup for chemist shop

Mostly,syrups for coughs,painkillers,antibiotics and dewormers are needed,medicine like piriton,paracetamol,amoxyl,erythromycin,metronidazole,cetirizine,trihistamin,tricohist and brufen.

Purchase tomatoes and oranges from farmers to sell in market

hi Alliej, my business has grown thanks to the credit. i got plenty of tomatoes. am looking for cafes to supply them apart from selling to families only. thank you very much for your support.

Children's syrup for chemist shop

I am wondering what specific kinds of medicine you are looking to sell, and what ailments they claim to treat?

Kuku-Kienyeji chickens

Thanks so much for the advancement of the small loan. since my project was on going, the funds had a great impact on it since i made purchases feeds enough to sustain the chicks for a period of 3 months. during this period they will be mature for sale. that means i will be stress free for all this duration. This project and the online funding has attracted so much interest from friends and neighbors. soon i will be inviting them to join so that they can generate some extra cash.

Supply of medicines for my pharmacy

Thanks Lenders!
The festive season is here with us and it always start with World's AIDS day but at DAWALANE CHEMISTS it is memorable as we are prepared to cater for our clients 24hrs with floodlight now installed in our neighborhood.
To zidisha team thanks my wife is graduating on 5th December 2014 with Degree in business Administration that will go along way to boost the business

Bratwurst fast food service

Thank you Mr Thilo my main menu is Bratwust sausage. Some people eat in and they ask me "what sausage is this? it's so nice! I said its Bratwurst mister its recipe comes from Germany. He surprised woow... excellent he shouts now I know Germany is not only the best in football but in sausage too, he added

Fees for final-year exams for my Bachelor's degree

I would like to thank all my lenders for being patient with me.I managed to pay my own school fees through you guys and this is so amazing.I had had challenges here and there but finally I have completed paying my loan and the challenges made me stronger than ever.My shop is doing so well right now and I hope it will expand in the near futurr

Inventory cheaper solar panels &bulbs to community

This is to let the entire zidisha team that since i restocked my store with more goods,I got another challenge whereby the shop was raided at night by thugs and they managed to steal almost part of the entire stock that i had bought.Luckily enough we later traced the suspects and we got the and called the police who arrested the three people.They were arrested and after a week they identified where they had kept the goods,which the police has so far refunded the whole lot of solar panels and 5 Car batteries to me by Tuesday last week.Now i am back on my toes and i have employed a watchman to keep vigil at all nights.Kindly i am sorry for the late payments.
George Mathenge

Purchasing photocopier and camera for cyber cafe

Dear lenders. i received the money on 25th november. i went ahead and bought six palstic chairs that i had anticipated to help me reduse the congestion in my business. my clients now are comfortable and my business is smoothly going on. however i want to complete the payment so i will be eligible to get more funding to my business to buy a big printer and stationery. thank you zidisha. its real and boosting.

Purchase of a printer and printing materials

Hi glad it's going well, I just bought the cake monster baking set for my friends Christmas present, see photo.


Laptop for digital marketing of alternative fuel sources

Hi Zidisha and lenders,
I'm so grateful-i bought all the materials and employed Vincent as casual worker to assist me in making the briquettes as i had planned.The loan has been so helpful and i got it when it was handy.The only challenge is only that i have tried to upload the photos but i'm unable i believe the problem is our computer.

I will keep trying posting the photos here untill when i will succeed.

Meanwhile Please visit :
to see the photos.

To purchase photocopier ink roller

Hi Lenders and hope you are happy with my repayments. I have never been happier and and am spreading the word around about Zidisha to those who are in business and can be trusted with Zidisha loans. Also here in Kenya we are already smelling the Christmas season and there are very many people in town shopping for clothes and other house hold items.

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks

Hello zindisha family, am greatfull to have received my second funding yesterday morning which I have used to purchase several items for my shop. This being a holiday, I hope to make better sale thus good return for my business. Thanks everyone for you great support. To all zindisha lender, may you be blessed.

Raising Chickens

new pictures!

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nouvelle photo !!

Purchase of motorbike for fruit and vegetable delivery

Dear zidisha lenders am so much great full for God and also for you , because since you gave me the second loan I did not remain the same .I added more stock of my goods worth 3000/= and also paid the school fees for my daughter 5000/= who was in areas and many more.
Zidisha has made me proud in the society where I live
Zidisha has made walk tall and shoulder high ,since I could not access bank loan although I knew I was faithful and trust worthy to pay back the same.
I still appeal to Zidisha lenders to continue lending me,because I see with this I am going some where far .
I also see Africa is going far with Zidisha,People who can trust others who have no loan security ,God bless you so much
Yours Elisha Anditi

Add clothing sales to my shop

Thank you lenders for advancing the loan I applied for. I have now purchased the printer which is helping me greatly. It has greatly improved efficiency in my business since time is not wasted looking for a printer/copier out there. It has also reduced cost of doing my business greatly. Once again, thank you and be blessed.

One stop indigenous poultry farm

Hello everyone,
i Couldn't be happier than the day i received my disbursement. I am glad to let you all that i purchased the incubator on Wednesday and i av just ordered 2 crates of eggs for incubation therefore around Christmas period i will show you the hatched chicks. Hope all will be well.

Funds to boost my farming of red onions

I am very thankful to my lenders and Zidisha for giving me this opportunity to expand on my businesses. Now my chicken business is doing well courtesy of loan from Zidisha, and now I am opening another promising business of selling clothes. I am extremely happy as this has been made possible by loan I secured from Zidisha. I will be uploading pictures of this latest project for my lenders to see.
Once again you are all very important in my life and how I pray that God will continue to bless everyone of you for your kind support and benevolent heart. My lenders watch me closely and see, I will never let you down, my will and power is to service this loan in the stipulated time and be promoted to the next credit limit.

Thank you all thank you Zidisha

New facility for my crispy fish and potato snack production

Hi Zephania
Glad to see you have funding for your new electric fryer.
I notice that you have given a lot of though to your loan proposal.
Every successful venture started with a plan!
There is a saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."
I can see that you are planning to succeed.
All the best to you.

Liquor store boost

Good morning to my lenders. I received the money today and i will go buy the monitor during my lunch break. Thank you so much for the faith and trust you have in investing in my project. I will be updating you guys as soon as i get the chance. Thank you and God Bless

Chicken rearing

I'm woed!!! By all lenders. Third loan request funded within a day, I'm greatly humbled by your kind gesture.
I strongly believe I will be back here with great achievements.
Many thanks.

Stock of CDs for my gospel music

Thanks for your support,am doing well have expanded my music production,Have added a laptop top in my business helping me to design cd covers not only for me but also for other musicians
Looking forward to own a studio for music recoding.

To buy a microwave for my hotel business

Your welcome

To buy a microwave for my hotel business

it works, thats my gas& dishes corner.

To buy a microwave for my hotel business

dear lenders today lam writing to inform you how lam fairing on with my business and life despite the challenges am pressing on. I have taken time from work to post photos of the Ramtos microwave which has positively increase my income against the bills expense. I never thought that this could work but am greatful to God and you people that it indeed has worked. Looking forward to clear the loan and reapply for another one with the onset of a new year with a new vision to spare and diversify the market field. God bless you all God bless Zidisha

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks

Michael what you and other lender are doing no man can pay back. you have brought live live to common man and woman who have no securities to secure funding from our financial institutions. Youths like me who have little funds to execute their ideas. For instance, when I was in tamalliro farming, most of our crop were affected by diseases but we reacived no technical surport thus lending to total losses. Am planning to go back and establish a green house for the same in future.


School fees

Thank you very much Eshter, i got the money, am so happy about it. and praying God my bussiness to grow big just like yours,


School fees

Yes, i couldn't believe this thing was realy, just imaging how happy am , after seeing a message on my mobile from mpesa, reading the message, it was from Zidisha. At least now stress free for December shop rent for which is kshs 3000.00 and the balance of kshs 393 i will add kshs 47 to buy 2 pkts of sweets for selling and in retun i will get kshs 60.00 profit.. Thank you zidisha and lenders, May God bless you all.

Loan to cater for my spinal therapy at kenyatta hosipital

My Business has flourished during this December holidays and I plan to service my loan as quickly as possible. This will give me humble time to build another business empire through the proceeds that am getting from my current business. am planing to start a green grocer kiosk in my near by market which I intend to hire one person to help me run it while i run the other. If i finish servicing my loan earlier, I will apply for another one which will also help me improve the intended green grocer. kindly grant me this request.

Buy second hands ladies shoes and children shoes to sell

dear lenders today lam writing to inform you how lam fairing on with my business and life actually this loan has changed my business positively my income has increased hence increase in profit my living standard has improved and lam so happy because this loan has really helped me thanks for zidisha loan lam so much grateful to you my dear lenders for making things work for me

Tomatoes growing project

my special thanks to zidisha lending team for this great consideration. i am particularly humbled to thank u again. i have already bought the wooden posts and other materials and am also planning to complete the support work within these week. thank u once more.


Buy cooking appliances for my hotel

Sir, your early repayment combined with my normal repayments has permitted me to help another 2 people in Kenya with their businesses. Thank you.

Inventory of Charcoal

Hi Dennis
I guess I have always have a phobia for bees generally,but I must confess that I really enjoy their by products which is honey!talk of double starndards!any way my family is all good,except for zoey whose birthday is today but she insisted that we postpone it upto Saturday for her to invite as many friends as possible....accompanied by a long wishlist,like a 5kg cake,pink and yellow in colour,2pairs of shoess,1 cinderella dress,ofcourse balloons ribbons and the list continues....infact at some point Robert had to rescue me from some of her demands telling her that she was being extravagant.But their Dad stays about 300km from where we are so he come to visit once in a while because of the nature of his work(Government security Agent)so most of the time he doesn't witness all this drama,but really pampers them when around!

Inventory of Charcoal

Hi there!
At long last my long awaited stock arrived on saturday,business is really good as the stocks are flying off,for the last 2days av already sold 15 sacks out the 40 that were delivered,to avoid delays I have placed onother order whic I know will take onother week,by that time I believe my current stock would almost be finished,once again zidisha thank you for making this happen!

Irrigation plumbing materials for my farm and family

Today, I received my loan through my mobile account, am overwhelmed with the trust. Am glad am here and Zidisha is such a family: a Mother and Father and Brotherhood. THANK YOU.

Construction of rental houses

Hi Lenders,

Please find the smart phone.I am having great experience as my clients can reach me on Skype and I can also invoice and send invoices via wave application.

Thanks a lot.

Isaiah Githaiga