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For expansion of my sewing business

Good morning my lovely lenders, I am very grateful and appreciative for supporting me raise loans to gradually helping me to renovate and expand my sewing shop and being able to buy another modern sewing machine. Without your support this gradual improvement wouldn't have started. My ultimate aim is set up an entrepreneurial centre to train young girls and also create jobs to help reduce the high rate of unemployment in my country Ghana. Once again, I am calling on all generous lenders to help me raise another to enable me push my aim of establishing entrepreneurial centre to train young girls.
Thank you for your generosity.

Gina's Bakery Shop

I used the fund to buy rubber containers and baking bowls. It has help me a lot, firstly, my rubber containers was too small to supply more product to customers. Now, there is enough rubber containers and baking bowls for my business. I can produce enough quantities of product for supply because of the rubber containers, I am getting more customers too. I thank you . God bless all zidisha members.

Supplies for cybercafe

Thanks so much my backers for the amount you loaned me.
I managed to buy a printer which has been of so much benefit to me.
I once again thank you so much.

Clothes selling

Thank you my lenders this money you have funded I want to buy tracksuits for selling as we Will soon enter winter so tracksuits will do for my business growing fast.this money is really helping me am able feed my family through business and making my capital grow slowly and i know I will be there one day.thanku for making my project possible may God bless all my lenders and zidisha family.

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear Lenders, i hope you and the family are all doing well. i thank the almight God for your lives. May he continue to be our King forever.

I also thank God for a successful first part of my forklift theory exam today. And a big thank you too my wonderful lenders, your support is very well appreciated. the loan given to me has been very very helpful in so many ways. i wish i can come before all of you one after the other to thank you personally. May the Lord bless you all.

thank you and stay blessed.

Phone accessories & mobile money business

First of all I like to thank the almighty God for the blessings. And my thanks too goes to Zidisha for the opportunity given to me. Zidisha loan have really help me enhance my business and I can say that I'm doing very well in to the financial business. But ask the saying goes man has to keep on going untill you reach the sky and I have not got there I will like to get Zidisha loan to support me get to the top. I will also support those in need of support

School fee for my daughter's college

Halo backers. The previous loan I used in renovating rental houses , they were six and I added four totally to ten houses, this has increased my income and it changed my living standard to the positive

Payment of PhD fees and support writing of thesis

Dear Lenders, God bless every one for my previous loan. The has really improved my life. I used it to pay part of fees as am pursuing my PhD. Even though am not done yet it has really help me in so many ways.

To buy noodles to sell

Dear Gifty,
I wish you success with your business - and of course your final exams! Education is a solid investment in your future.

All the best from Switzerland,

Repairing my transport vehicle

Dear Lenders,
Is been a while I furnished you with update due to circumstances beyond my control.
The funding I received from zidisha has help me to connect electricity to my house, the light has made life convenient for me because I don't struggle with darkness anymore.
Thank you Lenders and zidisha team as well. I am very greateful for that.

To help purchase a Suzuki Maruti for transport business

Thank you for helping fund this project
This funds will be used to help purchase a second Suzuki Maruti matatu /bus for business

To help purchase inventory for my provisions shop

Thank you very much for everyone who contributed to my project these fund will help me to purchase inventory items to add to my shop

Purchase of inventory

Nafisatu - I am impressed with your background and plans. I wish you good fortune. Best regards, Scott

Cooking daily for 70 workers during 4-year construction project

Thank you so much for your support and walking with me on this journey. Its by your help that am going to buy utensils to be able to feed 70 construction workers and also buy foodstuff to be able to feed the workers. I have benefited from Zidisha before and l know its a great awesome journey to walk with this worthy organisation. Thank you so very much for your help to make this possible.

To expand my electrical supplies & hardware store

My business today. Thanks dear Lenders.

Small-scale medicine production

The Loan I received really helped me increase my medicine production business. Thanks so much for your support. I am so much grateful. God richly bless you for your support.

Expanding chicken farming

The loan will go a long way in promoting my freelance job. This will help me rake in income ti eventually venture into agribusiness. Thank you for making assisting on this path to my dream.

To help purchase a Suzuki Maruti for transport business

Good luck in your business

Purchase of inventory

Wish you all the best

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello my dear lenders, hope you are all doing amazing. please if you say a prayer, kindly say one for my sister Florence as she has been battling illness for some months.

Thanks and stay blessed.

Clothing and boxers

Hello Lenders,
I like to say a big thank you lenders for generously supporting my business with the help of the funds, I’ve been able to buy more additional goods to add up to my business. Thank you for your kindness to helping grow my business.

Mobile money business

Thank you my leaders for fully funding my loan. I have plan to expand my business and this money will help me achieve that goal.
Once again thank you.
Long live zidisha.

Buy provisions to sell (cereals & mosquito-repellent spray)

This money will be used to add to my trading capital to purchase items I need in the shop and I really appreciate you all both lenders and borrower's for making my project possible

To repair my machine for spray-painting cars

My backers thank you for your contribution and as I said before this fund will help me to repair my spraying machine.
Many thanks to you again.

Roofing sheets and material supplier

Dear my all time friend
I am really grateful to you for helping me in my difficult time by lending me the money. The amount will help me to keep supplying my customers with roofing material at the right time. I will repay the amount at the right time. Thank you again for helping me and taking me out from such difficult situation.

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello my dear lenders, first of all i want to thank you all for the love, care, patience and understanding shown to me on this platform. Am forever blessed to have you all with me.

i would be giving you update on the forklift training very soon.

thank you and stay blessed.

Stainless-steel pipes for water recovery

Thank you i recieved the loan . We will use it as an addition to the money we already have to purchase Water Strainers on order .

Grass farming

Hi, thanks for your support It helped me alot, I was able to raise a 30% profit.

To help purchase liquid soap & utensils for my restaurant

I will use the loan to buy liquid soap and Cooking utensils for my restaurant. It will help me cook more food and increase my income. Thank you

Buying & selling clothing

The loan really helped me to start building my own shop n was able to pay for my previous loan on time. Thanks

Add more beehives to my apiary

I received ksh 23,458 and I used it to buy 2 rolls of barbed wire for fencing my farm to protect my apiary from intruders. I take this opportunity to thank you for funding my project. Thank you.

To help purchase a Suzuki Maruti for transport business

Keep going Alpha wishing you all the best.

To help purchase a new laptop computer for my cybercafe

I had my loan disbursement. Thank you all for making this possible. Am grateful to you all

Business expansion

i used my initial loan to purchase printing paper which its price have gone alittle bit, but the loan helped me alot,i looking foreward to take another loan so that i purchase more stock of photocopying papers

Construction of rental houses

Hi Lenders,

We managed to buy Steel bars, thank you for the support.


To help buy a wheelbarrow for my hardware shop

It will help me pay for the wheelbarrow that will help me convey the goods
I think gradually it will help me improve upon my business
Thank you so much for helping me

Mapping farmlands

I am going to buy 3 field tape measure to map separate farms concurrently.
Thank you for the support

To put toward school fees to specialize in mental health

Thank you very much. God bless you too Andrew. A very goodsign of kindness
Thanks for helping me
Thank you all bery nuch

To put toward ordering car parts

This money will be use to purchase car parts thank you zidisha

To help pay for my secondary-school education

Please thank you so much for lending me
Because am doing well in my school. Thank you for supporting me in school though is not easy but am managing
Thank you so much for supporting me

To help purchase a new laptop computer for my cybercafe

Thank you all once’s again for helping me out on this project. May our bond continue to strengthen everyday. Zidisha for Life


To put toward restocking my shop with motor covers

I hope this helps you on Your Way, God bless. Namaskar, Romuald

Cooking daily for 70 workers during 4-year construction project

Hello. Am glad to be here again and asking for your help. I have greatly benefited alot from your earlier support and am so grateful and look forward to working with you once again. Zidisha improved my life tremendously by your financial help to walk with me by financing me and so grateful and appreciate your help alot. I have since grown and you are my reason to come back here and say thank you and also ask you to walk with me again. I promise to pay up everything as l have done before. Am happy to be here again and be a part of you once again. Thank you all


To put toward school fees to specialize in mental health

God bless your business and your life Gifty!

Expansion of cosmetics shop

Greetings to zidisha fraternity, very big thanks to my backers and lenders for funding my loan, I have received the funds of ghc 2683 on my mtn mobile wallet. This money has been used to increase my stock because I bought perfumes and cosmetics products for resale in my shop.

Mobile phone payment center

Hello,I bought more stocks i.e braids weaves, crotchets,koko koko and purfumes designs.This is making my shop more attractive to clients hence more sales .i was also able to buy books for my kids, new back to school shoes , stationaries and also to pay half of next term school fee for the three of them.i am also happy because I was able to take them to the village to greet their grandparents.i used the car I bought with the last loan so I cut off the cost of car hire hence more savings.Thankyou.

To stock a computer shop

The loan i took last 2019 was very helpful to me personally and my business.
i was able to open another branch of Thikatel computers and hire one more worker and several other marketers as well.
after the covid pandemic i could not sustain the new branch due to high operational cost that needed to be put so i closed it down after 6 months of operation.
I concentrated on my main store both to stock it and market the products offline and online. Thru the pandemic period i was able to pull thru and therefore dint stop the remittances.
Am so grateful to the lenders who are very patient and always willing to help me raise the loans.
I promise to always stay upto date with payments.

Cleaning company

I received an amount of Ghs 5,016
Almost done with the renovation works to commence operation.
Thank you all my lenders and backers for the great support.

To start building a house

I am going to buy building materials with this amount and it will help me a lot.
Thank you all for the support I am grateful.

Restocking my shop with body-wash gel

I will purchase new products for my shop.It will help to improve my business in gaining more clients,thanks everyone in making my projects a success