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Purchase poly pipes and maize-sheller machine

The previous helped to buy fertilizers and other farming inputs and my vegetable garden is doing well because this time around gardening of vegetables and has become profitable and I have embarked on the the project to make it a good crop yield. Thank you my lender because without you I was not going to start this project. Thank you very much and may good lord bless you all.

To buy another freezer for my foodstuff business

Thank you my good lenders

To buy a new motor bike

I will use the loan to buy dashboard,tail light, and others for my motor bike. I will also use the rest to service the motor. At this moment I will like to express my appreciations to my lenders for coming to my aid at crucial moment.

Buying second-hand clothes to resell

Thank you so much.

Buying an Android phone for work

I am going to use this money to renew my car insurance and I want to thank all my lenders for.this support. God bless you all

Increase my handbag stock

I have been using the zidisha platform for a long period now. The benefits to my business have been tremendous. Being able to comfortably add stock without any worry has led to the expansion of my business

Purchasing of vegetable seedlings & organic fertilizer

Am requesting for the to buy vegetable seedlings for planting am to have a variety of crops. The following are the seedling I need to buy for my vegetable gardens.
1. Cabbages
2. Rape
4. Green Beans
6.Onion Bulb
7. latice
Thank you so my lenders for supporting me and encouraging me, I will ensure provide food for many people and in the end generate more provide and grow the business.

Transporting my shoes from Onitsha to Aba Abia State

I will use the loan to transport my good from Onitsha to aba abia state. It will help me to bring my good to my shop and make sales. I'm saying big thanks to my lenders may GOD bless u all .


Purchasing of vegetable seedlings & organic fertilizer

All the best with your vegetable gardening. Provide nutritious food to many people :)


Buying more organic fertilizer for vegetable garden

Best to you in growing vegetables organically, without harmful chemicals

To buy goats and fowls

thank you Paul, you will never be disappointed in me, I promised

Loan for footwear production

This is my special regards to you, my lenders for your benevolence aimed at seeing to the growth of my business and in effect, my well being, especially, in such a crunchy time as this; you'll forever be in my prayers that the Almighty father should bless all you do and to make all your endeavors successful in accordance with his will.
This fund will be duly invested in my business for the acquisition of tools and leathers for a large scale production and with prayer, hard work, and your well wishes, I'll make it. Thanks so much and may God bless us all.

New stock of ladies' clothing & handbags

I received my loan and thank you so much for funding it

Immune-system boosters for sale

I have received 773GHS and I have use this money to buy immune-system boosters for sale. Thanks to my lenders

Inventory of ladies' bags

I'm much grateful for this loan. Stocks will be immediately purchased as I see my business flourishing due to the benevolence of all my lenders. Thank you

Mobile phone payment service for rural communities

Dear lenders,

Thank you so much for your continued support! I am truly humbled and grateful for lending me the money. Stay safe and healthy!

New machine and materials for my printing business

I am really happy this evening for your support and I appreciate you all. This loan is going to help me reach my customers demand and Widen my job. I am going to get a new machine for my work and buy more printing materials. Thank you all my lenders for your help

Safari and adventure travel company

glad to see that you have repaid your loan. Looking forward to your next application! Oh, and do send picture of the vehicle.

Selling rice, beans, cassava flour, etc.

I thank my lender so much, may God bless you , the loan will go a long way in improving my business, I want to use the loan to buy some food stuff for sell, thanks.

To buy a new motor bike

I used the loan to services my motor bike. I have used the loan to buy engine oil ,filter and tyre for my motor. I has improved upon the condition of the motor. I thank my lenders for the loan.


I will use the loan to buy more yam to sell ,it will help me have plenty yam in stock thank you for the loan

Buying stock of vitamins to sell

I received K1,052 on the 5th of March. I invest the money in cashew nuts. I have diversified because ordering things from abroad has become expensive due to ever rising exchange rates. Thank you for the loan

Preschool furnitureto

Dear John, MarktheMormon and Katrina, thank you very much for your support! This loan will go a long way in helping me refurbish all the office furniture the community school needs to offer a better teaching and learning experience. Thank you so much.

Digging a water well at my alma mater

Dear Nendi,

what a nice project! Wishing you luck with this endeavor.

Best regards,


Loan for rent payment

Hello to you all my Lenders, I want to give you an update about my just ended loan, I was able to accomplish the mission I wanted to with the loan, I was able to but new covers and Tapoli to replace the old and torn onces, you can see this in my current youtube video,
I was also able to do some maintenance with the loan.
It really helped me a lot and a big Thanl you to you all for supporting me.

Disinfecting schools for reopening

We are doing good and business activities has being slow but progressive as we expanded our base of operation.

Loan for footwear production

Very kind of you, Mary; I'm encouraged!
God bless you.

Buy salon straightener and cosmetics

Hello lenders i thank and appreciate the way you are running erands to support me i can see the progress . I can say thank you i have noted surely.

Fresh tomatoes, lemons, oranges, apples & vegetables

I ordered 2 boxes of fresh tomatoes and a 50kg bag of vegetables and thanks alot lenders for the loan


Loan for footwear production

These are lovely!

Selling mobile phone credit

Thank you my biggest financial supporters. I received 1,526 GHS
And out of it I have used to buy credit cards enough credit transfers and now doing manageable money transactions.
I really thank you ❤ all for what you have been doing in my financials.

Art and music studio

Today I just got my first new electric plainer thanks to Zidisha. I am so excited I can't wait to get to the studio and Start glad 100% that am part of this great earth shaking movement.Thank you a billion times

Buying a food warmer, cooker & restaurant chairs

I need to use this loan to purchase the restaurant chairs as demand keeps on increasing and more customers coming to have lunch. I also to need to replace the old food warmer as it is not working properly. The loan will help me to accommodate more customers and increase daily revenue.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me may God bless you so much.

Loan to buy fridge equipments and second hand fridges

with God all things are possible, i thanks the lenders for their trust in me and i promise not not disappoint them.

Vegetable gardening

Am requesting for this to help me buy pesticides and organic fertilizer to apply on my vegetables to growing very well so can produce good health vegetable for sell. When I have a good vegetable production I will sell very well at a good profit.
The profits I make save and buy groceries at home so my household food.
Thank you so my lender am happy you have funded my and I will utilise it to fullest, thank you.

Vegetable gardening

All the best to you Christopher

Delivery business

God bless you

Buying of materials for making sandals and slippers

Thank you so much zidisha. I'm grateful

Loan to buy addition printing machines

I am buying printing items for selling I am very grateful to the lenders and zidisha. I say thank you

Loan for footwear production

I make ladies and gents slippers and sandals.

To buy fuel to transport books

The loan of 1466 has been payed to me and I am going to use it transport goods of books to schools. I want to thank you all my lenders. God bless you

Loan for crop farming

I am very grateful to my lenders for always being there for me and my business. I have been able to buy few farming tools for my business.

Irrigation equipment for my vegetable garden

The current economic situation farming has improved to the only business that can sustain for long period of time. I want to use the loan am borrowing to buy sprinkler method of watering my vegetable crops. Water is a challenge and if I can be using sprinkler method my crops will be receiving enough water and grow very well.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting am so happy, am humbled. This is wonderful

Loan for rent payment

Hello to you all my lenders, it's been a while since I updated you about myself and my business.
I am doing very great as my job is moving so good and smoothly, my tricycle is working very fine without any faults due to the help you provided to me,
I hope you are all doing good?, thank you all very much and may God protect and provide to you all your heart desires.

Art and music studio

Zidisha greetings,
It's an exciting season for me as I have seen the benefit of being a member.At this point I also want to confirm that I received the funding and it has been invested.
I bought a staple gun, sanding machine ,vanish and timber.

So far studio clients are satisfied with our art work and we are expecting rapid sales this month.

When we clear this loan, our next item will be an electrical plainer machine . A video to be uploaded soon.

Thank you!

Vehicle upgrade for my car hire business

Good morning team zidisha, it's a beautiful morning as we go back to our business. Business has picked up compared to the past month and we thank God for that. Still pushing on.

Immune-system boosters for sale

I will buy immune-system boosters for sale and it will help me to increase my stocks and make more profit. Thanks to all my lenders.

Traditional baskets project

Wow this is amazing I am very happy and excited thank you to all my lenders for supporting me so fast. As I said earlier I will buy more crafting equipments to swift up my business thank you once again

Building my credit limit towards my own fleet of Uber cars

Thank you for your continued support. I will use this money for some needed maintenance work

Selling face masks in college

I thank you so much my lenders for the loan I received and have finished. I want to update my lenders that the loan was used to pay tuition fees and i have been able to attend online lessons without challenges.