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Richard Asamoah     Aug 6, 2018

Thank you family, Zidisha is a God sent, ever since I joined this family in 2015 I have seen incremental records of business. I will buy baking flour, nut meg, margarine, baking equipment all of that in bulk quantity. Because business is good I do make sales of 800 Ghana cedis a day and makes a profit of 120 a day. Am even planing to add a mini snacks and pastries to my already moving baking business. I do pay for my children's fees and even cater for my other siblings.

Baking bread and pastries
Elmina In Cape-coast, Ghana

Purity Mwirigi     Aug 6, 2018

Gratitude gratitude to my dear lenders.you have made me shine you have made me outshine others.with the funds you lend me I was able to open another Mpesa line with photocopy and cosmetics by the name (76 Dollar shop) below is the final touch of branding the shop.iam am expecting an increased profits thanks to you.God bless you.

Restocking my coping/printing /opening new mpesa
Meru, Kenya

Alberto Mulauzi     Aug 6, 2018

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the zidisha team for this forum that has connected us to so many people across the globe, last but certainly not the least all the lenders on the zidisha forum because of your choice to help the need has really made a change in so many lives directly and indirectly as this has created job opportunities for many as for me the Loan I have acquired in the past have really transformed my business,my life ,my family and the people around me,my kid's now don’t get sent back for not paying shool fees,as my business is growing I have employed one person to help manage the shop this is one of the people indirectly benefiting from the zidisha forum.with the previous Loan I managed to order stock(phone accessories) and good used and new phones this has made my shop popular in that customers now know were to buy good and affordable used and new phones as well as good phone accessories this has also boosted my phone repair business.without the zidisha forum and all the lender's I will not be were I am now so from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you all for been there for as please continue with the same spirit.included are my pictures in the shop and picture's I took as I took a vacation to Victoria falls with my wife.all thanks to you lender's in fact I recommend you you come to zambia and experianc the mighty Victoria falls in Livingstone zambia

Mobile phones & accessories, and servicing tool for mobile phones
Lusaka, Zambia

Wilfred Okoth     Aug 6, 2018

Using the loan I was given I used it to buy 40 litres of cooking oil,2 bales of wheat flour, 2 bales of maize flour,snacks and juices that are liked by the customers around my business.
The purchase has increased what I have in the stock and has made a big difference in the business by insuring that people don't miss what they need.
Atleast my young girls go to school because even their fees is paid in time before they are sent home for money.
I would like to thank my leaders for the good work they are doing of helping the people and may God bless them.
My regards to all.

Rice and maize flour,soft drinks and bottled water buying
Burumba, Kenya

Shadrack Dogbatsey     Aug 6, 2018

Hello lenders and the entire Zidisha family, I wanna say a very big thank you for your support so far.
Thanks to you, I’ve been able to complete my first year in college and also able to serve farmers in my community with chemicals they need for the farms.
You guys have played and are still playing a big role in transforming my life and that of others into a better one
I say that you very much and God richly bless you all

Agricultural input business
Suhum, Ghana

Susan Ndaaru     Aug 6, 2018

I bought phones and sold I made some good profits which helped me pay school fees. Was able to buy school uniform for my children. I rely appreciate the help that zidisha has offered me.

Selling affordable mobile phones
Tudor, Kenya

Mary Kasunga     Aug 6, 2018

Dear Lenders,I'm so grateful that you have been able to support me with my business and hence this has really assisted me in so many ways to support myself and my grandchildren with their school needs. I'm able to put food on the table because you have been so supportive to me and my family.
May the Good Lord bless you so much.
Kind regards,
Mary Kasunga Sam.

Bar sheds renovations
Nkana East,kitwe-zambia, Zambia

Sulissetiyowati Sutrisno     Aug 6, 2018

This is my picture my playground I'm sorry late to post my picture

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This is my picture my playground I'm sorry late to post my picture

Renovation my playground
Batang, Indonesia

Pauline Nderi     Aug 6, 2018

am so grateful for the loan. it has made me to go a step forward.
I purchased ten kilograms of rice. it has made a very big difference in my business because i bought the high quality rice which is used by most people and its price is affordable.
my business earning has now increased by at least 50 percent.
I have used the increased earning to buy paraffin oil because it s demanded every day and we sell in small quality depending on the amount the customers requires.

Rice and maize flour
Thika, Kenya

Kezia Ramba     Aug 6, 2018

And this is one of the typical Tana Toraja cakes, Deppa Tori, which is made from rice flour and brown sugar is incomplete, it seems that if you go to Tana Toraja, you don"t have to eat it as souvenirs :)

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Dan ini adalah salah satu kue khas Tana Toraja yaitu Deppa Tori
yang terbuat dari tepung beras dan gula merah
tidak lengkap rasanya jika ke Tana Toraja tidak membawa deppa tori sebagai oleh-oleh :)

Selling baby supplies online
Bekasi, Indonesia