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To maintain Bajaj tricycle for business

Thank very much my dear lenders,
with this your support i will buy Bajaj new cloche cable, adjuster,plug and plug cup for the maintenance of the machine and this will go a long way to bring the Bajaj machine to good for business. thanks very much my dear lenders

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

My dear lenders I have received my loan. I will invest this amount into my vegetable business. I received Ghs 430.00. thank you so much for the loan.


Buy more inventory of computer accessories

Lots of succes in these uncertain times. I hope this loan is sufficient to keep you going.

Expanding my cybercafé

So far I remain focused

Selling locally made sandals

Zidisha loan has been very much helpful for me. It has really helped me to expand my business and also added additional commodity to my business.

Catering business

Zidisha is really God sent, I am so much grateful and proud that I have someone to look onto in time of need

Poultry farm expansion

Thanks so much for all your support so far.


I really thank you for your kind contribution towards my business, the loan you lend me helped me alot to refill my toner, now I'm on course serving my client. I'm very happy. God bless you

New stock for mattress shop

Thank you all for believing in me and helping me purchase new stock for my business
This will go a long way in helping to sustain my business
Thank you

Buying a printer for my cybercafe

I am happy lenders are supporting me for my cybercafe. God bless you all

More materials for my printing business & cybercafé

Thank you all for supporting me and I promise to pay back the money and it also means a lot to me because I will able to buy materials to work with.

Weaving machine for clothing design & production

Big thanks to the Zidisha team for this great opportunity. The loan so far has been used to purchase more sewing machines and tailoring materials to increase efficiency. I am also hope of purchasing a weaving machine to make the work easier and faster if availed another loan.

Purchase a sewing machine & supplies

I was able to purchase more stock and got new customers too. I really appreciate the help of the loan. Words may never be enough. For the people who lend me may God enlarge your tents.

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

I will buy fresh vegetables with my funds. This amount will go a long way to increase my total capital. I am most grateful for the loan.

To buy a new motorcycle

I have received an amount of 549 cedis from my lenders.I will use this money to buy filter, engine oil and also buy other spare parts to service my motorcycle.I will like to thank my lenders for granting me the loan and the trust you have for me.I will also pay my loan without failure.I thank Director for her good works God bless you.

Travel expenses to go pitch a proposal to potential clients

I am very happy you came to my aid by lending me my previous loan. It has helped my gotten the tools I needed for my job and business is now booming even though I still have some more things to cover and I need at work. I am meeting up with a customer who is by far willing to offer me a deal that is a very good opportunity. Thanks to all my lenders

Ladies' accessories to sell alongside my salon business

Your help has meant a lot to me, am able to to grow my business and this will help me secure the future of my child, this couldn't be possible without your support as lenders and the entire zidisha team, for that I say thank you. Looking forward to working together in my future projects too God bless you.

To use the loan for my mobile money business

I have used the loan to purchase freezer and MTN mobile money CHIM card is currently in used.The loan has helped me to increase my earning and also reduced my consumption of electricity since I am using new fridge.The revenue being generated very day are being invested back to the business.I have been able to do enough savings which I will use to pay my loan.I thank my lenders for the loan.

Hospital bill & Internet fees to start online teaching

Waaow am so glad I have you all lenders and zidisha. With tears of joy I say thank so much for the support and love you have shown to me indeed you are more than family. The funds will be used to pay my hospital bills and and my internet fee to start my online teaching . God richly bless all lenders and zidisha. I love you all.


Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

I wish you success in making your life the best and helping others who can become better like you! Much love

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

Here is the picture.

Fashion designer, beads and garments making

This loan is very good,for instance , I needed money to buy a new set of beads and slippers to prepare beads sandals and sell it to some Boutiques, which was a special order, it was very difficult to get financial assistance but with the help of this Zidisha loan, I am able to start the project, I normally do it online to get more customers but I also have to be stationary as well for people to locate me. Thank you for your assistance


Farming oyster mushrooms

Excellent project. Good luck and success!

Water pump for my vegetable field

Dear Lenders,

I have received the money for the tomatoes which I supplied to one of the large restaurants in town.

Thank you Chris and my other dear lenders for your great support and trust in me. Stay blessed!

To buy a new motorcycle

I will use the loan to buy items such as 2 tyres for my motorcycle,I will buy filter, engine oil and others.This will enable my motorcycle to be strong and which will boost my business. I will like to thank my lenders for granting me the loan. I will also thank the director for her help towards as Africans. I promise to pay my loan on time in order to get access to a higher loan in future to buy my own personal motorcycle. Thanks.

Earning my tuition fees by selling Greenleaf products

Thank you so much my lenders for the loan, i will put it to good use, to help me pay for my school fees. Much appreciated.

Irrigation system for vegetable farming

Thank you so much for your timely response. Step by step am building an irregation system.

To buy and sell online

My loan of over N19,600 just arrived.
I am grateful to my lender.
I have to start packing now.

To buy and sell online

I currently have relocation challenge. My new loan will help me procure transportation for my relocation to a more accommodating home.
I am grateful to my lender Bing-Shu Pan

To buy growth booster or Foliar fertilizer

i will buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer,to help irrigate or water my crops nicely.Thank you my lenders for this wonder support.

Inventory financing

Thank you lenders. I highly appreciate your support

Buying materials for sewing smocks

Smocks business is growing. Thank you

Fabrics & accessories for dressmaking

Hello, i am Miriam from Ghana. Its been a long while since i posted here. Forgive me, there has been a lot of challenges than i ever thought. But thank God all is well. I want to take this moment to thank all my lenders. I am truly grateful for your help and God bless you. With all this unexpected pandemic, the Lord has been good to me. And i thank Him. To have life, and a work at hand, and good team like zidisha to support . I would say that its worth to give thanks to God. Work is fine by grace, as we have life i hope and pray things will turn around soon. This is a dress i made at work. Stay safe everyone

Expansion of my bookshop business

I will use the loan to buy nursing books such as Nursing Dictionaries, Myles Text book for Midwives, Anatomy and Physiology, Foundation of nursing and Midwives dictionary.
This help increase the stock of nursing books in my bookshop and will improve sales.
Am so grateful for the loan

Disinfecting schools for reopening

We have submitted our proposals to different companys to decontaminate their premises in accordance to government directives and we hope we are given the privilege to offer our services.

Buying new stock of footwear for my shop

Good luck, Alfred!

Diversifying the stock of products for sale in my beauty shop

Dear lenders. I appreciate the help in loans lent previously. I have been able to expand my business to diversify with products for sale. I now run a store carrying four businessses under one roof. Thank you for the support and encouragement

Foodstuff buying

Thank you to my lenders, the loan will really assist in booming my business.

Catering business

To all who contributed to making this funding possible,remain blessed

Selling second-hand children's shoes

I received my loan and i started my business. Thank you very much!

Restocking with iPhone 12 chargers and earpieces

i received 723 Ghc and and bought phone and laptop accessories as planned and sold almost 80% with profit.thanks guys


Photography and video business

Gideon -- You are doing a great job! It's a pleasure to support you in your dreams.

Funds for stationery and transportation

Thamk you to Zidisha lenders, this loan will go a long way to meet my transportational expenses for the month of october.

Expanding stock to include Juudy and Ekumfi fruit drinks

First of all, I appreciate the support I have enjoyed from Zidisha since I joined. The previous loan helped me to increase my stock keeping unit by the flavor range. It helped me to meet the specific customer preference and variety. This was able to add an additional 10% increase in sales volume which is good. Now, as the business is showing positive signs of picking up and expanding, I will need Zidisha's support to help me grow. I used the extra 10% increase to add some product range from EKUMFI (the 1 district 1 factory) and the signs are already welcoming.

Water pump for my vegetable field

Dear Chris,

The poly pipes are working just fine.

Water pump for my vegetable field

Hi Chris,

I managed to buy the 50mm poly pipes for my farm. Thank you so much for your kind support!

Add another computer to my cybercafé

Thank you to all my lenders and GOD bless you all. I will use this loan to buy a computer

Loan to invest in clothing sales

Good luck Amina! Wishing you all the best from Melbourne, Australia.

Loan to buy used home goods from importers

Good evening zidisha lenders,i am very grateful for all the loans you are giving me.It is really pushing and bringing out the best in me.
I can boldly say that it is having positive response to my business since day one.
I have brought new Sanders, slippers and shoes for sale

Power connection to my residential house

It's my pleasure to give thanks to you all lenders towards your support on my projects despite challenges I have managed to clear my loan.Thank alot for your support.I still need more support to accomplish my bright future.