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Mobile phone sales

My warmest regards goes to all my lenders who made my loan a success, payments is almost completed,
I love you all!

Onion farming

Once again thank you for the amount given. I received Ghc600.00 cedis from the zidisha community.
Part of this amount will support me to buy imputs for my onions farm and the other help to stock my drinking bar business
Once again am very grateful for the support

Establish a hand washing center

Special thanks goes to all zidisha lenders for helping me till this far and may the good Lord Almighty God bless you all

Oyster mushroom farming

Thank you all so much. God bless you all.

Renovation of student housing

Below is a photo of how the house looked like and the renovation that has started.. thank you once again

Recycling business

Good luck!

Kind regards,



Thank you zidisha

Stock of malaria medicines and other health consumables

Big thanks to all zidisha lenders for helping me till this far and may the good Lord Almighty God bless you all. I'm going to buy the items tomorrow and it will help me to get some profit to care for my family.

Business expansion

Hi Lenders, trust you are all keeping well and staying safe. Currently there is no business going on due to the current situation of the corona virus. However, we remain positive and hope to continue paying the loan. Thanking you once again

Laptop sales

I thank God for the loan that I collect here that it was use for a good thing,it help my business a lot during this period,if not for the loan only God know what will happen and am happy that it keep increasing my business everyday,I thank all my lender .

Millet processing

My system unit has broken down which is making me difficult to be online frequently. So i want to use part of the sales I made to purchase new computer set. This will help me access zidisha platform and make timely repayment of all loans and also review all mentees loan assign to me.

Art center for youths who are HIV positive

Thank you very much for sending me this loan,it will help me continue upgrade my art, through stationery and online marketing.God bless.

Inventory of staple foods and face masks


I'm thankful for the last loan you granted me,because I was able to buy potatoes and onions for my grocery

Installing tanks and pump for water provision

Thank you for the update. It’s always nice to see the result. Did it improve the hygiene in your business?

Stay safe.

Oyster mushroom farming

Thank you all for your kind support towards my business. God bless you despite the destruction of COVID 19 we are still pushing through.

To develop my sewing material business

My shop

Purchase stock for a cloth selling business

The previous loan helped me buy a printer which has made it possible to expand my business revenues. Although the business struggled to pick up, i got a new location which is now doing better

Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

To all my lenders, thank you so much for your support, this has helped my business a lot. Looking forward for more help in future. Stay safe and God bless you.

Fund to open a new movie shop

Good afternoon Zidisha Family,First let me say am humbled for this chance to express my gratitude unto you good people for the much help you accorded me during my previous loan.Ibought the machine that i wanted which led to an increase in my sales,actually my changed alot for the better because added even some accessory in the shop tings like memory cards,earphones,flashdisks and game pads,and through this my life is well because i even moved to a bigger shop.

Protective equipment for health workers

This is my shop

Mobile money merchant

Zidisha is Changing lives , all thanks to its lenders , they have help to change my live and changing more lives

Oyster mushroom farming

Thank you all so much for your patience. I promise to pay off shortly as I have promised. God richly bless you all.

Selling computer accessories

My sincere thanks to my lenders, I know with this loan It will boost my business as well as my network in the business industry
Thanks and God bless you all

Installing tanks and pump for water provision

This is the installation

Installing tanks and pump for water provision

Thanks to my Zidisha lenders, i have managed to install water tanks at my premise. this has enable me to have adequate water supply which has increased customer satisfaction thus leading to more customer returns and references at this difficult economic times.

Selling clothing and face masks

Thanks Victoria, i will give a demonstration on how to wear the mask and how to properly dispose them after use.
Thanks for the support

Muthama's cybercafe

I highly appreciate my lenders in the midst of the pandemic,Iam still seeing the hand of God.The money you gave out helped me to buy two computers to my cybercafe coming nearly soon in my shop extension and I also brought a generator for pumping up electricity when kenya power and lightning company goes off.I will unceasingly continue informing you of my progress my lenders,thank you greatly for your help and may God bless you unsparingly...

Selling clothing and face masks

Thanks for funding my loan i will use this amount to get trousers and masks to sell at my stall and online.
Thanks once again and stay safe.

Mobile phone sales

I am very much grateful for the loan I received from my lenders, the loan has really helped me much, God bless all

Purchase of a sewing machine

I would like to take this time to say my sincere gratitude for having given me this loan. Most thanks to my lenders . I will ensure i update you as soon has i purchase the sewing machine. I will send you photos of the machine once i buy and the progress in my sewing business. Thankyou so much once more you have really helped me.

Producing bricks for classroom construction

hello team
see the below photos of of available stock awaiting for collections

Exercise books production

Good luck :)


Making soaps and detergents

Dear Nancy, I hope you're okay. The most important thing is to be careful and stay healthy!

Computer training center

Thanks to lenders. I have recieved my loan Ksh 24785. I am glad to inject this amount into the running of the business despite coronavirus pandemic. Looking forward to starrt my repayment soon.

Protective equipment for health workers

I want to take this opportunity to thank the lenders for continuing to support my business through approving my loan requests.....thank you very much

Distributing grain and vegetables in the city

I am so glad and happy for the support from all my credible lenders to my business project.
I commit to buy the cereals and vegetables after getting orders from vendors in our market and for my own kiosk.
This will hopefully keep me afloat and in business during these trying time of partial lockdown due to COVID-19.
My heartfelt gratitude to each and every lender that responded so urgently to my request. I promise to work hard and be careful in my business transaction.
God bless you in a mighty way and enlarge your pockets.

Establish a hand washing center

Big thanks to all zidisha lenders for helping our businesses to glow and I don't have anything to say than may the Lord Almighty God bless them all.

Motorcycle to deliver fresh produce to customers

Hellow lenders I would like to thank you for the loan that gave me it has made a great change in my business and in my life God bless you all .

Computers for my cybercafe

Dear zidisha lenders,

Thanks for the loan facility, you have enabled growth in my business, as Iam able to stock stationery in bulk in my shop for resale, due to the revenue increase I have been able to also do renovations at my cyber shop .
Iam truly greatfull

Mobile phone payment service agent

I need to purchase a brand new Point Of Sales (POS) Machine for my Mobile Money Agency. If approved, this new POS Machine will improve service delivery and efficiency. Thanks as always for the great support

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

God has really been good to us,thanks to his holy name. i thank God for protecting you all.

Selling of second hand clothes

Hello lenders thank you for your support in this pandemic. We appreciate your effort

Selling clothing and face masks

Am so grateful for the support you gave me, the loan helped me get fresh new clothes for stall. Thanks and God bless you.

Stock up onions, tomatoes and green pepper for home delivery

I have received 5,408 KES, I will use this loan to get tomatoes to sell to my customers.

Clothing and wig making

Thank you so much
I received the sum of 52,971 and I bought materials and made some nose/face masks to sell to customers during this pandemic crisis.
Thanks alot for this opportunity,I appreciate.

Producing soap and hand sanitizer

I am by this alerting my lenders that I have received the loan I applied for in full. Thanks to my lenders and Zidisha team for granting me a loan in time such as this. I will work hard to repay the loan to keep Zidisha alive.Thanks once again.

Computer training center

Thank you so much lenders! Be blessed with more.

Second hand clothing shop

I take this opportunity to thank all the lenders for accepting to lend me. Your funds enabled me to pay tuition fees for my last semester whereby am now awaiting graduation and also boost my second hand cloths shop. The year however has started on a low note due to the current pandemic but through prayers we are hoping that things are going to improve. Again many thanks to all the lenders.

Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

Thanks so much to you my lenders, it's because of you that my cyber business is progressing on well.

Water tank for my home

thank lenders for the previous loan you advance to me despite the emergence of covid-19 pandemic it really assisted me alot