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Mpesa float and mobile phone accessories

Greetings to all great Zidisha fraternity am here to thank all lenders who have stood with me and supported me through out the years, am happy God has blessed me with a cute daughter Ivy Success my second born child.
I have been through some rough times but currently things are turning around for better days ahead. I plan to increase my instalments soon as business is now almost back to normal. I thank my lenders for being patient with me and may God bless you all abundantly. Below is my beautiful daughter and my sweet family

Loan to buy more computers for my cyber cafe business

Thanks to all lenders and mentors, not forgotten my Home Member, i mean Zidisha Team for the everlasting work and opportunity created,
God bless us all and the Zidisha Team

Loan to buy calling cards for distribution

I will be buying Calling cards for supply to my customers.
This will help me maintain puanctual to my customers and to also empower those who are infant in the calling cards business.
Thank you for your support my Generous lenders.
This is the only place a business person can benefit than from other financial institution where you need a lot guarantees,

Mo cyber

Thanks for this engaging platform. Indeed its a slow but steady progress. you will agree with me that when one is able to invest in communication (either incoming or outgoing), the effect is phenomenon.

clearly the business has expanded. from a single computer, to now a scanner (though still paying off since it was on credit)..but it makes ends meet.

Increase supplies

I just added some new pairs of charging cables and earphones which are really fast selling in this business ,the loan was really helpful

Loan to invest in clothing

Thank you very much all lenders especially to Margaret

Business loan

I will buy more jackets bales for this rainy season.This loan will help me so much as I don't have to go looking for funds as my zidisha lenders are always ready to assist me.Thanks so much my lenders and may God bless you.

Business loan

Zidisha has become my close friends for I don't have any problems in looking for funds to boost my business. It has my business grow sincerely. May God bless you my lenders.

More studio furniture

Hello. Thank you for the loan. This will help me get the needed furniture

Loan to buy calling cards for distribution

Once again I thank you very much my generous lenders for you kind support, my business is now turning good and advancing because i don't sit at a place selling only i now go round to distribute calling cards to other retailers after 12pm i will now come to my main working place to also support the lady i employ to be selling on my behalf when i am on the field. My current loan still need 100% to be funded and I may like to expedite it if possible. Thank you for your support

Tents and chairs fund.

Good luck with the tents & chairs business Elizabeth :-)

Just wanted to maybe suggest buying a sleeping bag, or sleeping mats, if these are being hired out for leisurely camping :-) Not everyone needs those, but they tend to be popular to take when camping, so thought I'd just offer the suggestion to at least have maybe one or two on hand, if they are still affordable :-)

All the best with your new venture!
Sending well wishes from Australia :-) Emma.

Tuition for university degree

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate your sincere help.ur loan helped me a lot in my academics.i did well this semester.i plead you help me always.

I need a loan for office expansion

Thank you very much my lenders. I am grateful for your financial support. By the grace of God and your help, my business is growing.

Purchase of core i5 machine

Hallo everyone, I'm soo delighted to have finally touched the finishing line. Things have not been easy but i was determined to complete this loan. Last year my family & i had soo many health challenges, i wasn't coming to work some of the times but by the grace of God i got better. I have been balancing clearing funds that i got friends to enable me clear bills at the hospital and other areas.
I'm soo happy because i have cleared with everyone. I'm even more happier because i have also cleared with my lenders. The business is getting better now that i have come back fully. As we are speaking i have a considerable number of students reporting from as early as 7.00am which has really helped me catch up.
I must also say that after a season of shake up my family and i have stabilized.
Thank you all my lenders and Zidisha community. To you my volunteer mentor also (Mr. Gideon) thank you for your encouragement. Please find it in your heart to continue helping us because though our help to others does not have such a big impact, from the help you are giving us will be better to help more.

Tents and chairs fund.

To my lenders, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the lenders and the entire Zidisha family at large.
God bless you towards the good job hence am now dweling in 2 different business.
Long live ZIDISHA.

Expand my brick making project

With the Zidisha loan, our parents now have a house made of bricks. Previously, they were residing in a mud house. The third loan helped so much. Thanks, lenders. That's my father walking majestically into the new house.

Expand my brick making project

Thanks Lenders for continously believing in my entrepreneurship ability. Step by step, i have been through challenges but i am glad it's now time to progress. I visited Mombasa and participated in a beach cleanup exercise. It's amazing when i see people concerned about the environment.

I need a loan for office expansion

Nice hearing from you Kitty, by the grace of God, it is working well.

Educational loan

i partner with a friend in Kumasi Adum in the sales of laptops and computer accessories. this loan is helping me a lot because am widening my financial base to be able to cater for my academic expenses and also grow the business. i have been able to raise my weekly earning form 250 Ghana cedes to 500 Ghana cedes. i used part of my earnings back in the business, part for settling my loan with you people and part for my academic expenses and personal upkeep. i spent most of my holidays doing work to earn living because i lost both of my parents at an early stage. i also find some time to exercise myself in football and sometimes volleyball. my mother was a food vendor when she was alive and my father was a farmer and a revenue collector before death took them away from me. this is my story so far.

Loan for electronic cash and mobile phones for my business

I am very grateful for your kind support, for making it flexible to pay off my loan and i am happy with you because my business is going on well. Thank you very much.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Thank you Katie for your attention, I hope you are always in good health

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Terimakasih Katie untuk perhatiannya, semoga Anda selalu dalam keadaan sehat yaa

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Happy fasting, Endang!


Thank you so much Mr. Paul Buchheit and Mr. Craig for supporting my project. I am so grateful, once I get the cash I will go and purchase Ream papers and detergents for supplies to a school that is so eagerly waiting. May God bless you abundantly and do have a blessed day.

Poultry farming

Thank you so much for the loan. I will be able to buy electrical accessories for my work. It will help in time reduction and profit. Thanks.

Selling prepaid phone cards to put myself through college

I really appreciate the opportunity that zidisha and the entire community..had given me to be able to carry out my business to a higher level,i can't even talk then to say thanks to the entire community as a whole.....

Stock for my boutique and barbershop

Thank you so much dear lenders this money i will use it to stock my boutique with it by buying more beauty products was hoping to open another branch with it but will do it with the next loan...Thank you so much God bless you so much dear lenders.


Business expansion

Best of luck, God bless!

Loan to boy fully automated chemistry analyzer

Hi lenders,
This is Enock Gyau of duayaw nkwanta I just want to inform my lenders that my business is still moving higher and higher and am making a lot of profit and also helping people in and around my community
Thank you very much my lenders.

Credit transfer, credit cards for mobile network.

Am very excited to be part of this family. I have been making progress on my recharge card business of which my income have increased over the week. This is due to the high demand of the airtime at campus. Thanks to you all who made it happened

Avocado supply

Am humbled by your generosity my lenders.Thankyou so much for funding my loan.This amount of money will help me to supply my exporters with an additional of 5000 pieces of avocados per week.This supply in estimate will give me a profit of above 3kshs per piece of avocado supplied per week.Eagerly waiting disbursement Thank you so much.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

I have received 815 GHC. The money was used to stock my shop of all kinds of phone accessories. Thanks you for entrusting me with you money

To buy phones for re-sale.

Thank you so much for your kind guestures. I owe you all everything. God bless you all.

To pay college fee for my daughter

I want to thank Zidisha team for making my business grow am now doing my business without landlord disturbing because the loan helped me pay rent for three months. Thanks again Zidisha team

Motorcycle/scooter for delivery

Hello Everyone

I can't say much how my last loan helped me.
I needed the cash to help me clear my imported
Goods from the ports.
Fortunately, I got the loan on time and I was
Able to clear my goods as a exactly as it was needed.
I once again say a big thank you to all lenders and zidisha team.

Now I want to buy a small scooter which will
help me in delivering goods to customers.
The cost of the scooter is GHS3000. 00($583),
I have been able to raise half of the amount, now
I need the support from my noble lenders.
Delivery has become great impotence, because most
of my goods are bought on social media platforms
which I need to deliver to the customer.
Below are the images of the second scooter that I want
to purchase for my business, so help me.
Thank you.

Capsicum planting

Thank you all for lending me the money, Will be commencing terracing tomorrow morning.

Green grams, rose coco and wairimu beans stock

to all my lenders am so grateful for the the loans, my business is doing much better with enough stock, my prayer is to grow it and be able to open another one, thanks to zidisha for making this possible.

Working capital shore up

This is to express our sincere appreciation to Mr Paul Buchheit for lending us his funds. This loan will go a long way in boosting our capacity to serve more customers, as well as negotiate for discount from our suppliers. Thereby increasing our profitability

To boost my milk shop and garbage collection service

Hi, my lenders since I started this business of garbage collection things has been good. Hiring truck the loan has help me so much and i can say yes that managed. So far i have reached to about 92 landlords, their accepted
my services to collect garbage and I'm collecting every Monday. In future I'm looking forward to buy my own tuck which am suppose to raise $80.000 to own mine.

Photo studio project

a happy weekend to all my lenders and that of my esteemed mentees.
Business is going on smoothly all thanks to you guys!
God bless!
presently doing photo coverage at an event.

Capsicum planting

Thank you Achim for the encouragement. Looking forward to a success of this venture.


Capsicum planting

Wish you a lot of success

Farm inventory

hi team zidisha this is part of my farming products and as the rains still continues, I'm expecting a bumper harvest at the end of the month

Renovation of my beauty shop

The business is steadily growing. Thank you lenders and Zidisha community.

Invest into kebab business

I wil1l once again used this platform to thank you. This loan has help me alot. My business has now become past of best kebab in my area.

Inventory for satellites decoders and accessories.

Dear Lenders, I bring you all warmest greetings from Ghana , Wenchi to be precise. I just want to thank you all for your continous support for my business.I am glad to inform you that sales are getting better once again. May repayment amount is likely to improve positively.

Business expansion

A thousand gun salute to all Zidisha lenders. The loan facility has helped me to expand my shop and now my customer satisfaction is sky high. I'm yet to still expand by as at now my business is taking a great shape. I would recommend Zidisha Loan anytime to anyone. Congrats to all lenders

Loan to stock my cell phone shop

Hello my generous lenders, i am very grateful and i hope to always be with you for your kind support that has taken my business to this level, i was not having any way of getting new products at my phone shop but with your support i am able to add phone accessories to my cell phone shop that has guaranteed me to win the market in phones and phones accessories. Thank you very much for your kindness. Hope to explore more businesses with your support

New shop

These loan will help me add more stock and also it will help me expand my business by opening another shop which is a work in progress. Let me attach a picture of the items that will be in the shop.
Also hire a customer care assistance.

Loan to add up supplies

I try not to lend to people producing clothes (unless they're traditional), but I would love to see your fruit business flourish :-) So wishing you the very best with that Rhoda :-) I hope having the permanent shop helps a lot :-)

Warm regards, Emma from Australia.

Add equipments and foodstuffs

The last loan helped me so much. I was able to add inventory and helped me customer satisfaction. I sincerely appreciate your support. And hoping that you help me continue growing my business.