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Health care treatment

God bless you madam Julia and all the zidisha team

Purchase variety of the latest clothing for resale

Hello Mimin,
hope you are doing well.

Kente cloth weaving

Please İ have received 456 cedis this morning. I will invest it into my business. Thank you so much for supporting my project

Stocking retail shop with foodstuffs

Thanks everyone for supporting my business.

Shop selling phones (and watches)

You are doing a good job zidisha

Loan to buy boxes of tomatoes

Thank you Mr John , Fambig and Mark , I really appreciate your help may you live longer to help needy

Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

Loan repayment fully completed today. I Can’t thank you lenders enough for your support, kindness, generosity, your love and for your patience as well. God richly bless you all now and also for the years ahead.

Buy material to sew dresses

Best wishes

Sales of food provisions

I am so very much happy for funding my project, may God bless and reward you all so much

Pump to irrigate my farm

Thanks to everyone that funded the loan, God richly bless you all. I am going to buy a water pump machine to help irrigate my farm to increase the harvest for the season.

Selling biscuits and drinks (to be able to renovate my room)

I hope so, too, Angela. You and others remain in my prayers.

I encourage others to read on her Discussion page what has happened, and to help with prayer and also in whatever other ways you may be able to help.

Buying empty bags of 90 kg & transport maize to market

I wish you success and good fortune. Best regards, Scott

Inventory for my cybercafé and bookshop

Greetings and best wishes from Australia!

For a laptop computer to do research at home

My dear lenders please I am in a hardship for now but I promise to pay it off. Thank you very much for your love! I love you too.

Selling biscuits and drinks (to be able to renovate my room)

Things are not going as planned, this is making me have less to repay. But hoping things get better so I pay continuously.
Thanks zidisha

Business loan for my provisions shop (food and other supplies)

I am so grateful to you my lenders for fully funding my loan. This will help me take more stock and also renovate my shop for more storage.
Thank you for making my project possible.

Shoemaking business

Thank you and God bless us all

I thank the Zidisha team for walking with me during a very trying moment after investing my past loan in a non profit making project.
At last I am through.
Now focusing on my next project - of cause, a profit making project like previous years.

Again, THANKS.

Money to purchase scrap materials for recycling

Thank you zidisha for your support.
This loan has help me to improve my business by using the loan to pay for my worker salary


Loan to order 12 boxes of tomatoes

Best of luck with the tomatoes ! God bless !

Investing in hardware business

Loan has been successfully received. Thanks

Purchase of inventory for my provisions shop

I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for how far you have brought me and i really appreciate it.I purchased inventories like soap,biscuits,provisions etc for my shop with the funds you gave me.The purchase has made a significant difference in my shop since i was able to improve things in my shop.With the new investment,I have made a significant improvement in my shop.My investment has increased by 10%. With my 10% earnings,I have reinvested 5% back into my business since i want it to be a going concern business and the remaining 5% is used as a buffer. Also with the way the business is moving as a going concern,i have been able to admit another staff to assist with my business. I am very happy and delighted you have been able to assist me in all my endeavors and really appreciate it. Thank You.

To repair commuter van gear box & boost my income

And you be blessed to Michael. Glad I could help in some way. Happy driving.

Buy material to sew dresses

Please the last money I took help me to buy materials to sew for my customers. It helped me a lot thanks so much to my lenders

Buying a commercial 3-in-1 printer

Thanks for understanding during this difficult time. God bless you. I promise to clear my long overdue loan once my business picks up.

Purchasing of goods

Thanks to all lenders who helped me with my previous loan. I’ve been able to buy more products and customers are now served better with your help

Business loan for my provisions shop (food and other supplies)

Hi Sarah, I hope you get the money you need for your shop, all the best.
Cheers Jan from Canada

Supplying gypsum for construction

With this facility I paid my gypsum supplier. A ton of gypsum is going at KES 1,100 and transported at KES 1,300 thus a total of KES 2,400. A 30 ton truck of gypsum costs KES 72,000.

Each ton made KES 400 at the factory thus making a total of KES 15,000 and I earned this amount two times within the facility period.

I have been able to pay fees for my children and ploughed some part of the into the business.

Sales of food provisions

Am so happy for this,may God bless you

Money to boost my electrical supply business

Thank you zidisha for your support this money will be added to my money

Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Good morning sir. Am Glad to say thank you. God bless you.

Inventory purchases

Dear friends and financiers, thank you for your continued support and encouragement by the way you have supported my worthy cause. God bless you as this will go a long way in achieving my goals and objectives. I am very grateful


To increase my farm

I hope this little bit start you on your way I know you’ll get fully funded. Work with the land, mother earth is always going to be there for you. With blessings, Romuald


Inventory for my cybercafé and bookshop

I wish you the best! Think about selling coffee or some kind of drink. I have loved coffeeshop/bookshop combos!


Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Hello Alfred. Good luck on your next round of projects! Glad to see you are fully funded again!

Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Good evening great lenders and great Zidisha support team,l am please to inform you that, disbursement has been pay into my account today 19:07.And l am using it to supply more materials to my clients.l thank all for the beauty of your great work.God bless you all. God willing, things would go well for me to settle my loan installments in order.Once again,l appreciate your effort of kind of support.

Charmarfo Bakery

Thanks so much my supporters
I bought these items for my bakery

Microscope for health clinic lab

Thanks to my lenders, the laboratory department was able to acquire a centrifuge machine.

Making investments in crop farming

Thank you all for the support

Supply of building materials

hello team am very much grateful for the loan,
through this loan I managed to purchase raw materials for the normal production of construction essential products.
This has enabled me precast a number of block, roads cups and range slabs etc .this has increased my daily earnings /profit a lot. by having a good stock of products for the client passing by seeing what we have displayed ready for collection.

Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Dear great lenders and support team of Zidisha, Pls your funds will inject into my new secure contract for more material supply targeted. Which will bring in good earns to enable quick repayment of loan installment.Please lenders,may the God mighty continue strengthen you and your entire family.To the founder and ZIDISHA Support team, God bless you all.l am grateful.And promise to work hard to settle my loan in time. Thank you All.

To repair commuter van gear box & boost my income

Thanks you so much for your support for I will be able to fix my van and boost my business. Be blessed.

Buying empty bags of 90 kg & transport maize to market

The the just ended loan was a good success on mu business. The loan helped me in transporting the maize commodity to millers. I also bought empty sacks for loading the commodity. Therefore I managed to sale the maize through which I have bought already farming inputs for the next farming season. The profits made was to buy my family some cloth, uniforms and pay schools fees for them and improved the living standard of the family. Thank you very much and may God bless you so much for favourable support for me.

Clothing business

Dear Linet,
I am glad you were able to repay your loan - I'm sure it wasn't easy with all that is going on in the world. Good luck with your new loan!


I.T. service and training center

Hi Joseph,
We do IT in Annapolis MD USA. Our company is Will Get IT Done. We welcome you to reach out in case we can help you in some other tech industry specific related way.
Beat wishes!

Clothing business

Hi Lenders,
I am excited to borrow anther loan and hopping that you will lend me.
The previous loan really made a difference in my life and my business as a whole.
I was able to continue my business despite the pandemic as i had ready capital and also was able to pay children school fees and put food on the table at the end of the day.
I am happy to be associated with Zidisha more so my lenders.

Processing of corn into flour to sell

Hello Osman, glad to see that the last loan worked out great for you. I meant to contribute to that too but missed it so as soon as I saw notification about your new loan application today, am contributing to it!
Hope you manage to expand your corn mill business further. Wish you all the best.

Money to pay school expense and to buy P.P.E.

398 GHS is the total amount I received thank you Zidisha

To continue building my provisions shop

Dear my trusted lenders this week marketing is perfect and I went to inform you that I made a payment tonight and I will make the rest of my schedule amount with in this week because I have a hope elsewhere if they give it to me I will used it to clear my schedule amount if permit by God and yesterday I went to my shop place I take a picture of my shop footings.


Planting trees and flowers

Great project - good luck ! God bless !