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Pascal Molley     May 14, 2018

Happy Dog Pet Shop is doing well. I got my first ever branded T-Shirt and looks really good

Inventory for pet shop operation
Accra, Ghana

George Offei     May 14, 2018

Work In Progress (WIP). The future is becoming brighter through the support of my adorable lenders. Thumbs up to Zidisha for restoring hope to the hopeless.

Bags of cement for housing project
Agona Swedru, Ghana

Ankamah Alex     May 14, 2018

I am very grateful for the loan that I just completed. It really helped me much since with the loan I was able to pay for my tuition and also for buying some of my course books which are very important.

Tuition for university diploma in education
Berekum, Ghana

John Kwarteng     May 14, 2018

I'm very delighted and much grateful for the Gh18cedis loan I requested,I used the money to buy a weedicide which I used to clear and get rid of all unwanted plants and weeds.I have started cultivating the cassava stem cuttings on my new acquired casava farm Land. Zidisha made all this vision come to pass.may God bless this family

Weedicide for spraying
Toase-nkawie, Ghana

Irene Wangui     May 14, 2018

Hello,that's my grandson and I at the biggest dump site in Nairobi Kenya. We collected glass bottles, crushed them,and packed them in sacks. The brokers (intermediaries) who have cars will buy them from us and take them to the company. If I got my own car I would take them direct to the company. It is profitable that way. I would also afford to hire more people to help in crushing process.
Meanwhile its my daughter, her son and I WHO handled the job and we did not do much.

Buying a good Thermos
Dandora, Kenya

Catherine Muiga     May 14, 2018

The loan I received I was able to do repairs to my Tuk Tuk which has really assisted me especially during the rainy season. I was also able to clear my kids school fees and improve on my clothing business

Lease and renovate a stall for my clothing business
Nairobi, Kenya

Fitri Fauziyah     May 13, 2018

Hello all of my lenders, I hope you all are fine and happy wherever you are. Let's spread happiness to the world. ;-)

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Hello all of my lenders, I hope you all are fine and happy wherever you are. Let's spread happiness to the world. ;-)

Laptop computer for work; and a vision check-up
Kota Surabaya, Indonesia

James Okumu     May 13, 2018

It was used to buy (1)5 bags of bamburi cement at a cost of KES 3500/=,(2)some packets of water proof cement (penetron) at a cost of KES 1000/=,(3)a packet of red oxide at a cost of 300/=,(4)repairing of worn out tools at a cost of KES 600/=,(5)masonry harmer at a cost of KES 300/=.This purchase aided in increasing good source of income by 50%.Family lives, food, atire for the children, payment of school fee and payment of various expenses and other things required.Family living standard improved and reduced financial stress to fulfill house hold chores.Thanks so much for the monetary support to my family.

Purchase of masonry materials
Seme Kadinga, Kenya

Antwi Cecilia     May 13, 2018

Purchase of shoes and slippers. The difference is I can purchase more goods then before. The earning is increasing to high level which will lead to purchase more goods in future. Now I am able to open up my own business. Christmas holiday is the most important thing to people around me.

Shoes, sandals & slippers
Effiduase, Ghana

Patrick Wainaina     May 13, 2018

hello and good evening my lenders?do hope you are doing great together with your family back there,here am good along with my family too.it's with gratitude to say am glad for your support you have shown/given to me so i can achieve my dreams and of children as i use what you lend to educate them through the profit i get,with that i say thank you very much for you having enabled me to open another shop with what i have been having as profit as i also save the little remaining.as for now am look forward for a tender of supplying school with all vegetable necessary and in need as i have already applied .with that little am going to say may you be blessed with all what you do and together with your family too.before i forget is that i have already made my payment of the loan i had.

Grocery shop
Embakasi, Kenya