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Mpesa mobile phone payment service

Thank you for funding my loan. I highly appreciate.

Buying needed materials for my art work and barbering shop

Finally ... am making full payment today

Chips production

Still building up my credibility I believe but consistently my wife and myself is doing pretty well

Making skincare products from natural oils

thanks Christelle for the loan,it will go a long way to improve my business when I restock essential oils and purchase better packaging containers

Arts and crafts

Thank you my friends. I will buy the equipment I need. We will communicate later.

Selling fabrics for making clothing

I'm buying fabrics in larger quantity that I've been buying this will enable me meet with the festive period rush coming, I also once again like to thank and appreciate my lenders for trusting and believing in my business dream, God bless you all, let's keep growing together.

Purchase more cereals for my cereals/ grocery store

My last loan was of tremendous help to me and my family at large. I needed to increase the space I had for accommodating more staff at the office where I practiced freelance research from. I bought a larger table and chairs, a water dispenser and few other smaller amenities that my staff needed. This in turn helped me increase my earnings because each new staff member brought an average of $3 per day in returns, helping sustain the business through some of the roughest tides since I opened. Even as I move on for reasons I've explained in my intro above, I am always thankful that you took your time and trusted me to invest and repay your funds through this platform. I'll similarly oblige myself to always work hard on your offer to make the most of it in returns. Of principal importance to me, and what I pride myself in the most (ALL THANKS TO THE LOAN YOU GAVE ME!) is that I have been able to smoothly sustain my family through some of the worst financial difficulties this side of the world has experienced. I am always grateful to you. Every cent you invest in my business will go into good use. I wish to go back to the university when I am earning more, and certainly the next loan is a step in that direction. The extra investment I'm making in the store will help me add more cereals (they're the more expensive of the stock I need) and I've only managed to stock them in low quantities.


Business branding.

Happy to support and good luck

Business expansion.

Hey zidisha lenders,
I am grateful to you all for your continuous empowerment to my business. To you all,I salute you all.

Freezer and tables for my restaurant

First is say congratulations to my lender for having a trust in me and having that good spirit to lend me money to boost my business, I received that some of money which was sent to me and I bought chairs and table as I had promised although the sum could not be enough but I uterlize it to the maximum, I bought six tables with four chairs each. And of course my customers were and are still happy to get somewhere they can sit and enjoy their meals

Arts and crafts

The season was encouraging to those that I trained last season. The journey of a thousand miles begin with a small step.

Purchase more cereals for my cereals/ grocery store

Hello my lenders,

I have words beyond description for the wonderful blessing you've been in my business. I promised that I'd revise my repayment amounts upwards and I'm happy to note that this is the time. I've now diversified to the groceries, and I'm doing well there. I want to grow that business too and I'll be contacting you again when I need your help there - surely your generosity is a service!

Always grateful,

Stock of new smartphones

Thanks lender Carrie for funding my loan for business growth. I look forward in advancing my investment growth.
Be blessed always.

Loan for health issues

Greetings, Thank you for the loan. The money loaned me was used to meet my need. I am deeply grateful.

Buy a blowdry machine to benchmark with barber business

First and foremost is to thank you Miguel vela,kathleen Coleman,colin pardue,marten,nikko,tom effect,joost,Roel vogels and Zidisha organisation for the funds granted to me.The funds will buy beauty saloon items and blowdry machine to complete my orders for customers.Thanks since my beauty business on hair will be in one collective package of washing...blowdry...and plaiting hair dressing .The collection will about brown $120 to $130.this will make an increase of my work delivery and make refunds promptly.Be blessed.
Best regards
From ann

Automobile repair workshop

I used the loan to increase the he stock of spare parts. This has led to increase in turnaround and turnover which ultimately lead to more profit and customer satisfaction

Stock of new smartphones

I am much grateful for the kind support I have got from team zidisha. May God richly blesses you abundantly.

Car seat for my taxi

I will like to thank all members of zidisha especially your lenders for given us such an opportunity that allows your business to flourishes and grow.God richly bless you all for your GOOD WORK
Thanks best regards

New accessories & equipment for my photography business

I want to take this opportunity once again to thank all my lenders for the continuous support .
It keeps getting better.God bless you

Fruit drink supply

Thanks to all for the support given to me. Business is improving by the day

Livestock production

I take this opportunity to pass my sincere gratitude to my able and beloved lenders who enabled me make a difference in my business project.,for now the services in my restaurant are improving every day just because of the little am offered with,I believe if given more I will do my best and also to give back to develop Zidisha. Thanks alot ,Be blessed.

Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

Thanks so very much Margaret! Your continued support makes this possible. This means alot to me and the team at Kukula Solar! This means our solution and model works for the benefit society!



Gypsum supply business

Congrats on your success!

Gypsum supply business

I used the previous facility to purchase gypsum which I am supplying to Erdemann Property Ltd a company that adds value to produce finished products such as Cornices, Gypsum Boards for ceilings, wall fillers among other products.

This amount helped pay halfway the cost of a 40 ton truck which gives me a roughly profit of KES 20,000

I have a continuous order and more support will be appreciated


Buy beautiful materials for making hand-embroidered tablecloths

We are happy to hear you are feeling better and are getting back to work. Your embroidery is so beautiful! Thank you for keeping us posted regarding your business, we all understand that things happen sometimes we can't control. Best of luck to you in your embroidery business!

Computer service center

I ll use my loan to purchase iPhone which ll assist me in doing my research thank you lender's for funding my loan

Selling prepaid mobile phone cards

I hereby express my sincere gratitude to my lenders the trust they gives me to lend me that huge. When we talks about changes in life, I have seen so many changes in my life such as
1. increases the products of credit.
2. it also increase my income. I will use the to buy transfer units, credit scrach cards in all networks such as MTN, Vodafone, airtel-tigo etc. I also use it to sell Sim cards such as MTN, Vodafone, airtel-tigo.

Loan for mini importation business

Thanks to all lenders for being with me.
Am very grateful to you all for the patience and support.

To perches xango mangosteen juice.

Good luck!

Printing service

Dear Margaret

Thank you for your financial assistance
I am to proceed straight to make available the digital printing Manuel needed for my client

Once I deliver the job I will notify you and a copy might as well sent to you

Thank you earnestly

Purchase of a fridge and stationery material

First I thank all my lenders for the support you have always offered to me it's through zidisha I have been able to support my siblings in school. The remaining amount am finishing pay it in the due course.

Training and consultancy service

My goal has always been to drive my business towards owning a training outfit and right now with the current loan I feel that goal within reach. This is what the previous financial assistance, as well as the earlier ones I have received have made me to achieve.


Printing service

Good luck with your new loan. I hope you are able to sell your new printed products quickly for a good profit. It is nice to hear of your success, thank you for keeping us all posted.

To buy phones and accessories for re-sale.

How are you all doing lenders? I hope you are all doing well as well. Just to wish you a good Sunday.

Additional stock for my retail shop

Im going on well and my profit is increasing thanks zidisha

Stock goods

I received the amount of #5,152 in my account on 1 November 2019.
I was able to use the loan to buy some materials for my shop.
I would like to say a very big thank you to my lenders.

Men's shoes & footwear

They're really nice shoes Mpande!! Good luck hope it all goes well!

Selling prepaid mobile phone cards

I really thank my leaders for funding my loan. The previous loan was used to enlarged my business booth. Now, there is more space for customers to stand or sit when waiting for transaction to be made. Thank you

Computer service center

Good luck, Tonui. I wish you blessings and prosperity!

Laptop for my online freelancing business

Thank you so much, Mr. Dave Bogard for your kind heart and support. This loan will make a part payment of the laptop.
Will diligently put the loan into good use so I can repay fast enough. Thank you.

Buying a computer

I take this opportunity to thank all my lender for believing in me and helping me in the growth of my cyber business may God bless you all.


Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

Congradulations on winning the SEED Africa Award! You make all of us who are a participate in Zidisha proud of your continued Success!

Stock of shoes for my store

The new month has started in good business mood.

Laptop for my online freelancing business

Dear Lenders,

Thanks so much for supporting me and my career through your lending. The the last loan I raised could not pay for the laptop in full. Thus, I arranged with the seller to put that down while I raise the rest of the money. In the meantime, I was able to repay the loan through some savings I had made from my freelance business.

Hoping that with your kind hearts of support as before, you can help me raise the remaining funds. Thank you.

To buy computer set for my new shop

I used the loan of #92,079 to buy printers. Thanks for your support.

Improved seeds for my agribusiness

I'm grateful for your kind and generous support towards my farming expansion.
Through the zidisha loans I will reach my destiny in ensuring that I provide farm fresh produce to consumers all over the region.
Thank you so much.

To purchase a piece of land.

while relaxing at job waiting for customers i like reading; magazine technology, business and lifestyle articles.

Real estate

Good day ladies and gentlemen, I just wanted to say thank you to you all. You have truly helped me achieve my goals and more, the community and tenants thank you too. With your money I was able to buy a shipping container, and materials to set it up. Including new water pumps and water trunks, install lighting and electrical wiring. The tenant opened up a barber/salon, cyber cafe, kiosk and wholesale clothing shop. They have requested that I add more container shops so they can all grow their businesses and also open new shops. In a month or two I'll be requesting another loan I hope you all will be able to help again. With the earnings from rent I'll be able to pay back the reminder for the loan in full tomorrow.

Once again let me just say thank you, I truly appreciate your help. Thank you.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

Thanks to you all who help funded this loan. Business is moving on well and with high of repaying all the loan on time. Thank you

New barbershop

Hi thank you lenders again for giving me a helping hand this will help me together with the savings to buy the new barber chairs ,sterilizer,machines and also astart up for my new barbershop.thankyou so much for the loan