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To increase stock in my retail/wholesale general store.

hello lenders....i really appreciate for the last loan which has enable me to increase sales in my store. I managed to order an electric weighing machine on jumia and it was delivered after four days of confirmation.. The scale is helping in running the business hence has made the work easier.. i really really appreciate...

Water tank to irrigate my farm

My dear lenders thank you for loan forward Ed that will enable me a water reservoir thank for my farming. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.
This will help store water and produce during the dry season.
Thank you Wendy ,Tim and Mark

Restaurant and bar

Dear Sir,
Have paid my Zidisha loan of #62,456 NGN. The Zidisha loan help me a lot and change my life totally sir.
Zidisha loan thanks very much,may God continue to bless you and your company real good in Jesus name sir.

To expand my business

With the loan I was able to buy 100 pieces exercise books and 10 packets of white board markers. And out of this I was able to sell 92 exercise books and 9 packets of markers. I thank all my benevolent lender and wish to inform you that the loan had help improved my business

Loan to supply safety wear, eastern corridor road workers

Thank you very much lenders, with the supply of safety to wear to the Eastern Corridor road construction workers, I have received 70% of to money and I used 50% to buy 10 fire extinguishers to those who are at the technical and electrical department pf the Eastern Corridor road works. this will also be returning a huge some of profit which will help me repay my loan ahead and in full!. thank you.

Loan to buy calling cards for distribution

Hello every one here, Business is going well but not in the speedy motion as we want but hopeful we are making a gradual changes in our daily sales, i will be receiving 104 as my commission for the distribution i made last week to 40 customers, which i will re-reimburse 80% to my calling cards supply to enable me generate a higher revenue to pay off my loan, thank you so much my lenders for your patience and in support of the growth of my business. I started little without any strategy to grow but with the loans support I thank God for where my business reach and I always want it to be on and expanding with your greatest support my lender, Thank you. Rashad.

Loan to supply 2000 school children uniform

Greetings to everybody here let us be happy and confident that we are the blessed family, if you find yourself on this website, Thank you very much lenders for your kind and generous support, is only that our economy in Ghana is not favoring buying and selling these days that is why repayment are not enough but I assure you and believing that there would be a change shortly, so that we can together change the P to R that is to make every proprietor continue to be a Managing Director by his/her own! to my Generous Lenders I thank you very huge with my arms opened to welcome you as you always ready to support my business growing big..


To purchase some few goods for the store i i started.

Good job, Peter!!! Best wishes!

To support my hardware business

The business is now growing little by little

Buying of fruit blenders, pawpaws,melons, apples and bananas

Thanks Mr Paul.
The loan will be helpful in growing my fruits and groceries business.
Asante Sana!

Renovating a leaking roof for my business

The last loan that you funded me enabled me to add stock in my business. Because my business near the school I was able to deliver some stationery to school hence enabled me to complete paying the loan on time. From the sale of the stationery I have been able to buy full plot which I am planning to develop it soon. Hence looking foward for your funding

To expand my business

I have received my loan,I will use the loan to pay for the spear parts of my tricycle.thank you my lenders am very grateful for your support.

Purchase of a hairdryer,soft dreadlocks,weaves and hair food

Thanks alot Mr Paul and the loan will be helpful in growing my business

Distributing local grains

Am really happy to form the zidisha family by being loyal client and credit worthy customer. I promise to be commited in my endeavour as I look forward to repay faster in order to get the next loan as scheduled.

Expand my clothesmaking business

Now l made an average profit of about Ghc 200.00 per day. I am still now selling the clothes. And l will make payments very soon.

Restocking of beauty and hair accessories

I just want to thank you so much for helping me out with the loan facility I used to buy different hair weaves and weavons/accessories. Which I sold out last time. I want to purchase more and sell now. You are amazingly amazing. Thank you for lifting my business.

Cucumber farming

Thanks again zidisha for caring. I have started paying back my loan. The loan have helped me to expand.

Am using it to pay my fees

thank u joseph, may god richly bless u

New stock

Thanks alot
You are a blessing

Fashion design

I spent the loan as proposed into my fashion business. It did yield productive returns on investment, so I had to make prompt repayment to enable me maintain the trust I have built in my lenders . Am truly grateful. Thank you.,.................................. Enuma Joy Ijeoma.

Buying of car for taxi.

i purchase 10 more A4 papers and it had made a difference by increasing my profit to 10% more.
My earning had increase to 40% and i have use the increase earnings to add more goods to my business.

To stock up my provision store

Big thanks to all my lenders, appreciate and promise to pay in full. Once again thank you.

New pub

Hi Jenny,
Thanks so much for your wishes and support once more,
Am sure there will be no more communication break down and am looking forward to work with you again,
Thanks and regards.

To buy new sewing machine

to Mark Dunphy, Jochen and all my lender, i would like to express my great appreciation towards your willingnes to fund my loan. May God bless you abundantly. as i had said i am planning to buy a sewing machine which will be of great boost to my business.

Mobile phone money transfer services (m-pesa)

I just finished my loan this week. I had borrowed 34,000 and used it to pay school fees for my children. This helped me focus on my business. I was able to open a small m-pesa shop where I give mobile money services to the community. People can send money and/or receive money through my shop. If it were not for the loan to pay school fees so that I can save other monies for the business, I could not have been able to open this shop. My focus is now on growing the shop so that it can generate income to help my family and community as well.

Thanks all who contributed to my loan, you have given me a successful story. God bless you so much.

Barbershop renovation

I got a lot of people yesterday. The shop is really improving lenders.

New pub

Thanks Ivin, I hope you feel much better now and can continue with your business. It's just important to keep in touch with others - everybody will understand circumstances like these and we wish you the best for your recovery and hope you can continue with your endeavors. My very best, Jenny

Home construction project

Thanks! We call it laterite here. It has a little amount of gravels in and devoid of clays.

Home construction project

Thanks for the support also. I am doing all I can to make all my lenders proud.

Home construction project

The red dirt/fill is a beautiful color!

Home construction project

Today on site. This is our current project. We've completed foundation blocks laying and currently doing hard-core filling.

Motorcycle spareparts shop

the last loan you granted me made me buy more books for the kids in the locality.I believe the books are helping them improve their communication skills in English.

Loan to supply 2000 school children uniform

Thank you so much my noble lenders for the greatest impact you contributed to my life through the expansion of my business, won contracts of supplies and many more. and i thank you very much for you kind support and I am always hoping for your support in the future. Thank you very much

Loan for school project

Thank you very much.
I really appreciate

Shop expansion

Thank you so much my lenders am glad , to Zidisha team u are wonderful

Water tank to irrigate my farm

Best of luck with your farming business and new irrigation system, Pamela!


Moving to a greater height in business,zidisha is a great supporter of business now am feeling better than before my business is moving great

Jitahidi refurbishment

I have received the loan. I will update us on its use when it's done.
Thank you sonmuch for coming through for me

Loan for school project

Much love my brother :)


Business expansion

Dominic, God bless, in the name of Jesus

Tuition for diploma in Fashion

My loan as I said earlier is going to be used to pay my tuition for the fashion school. The knowledge I will acquire from the school will be helpful in rebranding my business. Thank you lenders for funding my loan.

Restocking and expanding my business

Thank you for funding my loan application. Am now planning to buy fabrics and expand my business. This will help me get more clients and therefore increase my productivity.

Internet cafe

I express my sincere gratitude to my lenders once more.This loan will add onto my capital and contribute to my family well being.

Business expansion

Thanks for funding me Ankara..
I appreciate the opportunity of being the receipient of your help.

Am using it to pay my fees


Business expansion

Good morning from Ghana guys..
I am glad am able to complete my first loan with full payment today. This wouldn't have been possible without your support and i say thank you.

My business loan

Thank you for lending me the money. I will buy more beads, expand my marketing revenue and fund my daily transportation to deliver goods to customers. Thank you my lenders.

Equipping my new rent shop

Thanks very much for the great information
Am grateful seems is resolved already

Loan to buy three ice coolers to sell sachet water

When you can, Eva, please let us know how you are.

We all are concerned about you, and we miss you.

Best wishes,

Alarm kits purchase

Asante (Thank you)! I shall use the money for the intended purpose and will keep you updated on the progress.