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I am really happy for the loan provided which I used in buying feeds for my chicken. I look forward to being considered for a larger loan to help me scale-up my vegetables and seedlings farming (digging a well and installing a pump and buying a storage tank.).Once again thankyou for your kindness.
Happy holidays!

Satellite shop upgrade

Used the previous loan to pay for transportation fee to another local government area of Benue state to install some satellite dishes pictures below

Restaurant expansion

With the money I received from zidisha I bought utensils, pots, more furniture and now my business is bigger than before.

Retail store stock purchase

The last loan I received helped me to paint my two newly built stalls ready to stock one and rent the other. Without it I could not have managed because of financial constraints


I received the loan of 5,469.
i manged to make the use of the loan to buy my livestock feeds
Thank for the loan, and to be honest with you the (Credit Risk Payment) is too much which made the loan so ridiculous.

Growing photocopy business

Thank you lenders. I will stock up on photocopying papers and toners cheaply at wholesale price.
January, I will pay school fees for my 2 kids-- that's ksh.31000. I will buy text books and stationery required for the new school year. Once again, I thank you lenders once again for making all this possible. Ho ho..Merry Xmas, Happy holidays.. I match on with renewed hope into the new year

Procurement of seedlings & fertilizer

My past loan was immensely beneficial as it helped me by ICT accessories and consumables for sale. The sale of the same went into making sure we were timely in harvesting our maize. We are now preparing to plant before January 2019, so that the short rains due then can find seedlings planted for germination.

Farming and adding more stock to my packing business

To all my lenders this is wonderful, I thank you all for your contributions. It is God given. I look forward to making the best of the funds. As things stands now I am in the process of getting my farm tools ready and in high gear preparing for January for land preparation. Besides I am having to deal with school fee matters for my kids. All this will be put in place in regards to the progress of my business. Thanks again and may you all be blessed.

Loan to purchase laboratory equipment

The last loan was used to make initial payment for Hb-Electrophoresis machine, which the supplier has agreed to accept payment in installments. I have started using it and the revenue it is generating is encouraging. I have already had over 10 requests.

Solar lanterns for harvest time

Greetings to All my lenders.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Its been long since i posted and updated you on whats happening at kukula Solar.

This year i i had an opportunity to meet with 44th President of the USA Barack Obama in South Africa as one of the Obama Africa Leaders. It was one the most amazing time of my life and the 5 day event seemed like it was 1 day!lol

This meeting was made possible because when i came here to request my first loan to distribute solar lantern to the most remote communities of my country Zambia, you all came on board and supported me with the loan. Today we have seen the power that a simple solar lantern has. We have seen people who depended on kerosene for lighting switching to solar lantern and saving more money. We have seen children performance increase in rural villages. We have seen five young people earning income through distribution of these solar lantern under Kukula Solar.

Kukula Solar was founded by Zidisha loan. Today we have organisation believing in what we first believed in when we posted the first loan request here on Zidisha. The winners in this all venture all YOU my lenders. You decided to lend me so that over 2,000 women, girls and children can have access to solar lanterns.

As i write this note, i want to say THANK YOU to all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

I also want to reaffirm my lenders that i have been repaying my loans all on time. I have engaged Zidisha on why my repayment has been reduced from 100% to 98% when all my repayment are on time. I did make a repayment for 1st and 8th December. Its been three weeks since i made the repayment but till now it has not reflected. I have opened a ticket with Zidisha and no response has been made.

I believe it will be resolved and i look forward to coming to you my lenders as we continue with our goal of distributing 100,000 solar lamps to impact 1 Million lives in rural Zambia.

I Thank you all and Happy Holidays.

Francis Mbewe

Making soap from recycled cooking oil

Thank you so much Lisa for that encouragement. It is refreshing to know that someone likes what you are doing, and that is exactly what you have done to me. Sincerely I love it.
Kind regards

Maxxy Salon

Thanks to Zidisha and my sincere lenders for the patience.
I don't know what to say but I'm sincerely pleading with my lenders to give me a little time to pay off my debt.
Business hasn't been fair with me recently but I'm going to work out to settle my debt.

Order fulfilment

Hi thanks to my lenders my cupcake business is looking good. I can see a demand for the cakes growing, thanks to my lenders i've been able to supply the cupcakes for a week.This gives my income a positive growth and is suplementing the honey business well. In my next loan I hope to purchase another cupcake baking tin so that I can make more batches at once . Thankyou for improving my families income.

Loan proposal for lpg business

I am most grateful to you my dear lenders for accepting to fund my loan. I intend to use the amount to boost working capital for my business - in particular, I will be able to refill 7 more LPG cylinders at a cost of $6.90 each, thereby boosting my stock reserves for the week.

Boost my business.

I bought maize flour, baking,rice and sugar.
The purchase has been of great help enabling me to increase the stock and margin profit as well.
The increase has enabled me to repay the loan amount. I started the business with borrowed 2 crates of soda but today I have more than 10 of mine. I thank God for this achievement. I 'm close to Kiambu Mall where I take my children for several activities e.g bouncing Consul.

Finishing of charcoal stove

I wish to thank my lenders seriously for my previous loan.
I used the previous loan to add to what I had to buy more materials to see that i complete charcoal stove .

My interest in the charcoal stove is that it can cook meals without blacking or staining the pots.
It burns without smoke and it very easy to get started..

Please support me, support Africa, support empowerment, support youth development... Thanks and God bless you.


Many thanks for lending me the first loan instalment.
I would however wish to request for more. 30000kshs
This will enable the business to grow and for us to make bulk products as requested by our clients. we are currently unable to do that due to challenges in accessing funding. If you fund us, you wont regret it and you will be changing lives.
Here are some of my latest projects. I have one assistant and another on temporal basis since I cant afford to pay fully. Thanks in advance.

Airtime purchasing

Thank you so much for the loan. I have bought airtime for my phone which I have purchased weekly sms buddles. This will help keep my customers by communicating with them for making orders. This will help increase my daily sales thus making me more profits.


I have completed my application for this loan my profile is continuing to grow thanks to zidisha it will boost my baking skills and clothes business

Stocking of my shop

Hey my great lenders.Am always so grateful for you for always supporting me all along in my journey as I grow bit by bit. The previous loan was useful since it helped me a big deal in this festive season in my village. It's during this period through out the year that business is at its best since schools are closed and a lot of people are in a celebration mood.This always translates to more sell of groceries,wheat flour,and soft drinks.Ill always be grateful to you for supporting me as we grow stronger ties together in achieving more.

Njoro household care and hardwares goods

Thank you very much for your easier to pay loan, My previous loan i purchase household-wares, hardware's and for my family upkeep. The purchase has brought more customers to my stall which is quite good. I intend to generate about 5% profit. The more earnings i will use in restocking my enterprise. Our small girl graduated to her second level of training.

Entrance fee for form one

my girl got 376marks out a possible 500..i.e.75.2%score in her primary exams..she's procceeding to secondary,form 1,next girl..I love my daughters,3 of them

Electrical installation

Is really good

Buying of modem and scanning

The previous loan was of great help to me and also to my family as a way of diversity.since I and my wife are able to earn easily without too much pressure than before. My wife has now ceased to be a house wife and now is a self employed lady meaning her due without so much struggle. The amount that she earns is admirable since she can sell goat milk and sell some kids and get her erning. Lastl month of November three goats gave birth to five kids and after two months of suckling she will sell at 5000/-ksh that will amount to 25000/- that is at the beginning of new year 2019 also those animals are producing six litters of milk daily and sells at an average of 300/- per day since the milk is sold locally( not all goats have given birth and if so larger Amount of milk will not be sold locally and so an increase in cost). At least the loan have given us courage, thank u lenders.

Advance my event and function business

This is an overview of what what i do

Loan to buy feeds and equipment

Thanks so much my lenders. I was able to buy the waterer as I had requested. This made the watering of my young birds easier and reduced congestion. Even though I still need to buy more.

Loan to buy a wholesale carton of kids' sneakers to sell

I used it to purchase a pair of kid's shoes and delivered to my customer. I'm glad to have fulfilled my customer's delivery order.
Thanks to my lenders

Cyber expansion

Am grateful to you my leaders for the last loan you gave me. it helped me much in expanding my business i have been able to purchase a printer which helps a lot in my production and service to my clients. i still hope that my next loan will help a lot .thank you alot my leaders

Laptop computer for my business

Wow! I'm overwhelmed by your kindness towards funding my loan. This loan when disbursed would help me buy a laptop for designing my posters and invitation cards and it will boost my customer relation as I will be on top of my game even in this era off unannounced power outrages. May God bless all lender's abundantly and I promise to pay my loan back and never default. Thank you.

For driving

Hello sir ,am so thrilled to received mine loan I say thank you so much and I promised to do all my best to deliver the loan on time bases.I was even in my farm then I get a message to login to my zidisha account around this morning on 7:59 am and for which I did before leaving and low and behold by time I got to the farm it's in my mono wallet I happily thanks and I say again bless!!!!!

Buying a printer

Hi lenders I am very grateful for the funds you gave me. It enabled me buy stock in bulk hence I was able to access higher discount than before. This resulted in greater profits as well as my customers have been able to get services on time making them very happy. I am used this increase to pay school fees for my children and increase stock. Truly it has added value to my family business and community at large. Thanks.

Additional camera to my photo studio

Good evening my lenders, once again I take this opportunity to say thank you so much for what you have done to my life. I am really going on well with zidisha Organization funds. My previous loan was actually enough for the renovation and I am very glad to let you know that I have expanded the business, and as I write now I have two employees with me. I pay them comfortably, the Job is really generating alot of income and I have won the attention of most if not all clients around. All this and many other good things that have happened to me I owe it to the Zidisha Organization and may it live longer.

Planting for food

Thank you very much my lenders for your greatest support given to me. I do really appreciate a lot. This opportunity has help me a lot to expand my farming and second shoes business for my parents to cater for my junior brothers and sisters in school. I had the opportunity to joined my colleaque farmers to grace the National Farmers Day Celebration in my Municipality and it was so exciting and it is my dream that l won the Best National farmer one day. Thank you very much my lenders

New stationery stock for samba cyber cafe

Dear Lenders,
The just completed loans was used to buy new printing papers stock for the samba cyber cafe.
Being the end of the year, businesses and institutions are preparing books, receipt books and invoices for their next financial year and we took advantage of this and did good business.
The printing papers brought an additional profit of KES. 5,000 which was achieved as were able to deliver customers work on time.
The amount has been reinvested in the business to buy more printing papers stock.

Boda boda

good evening my dear friends I am proud that you helped me with the loan am working extra hard to make sure that I have achieved may goal thanks again I got the loan and am busy working with my business


I received my loan of KES 147O. I serviced my motorbike and replaced some worn out parts so that it is perfect for business. Being a rainy season there is alot of transport business using motorbikes. Am thankful to zidisha fir making this happen

To buy refillable ink

My previous loan of GHc388 was so helpful to me. I used the money to purchase my refillable cartridges for my Canon Color printer. This has helped me so much in offering quality printing services to the people of the Eastern Corridors of the Northern Region.
I am so grateful to all my lenders and potential lenders for the kind help they always offer me. I will assure them of my full commitment in any loans a take.

Poultry farming

photo taken recently that shows my chickens for sale!

Pay school fees for my son

with the previous loan I managed to pay for my brother child exam fees, the child is under my care and it's my wish to see her through school. Immediately I received the loan I paid for the fee in the bank and the bank slip posted for my leaders. May I thank them again for it was a quick help that came handy.

Tea farming

Thank you for loan of kes 2510 which you offered me. I have completed my tea nursery planted the seeds. I will keep the seeds properly so that I will transplant next year to increase my tea plantation by half an acre.

Masters thesis funding

I had some social challenges that have kept me in silence but thank the Almighty God who has seen me through.

My two beutiful daughters completed their O Level education this year and just awaiting the results soon

To enlarge my business for a future life

Thanks soo much zidisha team for the acceptance you are soo good to my business, you made my barbershop run smoothly.This loan I'm going to buy with it the sterilizer machine for my barbershop, to make the blades safe, so that my clients can be happy with my work, thanks soo much.

Business expansion

More of the images

Weighing machine and staple foods for my shop

I received 500KESH from Zidisha and I was able to purchased the weighing machine that has been disturbing me.
Thank u Zidisha for making life easier for business people like us.

Advance my event and function business

hello my lenders, i am glad to receive your package, it really helped me in my small events and functions business advancement which i usually run here at Nairobi kenya,i promise to keep u updated in every advancements i make from now henceforth

A loan to buy more farming tools to enhance my farm

I used the loan to buy weedicide to spray my farm
The loan had help me to improve my farming activities
My earnings has increased more than the previous year
I used my earnings to buy more weedicide
With the help of the loan I now have money to pay my children school fees
Thanks to my lenders

Poultry rearing

hi zidisha family, thanks allot for your continued support though my request for loan of late have not been successful. I have started rearing idegenous chicken which are doing well , I started with 25 hens and 3 cocks. at the moment I have 4 hens that are brooding hoping soon I will have more chicks am hoping to upgrade my chicken house to accommodate more chicks. hoping to get some loan from you my lenders to allow my business to thrive. thank you n good time

Rent for new clothing stall & additional stock

I have just completed my loan and am greatful to lenders and Zidisha for lending my past loan.
The past loan has improved my life soo much both personal life and businesswise.
Attached is a photo handing over foodstuff to a children home we had visited with some of my friends.

Laptop and printer

Dear Valued Lenders,
Thank you for reposing trust in me by lending me.
I will use the money to purchase a laptop computer and a printer for my shop. The addition of the two gadgets will help me render more services to patrons of my shop and this will increase my profit margin. My shop assistant will also have a higher pay and my family will also be better off.
Thank you all.

Purchase coca-cola products and both packed water.

The loan has helped boost my business. I purchase Coca-Cola products and packed water and sell to my customers. I am at a strategic position at the bus stop where these products are seriously needed. It has helped me support my family in providing food, health care and education.I appreciate all my lenders for the spirit showed in supporting me continue in this business you are serving many mouths. Thanks.