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Business making women's clothing

Wishing you the best of luck with your sewing business!

Buying an office desk

Taking loans from zidisha is very good for me and has helped me because it has helped me build my business and expanded my business.thank you soo much my lenders and I hope you will continue to assist and lend me to still keep expanding my business.

To buy a bike to help delivery in my clothing business

Thanks so much for helping me

Restocking and expanding online sales and delivery

Another opportunity to thank all my lenders.
God should continue to guard and protect you all.
I’ll be good!

Transporting and offloading of clothing bales

I appreciate your efforts and I thank you so much

Distributing clean drinking water

happy new year to all our beloved lenders,
Trust you all crossed the year well,i just want to wish you all a happy new year full of blessing and breakthrough

Loan for cement building-block production

My Lenders iam really greatful to you all, the last loan really helped me a lot I make much sales and moulded alot of blocks and can be able to deliver my bricks on time to my customers I appreciate you all

Buying farming inputs and materials for vegetable farming

I will make last payment of my pumping machine that I want to buy. Now I want to start digging bole hole for the irrigation

Buying clothes and groceries

Thank you all for giving me this great opportunity to grant me the loan i requested. I will use the money to buy more goods in my business, more groceries. Thank you and God bless you all.

Enhancing video, photography and print projects

I am so very humbled sir. I wish to share some of my projects but the internet network here is not as supportive.
I would also love to be mentored by you because most of my camera skills are self taught.
Have a good day

Enhancing video, photography and print projects

Hi Musenge, I am a photographer from Australia, your projects sound inspiring and I am happy to support them. I have taught photography in Australia and around Asia and hope to teach it in Zambia one day!


Brian's Farm

Thank you for paying me back on time.

Labour hire when weeding maize

Dear lenders,
I thank you for funding me and am so happy. This loan will help me buy pesticides for my vegetable farm, last year i made a loss because i didnt apply pesticides on my field. I expect better harvest and increase in profit.

To buy shoe-making materials

My locally made sandals and slippers is growing well and thank you so much

Transporting cabbages and tomatoes to market

With the Zidisha loan, I to hire transport to help me market the Cabbages, therefore sale and make profits.Thank you so much my lenders am very grateful.

Buying farming inputs and materials for vegetable farming

I want to say a big thank you to team zidisha and the wonderful lenders for your support. I appreciate your efforts and thank you so much

Making traditional Ghanaian smocks

God richly bless you zidisha and the lenders. I have received a loan amount of 2003ghs and will be use to buy materials for smock sewing and sewing machine. Thank you

Manure and other fertilizers

I am glad to say that I recieved the loan that was sent to me. Thank you soo much for your generosity and entrusting me with the money. I will definitely pay back on time

Funding to buy a second Suzuki Every microbus

Dear lenders,

Happy new year 2021 to you all and warm regards for always funding my loan proposals. The last loan went into buying a new Suzuki Every vehicle for public transport business, I shared photos of the same on my loan profile. I want to add another Suzuki Every - a second hand this time and I have spotted one at a cost of KES 450,000. I will add the difference from the amount I will receive in this particular loan. My aim is to keep expanding the business until I manage to buy a 33 seater bus in near future from the business proceeds.

I thank you for your great support.

Supplying books to Nursing schools

Good luck to a fellow bookseller.

Making traditional Ghanaian smocks

Hello Ibrahim,
wish you all the best in your business of sewing smock. I see that you post regular updates on your discussion board - keep it up. Maybe when you buy new sewing machine, you can post a picture? :-)

Distribution of cooking fuel

My recent progression in pictures


To improve sales in my beauty and cosmetics shop

Hi Jared,
You are a true inspiration to both lenders and borrowers of Zidisha. To read your comments shows how much of a gifted entrepreneur you are, you see opportunity, act on it and continue to grow both in business and personally. I am happy to see you will be employing two people, helping them on a path of success as well. Best of luck to you with your new loan! Regards, Margaret


Selling fresh fruit

Best wishes with your fruit business!

Increase stock of fruits

I received amount of 1,325 ZMW and I will buy locally grown fruits to sell to my customers at the market. I thank you so much.

Making face masks from local fabrics

I thank my lender for this loan, may God bless you. I will buy new stock of women's traditional wraps for sale at a profit. This loan will help me to increase profit for my shop. I thank you.

Loan for making shelves in a new shop

God bless you

Cosmetics business

I received NGN 35183
I bought more cosmetic into my shop
I thank you all my lenders God bless you

Purchase mobile money units and phones

Dear lenders,

Thank you for lending me the money. I used the money to buy farming tools which I will use to cultivate my land.

I hope that you will participate in my next loan. Thank you.

Rent for my business stall and purchase beauty products

Thanks to all my lenders, the loan I just completed repaying helped me boost my cosmetics stock, and this was very helpful especially this festive season when demand is particularly high. The loan has enabled me achieve bigger profit margin

Selling face masks in college

I received 1,131 ZMW yesterday and I thank you my lenders most sincerely . I will use the money to buy text books to help me in my studies.

To purchase insecticides/stickers

I received K785 and i thank Zidisha lenders for your help. My loan I will use to buy fertilisers for my farm to help grow my plants better.

Loan to buy tricycle or motorbike for pick-up and delivery

Happy New Year lenders!

Buying farming inputs and materials for vegetable farming

When I collected the loan I used the money to clear some outstanding debts and also buy pumping machine. But I could not finish paying for the pumping machine. But I have realised am making an impact on the area because though plenty people are into vegetable plantation is like because of Zidisha I expect a brighter future ahead. When am done with the bore hole then rain cannot restrict me from planting anymore I have been able to plant some palm seedlings.

Open a new phone shop branch

My generous lenders! I wish you well in the year 2021.

Provision items for my shop

Thanks to my lenders for fund I received last. It helped me a lot in my business growth. It has boosted my business and has improved my business significantly . I say thanks to my zidisha lenders.God bless you all and I am grateful.

Restocking and expanding online sales and delivery

After a good Christmas sales I have fully repaid my loan before the due date.
A big thank to all my lenders. I made a good profit with it.

Restock my cosmetics shop

Wishing you good luck and health!

Stock additional to my electrical shop

I will use the loan to buy a submersible pump,,which will help me to pump water from the borehole to the reservoir tank for domestic use. To my lenders I appreciate you all,,@black and white zebra, @cloudways,@Dave @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Camm and Ralph,,,May God bless you.

Buying clothes to resell

Thanks so much to you and this loans is going to help me to buying clothes for resale. Thank you

Purchase polypipes to expand my maize field

Dear Lenders,

I have received my loan. Thank you so much for your kind support. Stay healthy and compliments of the season!

Lawn mowing & selling bags

This is my third loan am receiving, what a better way to end the year.
Thank you and thank you again.

To purchase fertilizers and seeds

Dear Lenders,

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you gave to me to improve my life and that of my family.

To Chris and my other wonderful lenders, please know that your money helped to save many lives.

Have a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Thank you.

For my ward's project work materials and graduation fees

Added are some of the pics of my ward's graduation. Thanks to all again.

FTMO account securing

You guys are life savers. Thank you so much for the assistance.

Open a new phone shop branch

The heart of my lenders is a heart of Gold! Thank you very much.

Much improvement in my business!
God shall continue to bless you!

Maize farming

I thank my lenders with the loan I bought fertilsers for my plants. I have it on tomatoes, onion and vegetables and am expecting good results when I start harvesting soon.

Tomato, onion and capsicum farming

To all my lenders, THANK YOU! I am humbled by how fast you have funded my loans. I will use 60% of this loan for production purposes on my horticultural firm to produce tomatoe, onions and capsicum.

40% of my loan will be used in the production of ballast manually. This will act as a backup plan to ensure that my loan is fully utilised.

To all my lenders, thank you once more. To the entire Zidisha Family, thank you for the effort you made to ensuring that my application became a success. I wish you all, good health and happy holydays.

Tailoring equipment

I want to use this opportunity to thank you all my lenders for the past loan that i received.
I bought more tailor material into my fashion designer clothing shop.
I have more customers and I make more income.
I thank you all my lenders
May Almighty God bless you all Amen.

Village chickens for livestock business

I received a loan of k1700, the the purpose of the loan was to help me pay school fees .

I was able to pay the school fees, and now am in exam process.

Thank you ZIDISHA