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Daimo computer services

Hello, I am grateful to have received my previous loan. I used the loan to purchase camera accessory that I used to upgrade my camcorder for better photo shoot and videography. I want to admit that it actually boosted my income up to 30% for the 2 months, unfortunately the camcorder broke down and since then my business got crippled. I tried to find the spare part for the camcorder in vain and I had to resort to an alternative way of paying back my loan. I am grateful that Zidisha team was so understanding and patient enough to let me review my payment schedule though long, but until I finally cleared the loan in full. Thanks to my lenders for being patient too

Photocopy machine for my cybercafe

Hello dear lenders. With this loan I will purchase a photocopying machine for my cyber.

This will make my place a one-stop cyber.

Wow! How wonderful it is to have very generous lenders. Thank you so much for being part of my success journey.

Grocery shop for my wife

Am very great full for loan for sure it has helped me be where am today with my house rent is no longer hard to get and food for my family even recently we took in one month baby after his mother passed and we are able to help him

Get more water purifier

Thanks so much to you all, I truly appreciate your help. God richly bless you

Green house repairs

I am going to do repairs for wares to secure the future of this plants.

Thank you all for your support and efforts.

Bulb switches, break circuits, and TV guards for hardware shop

I bought these switches too


Hello Samson,
wish you all the best for customer delivery work.

Handmade knitting, crotchet and sewing products

Thank you. I will buy fabric and year. I shall introduce handmade bags to my products for sale.

Purchasing genset

First and foremost i would like to show gratitude to the lenders for the support they gave me in giving me a loan. I really appreciate the loan helped me alot for i was able to buy the tv set for my internet cafe. Without their help this would not have been possible. Thank you so much for you have helped me grow my business and increase my business profit too


Purchasing new photography equipment & marketing budget

It is a great idea to provide quality photography services to the Real Estate market Bernard!


I will increase my raw materials, and this loan will help me improve sales. I am grateful to my lenders for this opportunity


So far zidisha has taught me how to grow NY business, lately fro business proceeds u was able to purchase a dehydrator and I am producing at full capacity now, and my business has been able to stabilize. Like my latest product of dates powder

Sale of prepaid mobile phone credit

The loan will be used to buy more recharge cards to meet up with customers demand thereby helping me to increase my output, I want to say a very big thank you to my leaders

Bulb switches, break circuits, and TV guards for hardware shop

Dear lenders, I'm grateful for the previous loan and it has been so helpful
Thank you very much

Inventory for shelves and glasses

thanks lenders for fully funding my loan this loan will hep me purchase shelves

Spare parts for automobile repair workshop

Thank you to my lender, Mr. Paul Buchheit.

I will use the loan to buy stock of fast moving servicing parts for Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford and Kia brands of vehicles.

This will assist us in rendering very fast services thereby increasing both turnover and profitability for us.

Spare parts for automobile repair workshop

The various loan that I have taken from Zidisha have been used to buy stock of fast moving spare parts for our Automobile Repair garage.

Keeping stocks of these various servicing parts have assisted us in rendering fast routine services thereby reducing time spent by out customers at our workshop. The customers were satisfied and have further recommended us to others.

We have gained an addition of 8 new customers, our turnover have increased by 12% and have profit have increased by 8%. The increased profit have been further invested in the business thereby increasing our spare parts stock holding.

We are vrry grateful to our lenders that have positively impacted on our business.

Health treatment and school bills

Am much happy for granting my me the loan.thank you my precious lenders.

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Today Tuesday February 4, 2020 I have successfully completed my loan repayment. I'm therefore grateful and thankful to God Almighty and to all my lenders for this great opportunity.
It's always a joy when people trust you and lend you money and you faithfully repay their loan back to them.
To you lenders, I say God richly bless you abundantly

Expanding horizons with mo cyber

Asante - a swahili word for Thank You

Expanding horizons with mo cyber

Cleared my accrued debt, will purchase a mini laptop to ease communicate on-the-go

Buy more stocks of cosmetics

Using the last loan I was able to purchase electricity tokens (electricity prepaid bill) for my salon to continue operating. Thank you lenders for your continued support.

Making African fashion accessories

Thanks to all my lenders, I have received my loan and will use it for the purpose of which i asked. I hope to update u with my progress soon. Thanks

Fashion business

Thank you all for the loan,I really appreciate. I will buy some items for my shop with the loan like shoes,clothes, bags etc... God bless you all.

Expanding horizons with mo cyber

well, many many thanks. as usual

had fallen back on utility payments and was able to catch up with your assistance from my last loan.

as a first term, iv been able to purchase school requirements for one dependent - a scientific calculator to be precise. a wise investment on a clever kid.

Photography and video shooting service

A loan amount of GHS 397 successfully received.
I'm able to purchase additional camera bags, tripods, batteries and battery chargers, screen protectors for sale.
Always grateful and thankful to all my lenders for this wonderful opportunity, God bless you all

Gypsum ceilings design and installation

I need another drilling machine for my worker,for my gypsum installation ,

Unique Bible events booklet production and car wash

Greetings to all my lenders
This post acknowledges to my lenders that the money you released for the purpose of helping me was actually given to me and I received the money which was wholly used to pay towards the procurement of the book pressing equipment. I still have the balance to be paid towards the same. God is loving and faithful to do all that He promises. Thank God that, the amount owing towards the purchase of the equipment is now less than half.
I have just sent my final repayment on the loan that I got.
Thank you so very much for your generosity. May God hear and answer you when you call on Him. He is your Father.
Lastly, I want to say that I am ready for the next loan which I hope will be considered urgently to enable me get into the production process of the Unique bible events booklets.
Yours loving

Purchasing genset

I wish to take this priveledge to thank my lenders for the money they gave me as loan. I confirm receiving the money in the amount of k1, 231. I was able to purchase a tv set for my cafe. Thankyou so much once more this will help grow my business.

Low cost housing

I will buy six bags of cement and 1000 bricks so that I can complete the building project.

Construction of rental apartments

The project is going on well and things have started leveling out, one last round of carpentry work left and it shall be complete

To buy large format printer for my designing firm

I also want to thank zidisha that through their support I could boast of a web site now. God bless you all. The website is

To buy large format printer for my designing firm

The Journey is not easy but we shall get there God willing. Just want to thank my lenders for all their support in my business all these years with zidisha. God bless you all. have a great week ahead.

Staff payment and farm chemicals

Thanks to my lender... Really appreciate u. 6000 thousand naira paid out of the loan received. Even ahead of my payment day. Dear lender you are really making a great impact in my business positively, thanks for being there in time of need.

Cereal and grocery

I used the money to buy maize for my business.

Piano for my music studio

Thanks to my lenders
A purchase of office scanner machine made possible through your funding
You are the best

School fees

In order to help improve my career in the tourism industry I am going to undertake 2 courses both certificates to be offered by a recognised institution, IATA each at $100

1. Assisting Travellers with Special Needs
2. Understanding the Travel customers

Store stocking

just accepted my loan, I appreciate my lenders for funding, this will go a long way

Inventory for my beauty shop

Am so grateful to you my lenders for the money lend to me. It helped a lot and I was able to pay for a new shop for expansion. God bless you and reward all of you

Additional capital

I sincerely lack better words in which to express my thanks for the unfailing assistance you render to the entrepreneurs in Zidisha Community. May the Almighty God bless the work of your hands always.
The money is additional capital for my restaurant business. I will be travelling to Mozambique to order more dry fish for the business. Thank you, Thank you Thank you.

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit

Thank you very much for your support. I have received the money and using it for the said purpose.

Transporting my cabbages to markets

I thank God for this opportunity for today's work,lender I have made a great charge of my life .According to the profit that I made to my business I have paid my brother school frees so that he can achieve a lot in education and the rest I supporting my parents . Thank you lenders

Low cost housing

Kshs. 5,000 I used it to buy materials for construction. I thank you all for granting me the loan and I'm looking forward to fully complete construction of the house by April. Thank you.

Amaranth & carrot seeds

With your prayers and finances I am going far. Thanks a lot lenders.

Transporting my cabbages to markets

Lender's fast I would like to thank you so much for your supporting my busines alot ,my job is doing better now

Buy more goods

I will use it to buy more goods in my fashion store
the loan will be a good benefits to me because my store will be stocked up with latest designed wears
I really wants to thank my lenders.thanks so much for your very grateful

Bulb switches, break circuits, and TV guards for hardware shop

The loan was helpful and I'll clear the loan soon and on time.
Thanks to all the lenders

Bulb switches, break circuits, and TV guards for hardware shop

I bought this energy savings bulbs too since they were in a high demand

Bulb switches, break circuits, and TV guards for hardware shop

These are some of the electronics I bought using the loan


Thank you so much for your assistance. I promise to keep my word and timely pay.