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Repair my printer and buy supplies for my cybercafe

I will use the loan to repair my printer, and also buy materials.
It will help increase my work output and efficiency.
Thanks you for making my project possible

To expand storage space for maize and cereals in my shop

Halloo zidisha members I'm glad today to hav a friend called zidisha, my life has changed let take this opportunity to thank all those who raise their money to fund my loan and stand with my business. The previous loan I apply it makes big change to my business I was able to buy maize to the farmers at the right time also the farmers benefits slot because there didn't use more cost to their produce because I was moving house to house purchasing maize even if the maize was not dry. So even the society in my area were the most benefit by the zidisha loan . It makes a great change to my business Thank zidisha for lifting small business.

School books and fees for my children

Thanks go for those that help to fund my project successfully

Construction materials for school building to rent out

Thanks for the loan you gave to me the other day I have been able to hire people to dig the foundation of the school.Stay blessed.

Cosmetics shop

The previous loan help me buy more cosmetics items for sale which in turn has attracted new customers

Raising chickens

I have increased my earnings with 2000 and I have paid for school fees for my two children in schools and there is new order of my chickens,iam grateful to my lenders for financial help

Livestock (chickens)

Dear lenders! I am glad to inform you all about the progress l am making in my farm business. With you assistance, my stock of birds has grown and my plantains fruiting well. Thank you so much for assistance.

Start banana-selling business

I will go to the village to buy some Banana and star selling.
That will help me start something
Thanks to all my lenders and am very glad

To pay for transport of ingredients for making bread

will use the money to buy Raw material for making sweet breads such as create of eggs. It will grow my business. Thank you

Iron rods and wood to continue building a house

I have received the money successfully thanks to all the lenders, the money will be use in building support

To help improve my crop farming business

Once again thank you lenders for all your support and contributions towards my project these fund will help me a lot

Interlocking bricks production

Hello lenders
Am very much glad for the previous loan offered ,
I managed to completed the class room renovations as well as some peace works awarded for repairs during that period,

Supply building materials, sand and quarry stones

Good evening to the good people of Zidisha team and lenders. I am please to inform you all that,l received a payment from my customers this evening for both outstanding and current business supply earns.And l thank God for making it possible for me to be able to pay the first installment of my loan. I thank you all for your great support to me and my business,God bless you all.

Pay for medical treatment

Thanks God and also thanks to everybody who supported me funding

To buy tape measure, thread, bobbins, machine needles, etc.

I say a very big thank you for all the people who fund me and to those who are about to help me again

To put towards paying household bills

I requested this loan to pay transport of cassava and maize flour to the community in order to meet the increasing demands of my customers

To buy textbooks and uniforms for my children

Because of lack of capital my children are in the house.I am requesting a loan to buy text books and uniforms for them to get back to class

Household goods for my hardware business

Thank you so much for the loan you have helped me with.i received a loan in a sum of 1023 kwacha which has really helped me to add up on the other amount of cash I had.thank you so much for the help rendered to me.

To buy life jacket to wear for fishing

This loan will be used to buy life jacket to wear to fishing and other materials for commercial fishing. I will repay from my profit

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear lenders,i hope you are all blessed. Thank God for your lives.

As i said earlier, training has began. We started with theory and it is expected to last for 2 weeks. 1 week is gone already.

Am really enjoying the training, all thanks to you all.
God bless you today and forever.

To purchase pencils to supply to schools

Thank you for funding my project quickly. I will be using the fund to purchase pencils to sell to schools. It will help increase my capital.

Automate processes for my freelance business

With my previous loan I took a risk and started on an online platform. I feel that with some courses, I can easily automate my business and run an effective business. I have been able to get 5 steady clients per month.
Thank You Zidisha

To put toward expanding clothing business

I will use the fund to pay my sales personnels and also order more,the fund will expand my business and also motivate my sales personnels .
I thank all members who have taken it upon themselves to fund my project ,may the good lord bless and replenish all that they have exhausted into this project.

Roofing material supplier

Thank you Members. Now I will be able to add stock of few iron sheets in my stock . And some roofing accessories like roofing nails and rubbers washers... Than you for helping me make my dreams come true.

To expand storage space for maize and cereals in my shop

The previous loan enables my business to able to get a truck for transporting cerias from farmers to my store, the money iwant to borrow to expand srore for storing cerials and also to booost my business and i thank Zidisha for this far God bless Zidisha

To finish paying for my sister's school fee

Hello my lovely backers the amount of 689.00 is successfully disbursed into my account and I have used it to pay for my sister's school fee.
Thanks for your help.

To help expand my mobile money business

I give much thanks to all the lenders who have contributed to fund my project

To help with expenses toward master's degree in I.T.

I will use the funds to pay some of my bills. I thank my lenders and may God bless them. Amen

Clothes selling

I received a sum of k1866 I want to buy clothes for selling that's the business am in thanku my lenders for your support thanku team zidisha may God richly bless u.

Buying & selling fruits and vegetables

I will use the funds to buy more fruits to add my stocks.
The funds will help me to run my business well.. Thanks alot for supporting my project..I'm grateful.

Notebooks for my kids

To purchase notebooks for my kids. Notebooks will not be a problem for me again. God bless you for supporting

To restock my shop with fabrics materials

Big family and friends thank you so much for everything you are doing

Buying & selling clothing

I saw you have repaid your loans fast and you are growing. Keep up the good work and remember you are important

Add stock to my cosmetics shop

Hi . sometimes I look at my life style from the time my friend introduced me to zidisha organization till this moment and I see God. What can I say... I always pray for this organization because without your support I don't know what I would have done.i thank all of you as I look forward to do more.Be blessed.

To pay remaining balance for laptop bought on credit

Use the funds well and pay it forward to others

School tables and chairs

My dear lenders please I received an amount of GHS 1129. The said amount was use to assist in acquisition 4 school tables and chairs. Thanks for the help.

Soybean farming

Thank you all for funding my project. This loan will go a long way in helping me buy the necessary requirements for my field. May God bless you all!

Juma Cereals

Thank you so much... received 1649 kenya shillings. With the funds as per my request is to add my stock.
For your support i really thank you so much as i grow with zidisha....

To buy oil to sell in my provisions shop

I've received an amount of 446 from Zidisha Loans. Thanks to all who supported me. It will help me to pay my wards fees.


To buy beans to resell

Best of luck with selling the beans!

Supply building materials, sand and quarry stones

Dear lenders, supporters and Zidisha team. Pls my project loan request has been fully funded by you,and disbursed into my Momo account this morning,which l have made payments with the money for more material supply to my clients. l am grateful.And God bless you all for financing my loan, and in time.l thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

Add stock to my cosmetics shop

Hello lenders .I am so grateful for every support.the fund that I have been receiving have widely improved my life and my earnings.big up zidisha team.thanks.

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear Lenders, i hope by the special Grace of the almighty God that you are all doing amazing. Am also blessed.

I happily want to inform you that, last week we were called for the forklift training. We had the orientation last Friday and we are starting this very Monday. Am very happy and thankful to you all for your help. Am blessed to have you all in my life. God bless you all.

May the almighty Bless and guide you all in every endeavor of your lives and fulfill your heart desires. Thank you

To purchase pencils to supply to schools

Thank you for funding my project quickly. I will be using the fund to purchase notebooks to sell to schools. It will help increase my capital.

Notebooks for my kids

Good people of zidisha I say thank you for the great service

Buy guitar combo

All the best bro


Painting service

Grace and peace you in abundance. May the Father lavishly display His love to you

To help support my siblings' education

The loan to support my parents to purchase school uniforms, books and bags for my siblings. It will release my parents from pressure. Thanks

To restock my shop with fabrics materials

Big family and friends thank you so much for everything you are doing

To purchase pencils to supply to schools

Thank you for funding my project quickly. I will be using the fund to purchase notebooks to sell to schools. It will help increase my capital.