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Sultana Stitches

I will buy sewing materials with it...
It will help me grow my business better
Thank you so much for lending me this money to expand my business.

Acquiring stock of sneakers, sandals & slippers

I want to thank you all my Lender's for your support.
I've received the money and I promise to have my repayments done on time.
Thanks once again to all my lender's and thank you Zidisha.

Loan to buy fabrics for sewing

I have use some of my money to buy electronic sewing machine motor .am working now .

Fabrics loan

God bless you all

Maize milling service

Hello Steven, wish you all the best for your business. Hope you can make best use of the demand for mealie meal. What is mealie meal by the way?

Mobile phone payment service for rural communities

Dear lenders,

Thank you so much! I received my first Pay It Forward amount! It's so exciting!

My prayers and love go to Julia and the entire Zidisha community. Thank you.

To expand my jewelry business

Thanks to Zidisha loan l have received the money so quickly

Expand cultivated land for growing cabbages

I really appreciate you all lenders for supporting me, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Wool purchase

My last loan was used to buy some cotton, sewing machine oil and I also purchased my last child some exercise books.
A great thank you to my lenders for making my life a lot easier.


Hello Uzuh, from the video looks like you have a street food stall + provision store, right? Wish you all the best for your business. Continue to post updates regularly.

Grocery business

Thank you much my dear lenders stay long

To buy food items to prepare food to retail

Thank you for the loan

Hair salon

God bless my wonderful lenders, I love you all

Construction of a food kiosk

I really appreciate lenders who are contributing towards my loan proposal,am grateful and kindly request them to continue supporting me towards my future loans,I can see bright future and feel really happy,Thanks very much ,my success depends on you.

Payment of fees for professional course

Dear Bernice
Well done. Another successful milestone.
I look forward to joining you on your next project.
Kind regards

Sales of accessories (jewelry)

Will use the loan to purchase accessories such as wedding rings, bracelets, necklace, rings, toiletry such as detergents, Listerine, soaps etc.

This will help me generate profit for self and also assist my single mother with some of the profit. Will also keep some fir the business .

Thanks to my lenders

Business loan for stationery shop

The loan helped me add more printing papers and I already supplied to my customers. Thanks

To expand my jewelry business

I have been able to restock my Shop with a lot of Jewelry's both men and women accessories. It is my hope that in future I will get more loan to expand my shop

Cereals and greens online shop

The loan did really help expand my business. Thank you.

Maize milling service

Dear lenders am so grateful about the support which you have been giving since joined Zidisha and became a member. The previous loan you which gave me I bought maize for the manufacturing of mealie meal which is in demand, I have made good profits and my business is doing very well and the profits I have made so far which I have grown the business and the most profits is for reinvestment and Improved the standard of living. Should you support me in my next loan I will ensure that I manufacture more mealie meal due to demand and make more profits. Thank you so much I really appreciate may God bless you.

Solar lanterns for distribution to rural households

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for being there for me and my business when I needed funding for growth. I believe I have done my utmost to repay all loans faithfully and will strive to continue to do so now and in the future.

To buy a sewing machine

Thank you and may God bless you

Selling nursery plants to farmers

This loan will help me to buy my vegetable inputs .that will my plants to grow very well.and I would like to say thank you zidisha team

To buy a sewing machine

Good luck Gifty!

Selling used and new clothing

Iam very grateful for your financial support through zidisha as this will help me increase my earnings

Restocking essential medications

Medications I bought with pay it forward funds. I will be able to repay my pay it forward by sunday
#saving lives , making impact

To expand my provisions shop business

thank you my lenders my loan was received i will use to expand my provision business.

Rent new shop for selling cosmetics & hand sanitizers

My previous loan helped me in increasing the amount of goods I can buy and supply. Which in turn has increased my profit about Gh 100.weekly. In fact this increase helped me in finishing my repayment week earlier.

Opening a boutique

I received My loan of K2000 . This loan will help me a Establish A boutique, where I will be selling ladies clothes as well as shoes.

Thanks to all the Zidisha Leaders

Business loan to buy more stock for I.T. services business

I'm happy to say I have be received Ghc843
I have New Products ( stock) for my shop.
Thank for supporting my dream project. I very grateful.

Grocery inventory

The results of the loan has been great. My business is growing steadily and there's an increase in profits due to the fact that am now able to restock at least most of the things customers demand for, such that even the daily sales are steadily increasing. While, am grateful to you lenders for this grate change in my business.

To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

With this loan I want to buy organic fertilizer on my vegetable garden, the organic fertilizer will help me to make make the soil fertile and produce health vegetables. When it come to sell these crops will give me good profits.
Thank you so much my lender am so grateful I will work hard also give very satisfaction out of the loan you have supported me. God bless you

Business loan

I hope your business continues to be successful, Popoola!

Buying electrical equipment, including wiring, to sell

Good luck with your business! It's so good to see women becoming entrepreneurs!

Renovating our school restrooms

How wonderful! Congratulations to the Quiz Winner! They must be so proud!

Grocery business

I would like to inform my lenders that I have received my loan amounting to K629 after some deductions. I will use the loan to purchase things to resell in my shop. Am so happy and please continue helping us.

Selling clean drinking water

Many thanks Lenders. I'll use the money to buy water dispensers. I'll supply it to the offices in the area.I am extremely grateful.

Mobile phone payment service for rural communities

Dear Wisdom2080,

Yes, I do share the love ❤️ and I receive your blessings a hundredfold! Amen!


Mobile phone payment service for rural communities

Hope you share the love and the blessings-

Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

For selling clothes, and for my mother's selling of yams

Thanks to zidisha team and lenders for making it possible

Business loan

This is my great pleasure to thank all my lenders for the past loan.
The last loan help me to get more income.

Tools and equipment for cocoa farming

I thanks Zidisha members , for what they have done in my life i used the loan and bought tools and equipment

Buy a taxi

Hello leaders,am honestly thanking you all for the support you have given me .I am also informing you that, with the interests I made,I purchased a koko machine.This machine is used to dispense koko fuel which is made using bioethanol .it is used for cooking.many clients have been using this koko jiko hence making more profits .The business has really helped me repay my loan since am earning more.Koko is essential hence I sell fuel even when the country is on a lock down hence helping me increase my earnings.This has made it easier for me to pay school fee for my children and also for my adopted daughter.Thanks so much for your support.

Second-hand clothing shop

Thanks a lot Erik. May the Lord continue to increase you so as you can be a blessing to more.

Medical care for my mother

I will use the loan to buy medicines for my mom. This loan will my mom get medicines to manage her sickness. Thank you very much for helping me to at least extend a helping hand to my mom. I'm grateful and God bless you all.

Used clothing sales

Thanks leaders for your support,

Making bags and food sales

I just want to say thank to all my lenders for the past loan.
I make more income.

To purchase more fish

Ama, my thoughts are with your husband. Best of luck to him in his recovery. I am more than happy to help.

Loan to buy study table & chairs to sell

I don't know how to express my gratitude to the Lenders, but what I can say is May God bless you and help you succeed in everything you do, I will use the money to buy shoe racks and the portable wardrobe, this will help me get more profit to support my family and also help me get money to pay. Thank you

Tomatoes sales

thanks to lenders
i will take my loan to the buying of tomatoes as i continue doing my business