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Wig making

Good luck with your business. I’m happy to support you again. Thank you for your regular repayments.

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Another loan repayment completed today. Once again I want to use this opportunity to say Big thank you to all my lenders for your support and love

My next project is to get 2nd detox machine and more goods

Thanks for your support all this while, you have actually help my business grow beyond my imagination. thanks you, thank you, thank you

Importing car dash cameras for selling

Hi Zidisha. The business has been great. The stock that I ordered of car dash cameras arrived some weeks ago. Am happy to say that I have sold all of them. Am really grateful to you lenders. The photos below are of me installing a car dash camera to a clients car. Thank you Zidisha lenders.

Wig making

Am very greatful for my last loan..It really helped to boost my business .It helped to increase my wig production and this made it possible to satisfy my customers

Expand the capacity of my after-school tutoring centre

You people has been my secret business is growing but many people did not understand... thanks to you
Am going to change and make new furniture for more convenience of my students
Thanks Zidisha community

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit and SIM cards

1403ghc is what I received. Very big thank you to all of you who made this happened. I will use it well to enable me to repay it all on time.

Clothing sales

Dear lenders , am so grateful in writing to you once again , the loan which was been credited helped in my business and am so happy i made profits so that i can pay back on time and as well my business is still moving and need more funds to push it more . Thank you and God bless you all .

Inventory for my cosmetic store

Thanks goes to my dear lenders for helping me till this far and God bless them all

Selling home supplies

Hello Adebukola,
hope you can purchase the good for your provisiton shop. Post updates on your Discussions board regularly and keep lenders informed about your business. Wish you all the best.

African shirt sales loan

I thank all my lenders, this money will help me expand my business

Expand the capacity of my after-school tutoring centre

Am so happy to be part of this community
With the support of Zidisha I started my tutorial centre , my last loan was to secure an accommodation for my tutorial centre and furnish it
Now am to need more fund to do more furnitures

Lessos garments

Hi Lenders,
I wish to thank you for your help and support to my business.Our partnership has greatly improved our lives

Fruit drink supply

Thank you Paul and Christin for your response to my loan application . This would help me increase variety and add to the stock levels of my new fruit drink project. Thank you so much

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Having promised that I will complete payment before end of year, I therefore wish to increase my repayment amount, after a successful and increasing demand of our water by the community members.
Always grateful and thankful to all my lenders for the patience, care and love show to me.

Tranquil rehabilitation & counseling center

I received Ksh 65,000 ($650) after deductions.
I will be able to buy six double decker beds for the rehab centre as we prepare to officially open in the month of November.
I thank you all dear Lenders/Supporters for your continued generousity.


Hospital bills

I'm very grateful for the previous loan because it really came at a very difficult time. It was really a success.

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit and SIM cards

Thanks for helping fund my loan for me. The money will be used to purchase the credit and the profit on it will be used to fund my education.

Purchase of computer.

I will buy computer to add to the one i have.

It will help me to serve my client conveniently and effectively.

Thanks my lenders for this gesture.


Thanks i really appreciate. I got my loan. Thanks

Tranquil rehabilitation & counseling center

I sincerely thank my most abled Volunteer mentor Purity Gacheru. She has been of great assistance to me.
"Service to humanity is service to GOD".

Keep it up Purity!


Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

Think about adding a rental unit to your new house James, for added income.

Restocking my shop

My loan has been received and used to purchase goods as intended, it has really helped me a lot. Thank you lenders, I almost finish paying. Am grateful to you all, God bless you.

Stock of cereals to sell at my store

I appreciate the effort of lenders to my business I used the loan to add stock of cereals and my profits have really increased. Thanks for your support to my business

Loan to buy risograph printing machine

Hello my dear Lender,
Sincerely speaking, working with zidisha is one of the best privilege to one can not afford to miss. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. My sincere gratitude to all my wonderful lenders and partner of this platform. By grace of God I have fully paid my loan.

Purchase of computer.

Am so grateful to zidisha and my lenders because I was in need of money to enable buy printer's ink ad also service my computers and zidisha and my lenders were just there for me .
Now no feint print out and my computers are functioning perfectly and my customers are happy with my job and the way my computers are functioning.

Purchase of a popcorn-making machine

Hello Lenders,
I apologize for not confirming receipt of loan on time. I got caught up in my new role as a Volunteer Mentor helping my fellow Borrowers review their loans. I actually feel good being part of someone else's financial achievement.
Again, thank you for the loan & God bless.

Boosting capital

All Thank you all for funding my Project.

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Hi lenders sales are picking up slowly. Thanks for being there for me.

Munaladi drinks

Will use it to buy containers for my drinks because i have order thank you

Fertilizer and maize seedlings for my farm

Thank you very much to all my lenders at least it will help me buy one bag of fertiliser and one bag of maize seedlings...

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

My Business is standing well and am capable of meeting my needs and those of my family.
I have three part time employees and one full time.
Zidisha has really made me achieve. Am constructing a house for my wife and our baby boy and thats why i keep on adjusting my weekly repayment to 12 dollars time to time due to high cost of construction here in Kenya.

Executive shoes business

3190ghc is the amount I received and I have used it to purchase the shoes which am on it reselling them. Thanks and God bless you all for supporting me

New tires for taxi fleet

Thanks for the loan. i will purchase new tires for my vehicle to enhance my transportation business facility

African shirt sales loan

I would like to thank all my lenders for the fund given to me. This will help me add more stock to my business to meet the high demand. Thank you all

Business permit / asset purchase

Dear Lenders,

I hope this post finds you all well. I am really grateful for the just repaid loan in full. Thank you all for your support. God bless you all

Servicing my taxi vehicle

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for the loan i have received. I am going to use the loan to purchase laptops for sale which will help me to increase my sales as well as increasing my capital. Thank you so much.

Best regards
Albert Mutoya

Selling second-hand clothing

Good afternoon? I don't have any single word that can express how happy I am at the moment. Thank you for your contributions towards my life by supporting my business though this loan.

Add soap and cosmetics to my supermarket

Thank you so much for lending to me. Thank you so much. As the season is approaching, I will use it to go for back to school. I will equip my shop on food stuff article and cosmetics. Thank you so much for granting the loan to me

Equipment for event catering service

Let me take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for the trust you have put in me. I promise to do everything within my power to make you proud. I intend to buy utensils for my outside catering unit. At least this will ensure that am now saving on hiring utensils. Thank you and be blessed

New tires for taxi fleet

I really want to say a big thank you for the previous loan as it assisted me in completing the servicing and repairs of my vehicles for my transport business. I really appreciate the help

Servicing my taxi vehicle

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for the loan.
My previous loan has helped me to meet my business needs. I was able to buy my items and resold them to my customers.

Thank you
Best Regards

Agroforestry (tree planting)

Thank you Anja for your support


Agroforestry (tree planting)

Good luck with your seedlings and for your farming business.

Tranquil rehabilitation & counseling center

Karibu (Welcome)

Tranquil rehabilitation & counseling center

Very nice! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Tranquil rehabilitation & counseling center

Thank you very much for your very kind words.
I trust that a time and opportunity is coming when you will be able to support/contribute.
Again, thank you very much.

Attached are photos of the residence of upcoming Rehabilitation & Counseling Center.

Loan for africa prints, shoes and car hiring

I purchased African prints And hire car to distribute the African prints to different country. It have increase my profit to 7%.

Offering training courses in software development

The previous loan was really helpful in helping me acquire some online training materials for my students. Thank you for the assistance rendered

Open another branch of my boutique and create a job

Thank you for the previous loans. And I want to say the last loans has helped My to increase my revenue. Therefore am in the process of opening another branch in the near by village to employ somebody to be in change.