United States


Although I live a “developed, wealthy” country, I am not a monetarily rich person. I work a full-time job and use my paycheck to pay my bills.

I wish everyone in the world had access to clean water and sanitary conditions in which to live to be healthy, and I’d like to see women around the world have better opportunities.

I’ve traveled to other countries and met very intelligent, well-educated people with big dreams, but limited opportunities to succeed. If only they had access to funds it could have helped them dramatically. In reality we are all the same, but just live in different countries.

My hope is that people receiving the low-interest loans on Zidisha will see improvements in their lives and that the debt will not be burdensome.

When you repay me it will continue to help others in your community because I currently recycle all the repayments I receive back to Zidisha borrowers.

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