Jose Ramirez





World citizen with Mediterranean culture, existential migrant, global nomad, egalitarian, philanthropist.

I believe that the World is a Family, we're not strangers, just far brothers, and together we can fight, grow up and be Happy. Kindness is the secret. Be Kind and you'll receive Kindness, that's what I've learned. Is not Happiness what makes us Smile, it's Smiling what makes us Happy. Be kind. Smile. Give and you'll be Happy. I am :-)

Apart from my collaboration with Zidisha, I donate to The Life You Can Save, I'm a Blood and Organ Donor and I'm an active Couchsurfing host (I host and welcome guests and travellers in my house free of charge). Check those services, you might as well have something to offer :-)

Someone said that there's more virtue in sharing a date (or just a smile) with a stranger than in a gift of 10 camels to a friend.

"What you Give is yours to keep, what you keep is lost forever."

Have a good day!!

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