Maize farming for food security

Nancy Andiema

Mwotot-kapenguria, Kenya

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Nancy Andiema

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June 2015

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About Me

My name is Nancy Chepkorir Andiema from Kapenguria. i come from a family of 10 (5 girls 5boys ), i am the 6th born brought up by a single parent our beloved mother. from the 10 kids i was lucky i went up to form four though with alot of challenges. our mother couldnt afford basic need leave alone school fees. my fees was through bursary from well wishers an i am greatfull for that.
i managed through college by kneating mats where i used to make kshs. 25.00 per thread and in a day i managed atmost five threads that makes it kshs. 125.00 per day. i used to do casual work like washing clothes for people and get some cash from it. i studied Community Development did volunteer work and now i own a kiosk through the little savings i made. it has been difficult to get job. through this kiosk i get basic needs for my family and i can now pay fees for my little sisters.
i engage in merry go round with my friedns here where we assist each other with capital to boost our businesse in turns.
The pokot culture is very unique you do not take what does not belong to you if you have not borrowed. honesty and community brotherhood is treasured very much. the media has a very bad image of the pokots which is not true. Pokots are peaceful people who love development. it is the land of the heroes.
I am married with two children Steve is 7 years and Joy will turn 10 years on the 18th of December, 2020. Joy says she want to be a Medical Doctor so is Steve. I am completed part time classes and graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Management Human Resource Management option, i usually tell them that one day i will be Dr. Nancy Chepkorir Andiema so they all want to be doctors. My husband is very supportive we run the kiosk together and this makes me happy.
During my passtime i do volunteer work i also love singing i am in the church choir.

My Business

In my kiosk i run an Mpesa agent, we do offer photocopy, typing and printing services.
We sell retail goods like mannila papers, pens, celotapes, envelops among others.
We offer internet services, We do KRA online returns for our customers among other e-business. recently we registered a sole proprietor company which deals with computer and stationeries we hope this will bring enough revenue to us and we can meet all our needs on day to day live.
The goods and services are easy to work on and also in demand. the world is going global so are we trying to catch with the days trends.
Why did i choose this type of business. yes when i was doing my course in community development i learnt through entrepreneurship where i did a business plan on computer and bookshops. when i came out i could not get enough capital to start on my plan so with only Kshs. 15,0000.00 i got myself an mpesa agent line and paid single business permit, i borrowed kshs. 35,000.00 from friends and families for initial float and there my business started unlike the earlier business plan which needed around Kshs. 800,000.00.
My costs and revenues are manageable.
I use the profits for school fees, top up my business and provision of basic needs. I got a loan from zidisha of 150USD. This loan has been a stepping stone in my business i purchased a desktop computer which i use to offer internet services and its proceeds has enabled me get a land for one year on lease to plant watermelons when the season for it comes. Right now i am doing poultry farming. I have approximately 480 improved indiginous chicken. With this i am able to supply eggs to the nearby shops and also sell chicken for consumption.

Project Proposal

As the long rains are just beginning my my already available land needs farm inputs to realize the outcome.
For the available 5 acres of land I need 5 bags of ADP Fertilizer at Kenya shilings 40,000/= , 50 kilograms of Maize seeds at Kenya Shillings 25,000/=, ploughing kshs.25,000/=, planting kshs. 15,000, Kshs. 10,000 for herbicides and maintenance and 15000 for gravity irrigation.

My Videos

Mar 22, 2021: Small poultry farmer challenges






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