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Amponsah Eva

Senase, Ghana

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Amponsah Eva

Member since

September 2017

On-time repayments

116 installments  •  17%

About Me

Amponsah Eva is my name , l am married with two lovely and beloved kids , l was born and raised up in a village , l came to the city to stay with my auntie to live with her and schooled because my biological parents were farmer and still farmer and were living in a cottage where there was no school so l needed to stayed in city with my a auntie for my education , in fact because she was not my real parent l was maltreated and at time not given me food and also money for school so that make me lost the interest of education and stop ,,

My Business

my business is an fashion designer , l sold all kind of dress for wedding casual wear, funeral dress etc, l have employee that they do work and pay that is part time work, l have a lot of customers that l sold dress for and they love sewing with me because l am one in town seamstress and l am friendly with my customers too, please at the moment l need a loan so that l can add to my already saving to buy varieties of cloths for my fashion center thank you

Loan Proposal

please lenders l thank you for changing my life with loan you gave God bless you for that and continue to help me go high , please lenders with loan will help me to buy all kind and different types of cloths for my fashion center thank you for reading and all your contribution are welcome





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 25, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

11 months




Cheyenne, United States


Paul Graham

United States

Craig Newmark

United States

Humble Bundle Community

San Francisco, United States

Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States



United States


Craig Newmark

United States


Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States


Arlington, MA, United States


Natalie Stone

United States

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  • Joshi    Jun 19, 2018

    I lent you the amount in good faith. In fact, your loan application had had some technical problem and I had reached out to the Zidisha support team to have it all sorted out so that you received the amount in time. Its sad to see that you increased term of loan to over 2 years and even with that, you have not made any repayments since March.....

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  • Amponsah Eva    Feb 11, 2018

    hello lenders l would like to adjust my payment thank you for your patience and understanding and stay blessed

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  • Joshi    Jan 24, 2018

    Amponsah, hope things are going well for you. Would be nice to see some of your fashion designs here!

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  • Joshi    Dec 27, 2017

    Hope you receive the funds soon.

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  • Amponsah Eva    Dec 17, 2017

    yes l will pay it on time dear lender joshi and i thank you for funding my loan may the good lord bless you Amen

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  • Joshi    Dec 16, 2017

    Hello Amponsah, I had seen your previous loan request but it was fulfilled by the time I was ready to contribute. But then I saw your note below about issue. Thanks to efforts by Laurie and the Zidisha team, its now resolved and you should receive this loan. To help ensure that your business needs do not suffer because of this delay, I have funded the entire loan just now rather than wait for others to contribute as well. Hope that you will repay this in time just as previous loans and help me help others! Wish you all the best.

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  • Amponsah Eva    Dec 11, 2017

    please my dashboard to not allowing me to accept my loan when it has been fully funded now what do i do , it says i should upload my id card but still the the dashboard to accessible please help solve this problem for me thank you

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    • LJ    Dec 15, 2017

      Dear Eva,

      Most lenders are not on Zidisha's administrative staff. To reach the staff, please visit your Dashboard, click on "Help" and create a Support Ticket, which automatically will get routed to the team for your country.

      This public "Discussion" screen is not for administrative issues. It is for updating your lenders (from the general public) about your business, and about other aspects of your life if you wish to share, as well as theirs if they also wish to share.

      This public "Discussion" screen also is for your Volunteer Mentor to post information for you and/or for your lenders, if/when necessary. (When a VM needs to update the administrative staff about a borrower, he/she creates a Support Ticket from his/her own account to communicate with us.)

      Please don't reply on this screen, as I likely won't see it. (I won't get notified.) Please instead reply to the team for your country, by submitting a Support Ticket.

      Thank you, and best wishes!

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    • LJ    Dec 15, 2017

      P.S.: Please be patient for a reply to any Support Ticket you send in. There are tens of thousands of borrowers and currently only about thirty-five volunteers on staff. Most work for Zidisha very part-time hours.

      Normal turnaround time for a reply to a Support Ticket is three business days (Monday through Friday, United States East-Coast Time-Zone). However, it can take longer when we are short-staffed, which we currently are. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      The Technical Team already is aware of the technical bug that is causing some borrowers' accounts not to display the button to confirm acceptance of a loan. It is a very small team of only two programmers, but I know they will repair the problem as soon as possible.

      Please do still send in a Support Ticket, though, because not all accounts are affected and it helps them to have a link to accounts that are, so they can investigate.

      Thank you, in advance, for your patience.

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    • LJ    Dec 16, 2017

      The Technical Team advises that they have fixed the bug that was preventing you from being able to confirm acceptance of your previously fully funded loan, Eva, so you do not have to send in a Support Ticket on that topic. You should not encounter that problem again with your current loan request. :-)

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  • Amponsah Eva    Nov 27, 2017

    thank you for the loan which has helped me so much .

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  • Amponsah Eva    Oct 23, 2017

    hello lenders thank you for my loan fully funded

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  • Amponsah Eva    Oct 17, 2017

    please lenders l thank you for changing my life with loan you gave God bless you for that and continue to help me go high

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  • Amponsah Eva    Oct 4, 2017

    hello lender edijac thank you for funding my loan

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  • Amponsah Eva    Sep 20, 2017

    am happy for myself that my loan has been fully funded thank you

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