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Antony Mwendia

Nairobi, Kenya

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Antony Mwendia

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August 2017

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About Me

Hello there ! . I hope yo are fine . I am ANTHONY MWENDIA KIGOTHO . I am an electrician by profession but i do poultry farming as an occupation . ave been doing poultry farming since 2012 when i was In highschool .I rear chicken both layers and broilers . I also rear goose an turkey . I am located in a country called kenya . my home place is central province , Nyeri county , Othaya sub-county , iri-aini ward in a village called Gathumbi village .I am 23 yrs of age . my phone number is 0702905482. You can also contact me via my e-mail address @ ... [email protected]

My Business

I am a poultry farmer by occupation but an electrician by proffesion . my name is Antony mwendia kigotho of I'd number 33976294... The intent of this loan proposal I to help raise some money to buy an egg incubator . the machine i want to buy I for hatching eggs into chicken for both turkey, goose and hens. I want to start selling days old chic in large quantities . I would also like to buy environment heating machines to ensure my chicks don't die due to cold . am progressing very well though i need some funds slowly. I would also like to show you how far am going by sending you picture and images of my farm . In future am also planning to buy animal feeds grinding machine for making poultry feed for my young chick's and my ducks... My chick's feeds on chick mash while my duck s feed s on maize carrots and grass . The maize used is crushed locally and sometimes it is the remains that come from a maize millers . So far I have lost many chicks due to cockcidiosis a disease caused due to cold and dump environment. I contacted a local veterinary who gave me remedy to the remaining chicken am looking foward to you zidisha helping me out

Project Proposal

I want to do a good description of how am going to use the funds I will get from zidisha lenders .... I am a poultry farmer located in nyeri county ,othaya subcounty , iri aini ward, iri aini location kairuthi sublocation Gathumbi village, kihungi subvillage mukaro road... My intention is Tu use this funds for the purpose of poultry production... I do poultry farming... I farm , hens, goose, ducks cocks and chicks ... I will use the funds to buy feeds





  • mariamfula    Mar 4, 2018

    Glad to hear things are going well. Thanks for a very prompt repayment in full. Best of luck.

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Jul 26, 2022

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Stephen Onyango

Mombasa, Kenya

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