David M

Nakuru, Kenya

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David M

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July 2010

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343 installments  •  88%

About Me

I grew in small village called mahiga . I schooled there up to class eight and due to luck of fund I did not get further education . I left home so that I could look for a living to leave space for the other siblings and to look for money to assist my parents to educate the others. I got daily wages from big farm owners and for about three years i saved and managed to buy a bicycle. I started selling local vegetables from house to house with the bicycle. Due to dry seasons the vegetables were not available so i started cooking half cakes (kangumus). With kangumu i managed to save selling second hand clothes and shoes and save yet more to open a retail shop then due to competition i left shopkeeping to bakery up to date.with bakery through zidisha lender i have a house for my family .anyway am married and have seven children now five of them are at school .i like reading the bible with them when e are free. i like it so much. a part from my children i have three of my sister who was left by her husband. and we are doing good.

My Business

I bake cakes, teascorns breads and buns.I also deepfly dognuts.I prepare drinks like tea and coffe and other drink eg joise and sodas and sell it in my kiosk.The nearest area where you can find a producd of the same is ten km ,thus making my product of demand within my locality.I trust and believe people must eat to live. So decided to bring a unique product.I usually make 1500 to1700 kes dairy and save a third of my dairy profit.I use my profit in food suplement ,pay school for children and buy small sheep and goat and rear them to sell when they are big enough.I use to sell at good price.I am also used to give2000 to 3000kes to my old parents to cater for household.

Loan Proposal

As business is booming in this harvesting season, am intending to upgrade my retail shop to a wholesale for some domestic items such as sugar, rice, varieties of flour, soaps and detergents among others to the customers satisfaction. My premises has enough storage capacity for the new venture. I anticipate to broaden my customers base to include those having small kiosks in the locality since there is no any other wholesale business the area. Currently, all business people rely on wholesalers in Nakuru town which is about 50 km away. Going by the current trend of businesses around and the growing demand for general domestic items, am sure a stock worth sh 90000 will generate a profit of about sh 15000 within at most two weeks. A second purchase of a similar worth leaves me with a profit/ income of sh 30000 per month. Am confident that i will service my loan comfortably.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Aug 21, 2012

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

12 months



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