Business expansion: building shelves

Daniel Ajulu

Nairobi, Kenya

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Daniel Ajulu

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About Me

My Name is Daniel Obudho, i am a graduate of Economics and sociology. I left employment in 2014. Started very small in business, little capital and support from family. Its not been easy, persistence has kept me going. Due to low funds and bad choices my business has gone through a lot of storms and still stood. i have learnt to be master of all, i diversify a lot.

My Business

i have M-pesa, Equity and Family agency, at the end of the month the agency pay me commissions, i diversify a lot, i have a photocopy machine, a have 5 computers that i use for cyber purposes and i also sell pop corn in my shop. i am situated next to a clinic i plan to stock items such us pampers and item that can be bought by expecting mothers , also want to add cooperative agency. I have employed 3 persons plus my wife. My First born is to join form one next year

Loan Proposal

The loan is basically for business expansion, I plan to construct beautiful wall shelves. The shelves will give me more room for display of my goods hence diversification in my business

Income Source

The plan is a side hassle, my business is an ongoing one, the items that I plan to sell will complement the services that I offer .In main business my major clients are expectant mothers who come to visit the clinic. I mainly do photocopy for them. Now as they come to do photocopy I want to sell other goods that go along with expectant mothers like pampers in wholesale prices





  • BienesDar    Apr 27, 2022

    Greetings from in Spain. We have just contributed to this project as we believe will provide jobs and well being for others too. Keep up the good work, Daniel's son !

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Oct 26, 2020

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8 weeks

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