Business expansion of livestock and M-Pesa agency

Daniel Ajulu

Nairobi, Kenya

100% repaid



Daniel Ajulu


Nairobi, Kenya

On-time repayments

46 weekly installments  •  100%

About Me

My Name is Daniel Obudho, i am a graduate of Economics and sociology. I left employment in 2014. Started very small in business, little capital and support from family. Its not been easy, persistence has kept me going. Due to low funds and bad choices my business has gone through a lot of storms and still stood. i have learnt to be master of all, i diversify a lot.

My Business

i have M-pesa, Equity and Family agency, at the end of the month the agency pay me commissions, i diversify a lot, i have a photocopy machine, a have 5 computers that i use for cyber purposes and i also sell pop corn in my shop. i am situated next to a clinic i plan to stock items such us pampers and item that can be bought by expecting mothers , also want to add cooperative agency. I have employed 3 persons plus my wife. My First born is to join form one next year

Loan Proposal

Sold old machines that were expensive to maintain, need to replace the old machine with digitally faster one for efficient service to my clients and also prepare for schools reopening by addition of sales items for school; stationeries,

Income Source

I plan to repay the loan from sales and service proceeds from my shop. The business is an ongoing one and can easily afford to pay at least 3000 ksh weekly from the expanded and diversified sales proceeds





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Dec 24, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

7 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $18.61

Credit risk payment: $44.65



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  • Daniel Ajulu    Nov 27, 2021

    Thanks a great deal to Zidisha, with Zidisha the future is bright and i believe that i businesses are growing from one glory to another with funds from the team members

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Nov 27, 2021

    I have school fees emergency, zero balance required at school

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Nov 22, 2021

    The next loan that i will apply i will use in video hall seats/ furniture construction, at the moment i am using temporary structures as seats.

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Nov 22, 2021

    This is confirmation that i have received the loan of 28,000, successfully bought the 43 TV inches that was intended for and i have managed to pay back 50% of the loan. The video hall business is picking up. Indeed again grateful to team Zidisha for the funds

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Oct 6, 2021

    Just very very grateful for the funding, Zidisha is making me soar high and giving me energy to do great business. I am going to buy a TV 43 inches for my new business and fix electricity in my rural home, something that was just a dream Zidisha is making it come true. This is a my new project in my rural area apart from assisting me its going to create job opportunity to 2 new individuals and put bread in their table

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  • Maureen Masheke    Oct 5, 2021

    Good luck

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Sep 16, 2021

    this the hall that i intend to put the 43'' TV for showing football leagues

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Sep 13, 2021

    With previous loan i managed to fence my home, build sheep house and bought one sheep and 15 local chickens, if not stealing and poor management of chicks by my house help i could be have more than 30 chicks, still i have about laying chicks and about 20 young chicks

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Jul 10, 2021

    Cash flow down, but i have to re pay,, third term ending where costs are cut down

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Jun 5, 2021

    Cash flow down, most of my business supplies are experiencing delays in payments mostly from schools hence adversely affecting my savings

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Apr 22, 2021

    Lock down effects in Nairobi affecting the cash flow of the business

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Mar 14, 2021

    My son had a dislocation and for him to be treated i had to pay an upfront payment of two years up to 2023 march. this emergency has drastically affected my finances

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Feb 6, 2021

    Business in the new year is slowly moving and to avoid problems with the county government i am working on renewing the business license

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Jan 3, 2021

    The loan given directed to upcountry farm, the land is productive and has been lying fallow since the time I inherited it. Am fencing it for sheep and chicken rearing

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Dec 23, 2020

    God is great, the loan is granted just on time when I need it most for business. I am confidently going for the printer which I had booked

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Dec 12, 2020

    I have sold my old printing Epson machines plan to buy a new one at a price of 42,000

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Nov 2, 2020

    I had received the disbursed loan and have already began payment process, part of the cash did as I had previously informed " used for paying college fee for my intern", the rest of the cash i added shop stock, once again thank you and i am working hard towards repayment to increase my rate to enable me do great

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Oct 26, 2020

    Thank you for the loan, one of my orphan intern re-called back to college part of the cash i am paying for his college fees. School programme changed from January 2021 to October 2020. Caught us off-guard, The loan i must pay anyway by all means and my business plans also will go on as planned

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Oct 20, 2020

    Thank you for the previous loan, i had a plan of constructing shop shelves, since the cash was not enough i had to deposit down payment until i get enough cash. This next loan i want to clear the payment for shelves material

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  • Daniel Ajulu    Oct 19, 2020

    Good evening, i had received the loan and i had received 3087/- after the deduction of 10% and the credit risk fee. The amount i paid down payment for materials for constructing wall shelves. Thank you and a big appreciation for the loan

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