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About Me

My name is Timothy Kimani, a Kenyan born in Muranga county of central Kenya. I was born in a family of 8 where I am the 6th born. My parents are peasant farmers who struggled to raise us up and put us through school. I later moved to Mombasa to look for a job.

I married ten years ago but unfortunately my wife passed on during the delivery of our second born. Luckily the baby survived and he is now turning 5 years in December this year. I take care of the two kids on my own and sometimes get help from my sisters when they get time to do so.

I work very hard in my business while at the same time looking after the little ones.

My Business

I am a music producer and my niche is local gospel artistes. My mainstay job is to sell and market the music of these artistes. I also do consultancy jobs in the same field due to my long experience and knowledge in this area. I also do artwork for the CD covers and promotional posters and banners.

I normally link up with music recorders who refer the musicians to my shop where I do mass duplications of their CDs. VCDs and DVDs. I am currently serving about 40 artistes. This is an all season business and there is a constant flow of income daily. I make an average income of about $250 after paying all the business related bills.

My main challenge in this business is lack of credit since the local institutions only deals with big business as they consider small outfits such as mine a risk.

Loan Proposal

My journey of replacing my aging equipment has been made possible by the credit facility I have received so far from Zidisha. Without this, it would have been very difficult to operate with old malfunctioning machine. I now want to do the final phase of this exercise by replacing my two old printers with a modern faster digital printer.

I also intend to buy an office chair with a good back rest because I work for long hours and I am currently using an arm plastic chair which is not suitable for the work I do. This is taking a toll on my back as I suffer from backaches every now and then.

My Budget

A new printer will cost me USD 450 and a good quality office chair will cost me USD170. I am hoping to sell my two old printers as salvages and make about USD120. Therefore, with this loan and the proceeds from the sale, I will be able to acquire these two items which are very important in my work.

You have supported me before and I hope you will do it once more. Thank you.

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Apr 27, 2021: Work or my hands





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Classic Loan

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Jul 1, 2015

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