Buy butter, honey, and oils to produce skincare products

Modesta Agyarko

Techiman, Ghana

35% repaid



Modesta Agyarko

Member since

September 2016

On-time repayments

95 installments  •  74%

About Me

My name is Modesta Asantewaa Agyarko, the first girl in a family of five children, am an entrepreneur and a student nurse..My mum is a petty trader who tries to make a living for my family.. My dad is a blind so my mum and I takes care of the family through my bussiness... Am into soap making and skin care products I do this bussiness so as to make a living for my family and I, and also to pay for my fees..

My Business

My bussiness is called butterflygh home of beauty.. we are into health beauty and lifestyle.. We make skin care products made from natural raw materials in Ghana like Sheabutter, cocoa butter, coconut oil etc....we teach many young ladies to love the skin they are born with and help solve skin issues like acne, sunburn etc using natural home made product loaded with lots of nutrients.we hope to eradicate the use of harsh chemicals which most young ladies endulge in,in the aim of changing their skin colour.. our aim is to bring young ladies together and give them a source of income and to help them pressure their dreams.... I say we because I do this bussiness with my sister and friends... Am applying for this loan so I can buy more raw materials to produce more products... am planning to expand my customer base outside Ghana. with this loan I can create more products and offer more income to more young ladies in my community...

Loan Proposal

If am given this loan... I will use 250 dollars to buy raw materials such as cocoa butter, honey and oils from Nigeria to make more products to meet the demand. I will also use the rest of the money to invest in good bottles since the ones I have are giving me problems. This will enable me to make about 41 percent profit and enable me to cater for my family, the needy in my community and create employment for others people in my community.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 23, 2018

Repayment status


Projected term

9 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $8.36

Credit risk payment: $16.71



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