Buy pesticide to prevent termites

Serah Kimani

Naivasha Timboroa, Kenya

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Serah Kimani

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May 2018

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7 installments  •  71%

About Me

My name is serah kimani I am a single mother with 3chidren in school my family background is very sad I grew up in Eldamaravine with my parents .I am akikuyu by tribe Eldama Ravine is Land for Kale jins we were affected by tribal clashes during elections and my parents lost all the property I had gone to stay with them after I lost my husband my education background is class 7i did not make it to finish school since I was the first born and my parents used me for child labor to feed the other kids since I was the first born .however I managed to overcome that I came to Naivasha and did some work in flower farms finally I saved some money and began to do some timber business .my Hobie's include farming acting movies

My Business

My business is timber business my customers are mainly schools and small hotels or restaurants who use timber or firewood for fuel I normally get my timber from the forest I come to sell in ayard where I get clients who come to purchase some for building others for firewood more st of my customers are for fuel my main costs ate transport I pay the forest department levy fee I pay the rent for the yard 50 dol
ars per month I pay one casual worker who helps me in sorting and selling and reloading from the lorry .my net profits are 400 dollars per month my main challenge is during rain season traveling to the forest is difficult due to the mud my profits are used to pay fees for my kids pay rent medical care home developments .most of my customers who have hotels prefer my services because I deliver to them the fire wood on time I also give them dry wood at good prices .

Loan Proposal

I will buy some pesticide that prevents termites from destroying the timber hence I will sell good quality timber and firewood .this will improve my income since the price will be good and I will attract more customers






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jun 20, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $0.50

Credit risk payment: $1.00


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