Buying needed materials for my art work and barbering shop


Accra, Ghana

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July 2019

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About Me

Benjamin Pappoe is my name, born in Greater Accra and was raise and train in Accra with my brother Sam and me, i was the elder son. We lost our dad after i completed Junior High School, Honestly speaking it wasn't easy struggling to further my Education to the Senior High School and also help Sam further his own. I had a job as a labour which helped me save more money for my education and also take care of my little brother. Mum left us when we were just littIe. I studied Visual Arts at school because my greatest vision is to be an Artist. I completed school and decided to set up my own small business with my talent through Arts because I couldn't further my education to the University due to Financial crises. Even though I wasnt making enough money through it but I still never gave up hope cos I have always believed in myself. It came to a time that i needed more money to buy more materials to enable me sketch more works for customers. I needed a loan badly but i couldn't find none since all the banks needed so many paper works and etc. As a matter of fact I lost all hope totally until one day I decided to visit the internet when i came across Zidisha , I read a lot about peoples projects and how it has really helped to Change lives and the kind of impact,smiles and transformation entrepreneurs are enjoying, i was so amazed and couldn't believe it. So I decided to give it a try by registering and upgrading to the premium after payment confirmation i took my first loan and payed on time, I really enjoyed it a lot because deep within my heart I knew Zidisha Will make my dreams Come true. This has been my greatest story so far and am glad I meet Zidisha. Long Live Zidisha Forever

My Business

I am into Arts, paintings and crafting of beautiful images, I most at times sketch beautiful landscapes, nature and anything a customer wants. Normally one painting cost $
20 to $40 depending on the kind of work a customer brings. Most at times i make about $60 to $100 a week. I believe with the help of Zidisha I will be able to make the world recognized my gift and will be willing to teach and make a difference through the power of Art.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to buy more needed materials for both my art work and ma barbering shop and also do some maintenances. This loan will really help me make my work more efficient





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Classic Loan

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Nov 13, 2019

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14 months



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