Buying sewing machines for my shop

Mary Hayford

Cape Coast, Ghana

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Mary Hayford

Member since

July 2016

On-time repayments

30 installments  •  67%

About Me

Let me first of all acknowledge the fact that i am so happy to be part of this wonderful family at Zidisha. Hence thank you for the opportunity. Mary Hayford is my name and i am a young Tailor. I am currently doing well with my business. for me, tailoring is a business i and i do it very well and for that matter it have been producing lots of profits and results.
I was raised by my dad alone since my mom left the marriage when i was so young. i finished Basic school but i could not continue due to financial troubles and as it was the norm in my locality then, I had to learn a trade. i learn how to sow dresses under an apprentice program for three whole years. it was tough but i went through it with and in good faith with hope that these days would come when i will own own shop and make a lot of improvements in my own life.
I am not married, i still live with my father in the same house. too. I read a lot of inspirational things too in my free time. I am hardworking and very dedicated to my work too.

My Business

I provide Tailoring services to the whole of my community. I sow new clothes too but not often . I currently own my own small shop where i work from and it has been of so much help now.
People in my community do a lot of sowing daily and sometimes i over work even by making alterations and sowing new dresses. Therefore i choose this business for the demand and also at that time that was what my father could afford to help me learn.
I pay electricity bills and other taxes, i buy some local textiles and thread, bottoms and many other things. hence my typical cost is not that much and my profits far exceed my expenditures. I take care of my father and myself from my profits and i save quiet a small percentage.

Loan Proposal

I will be using the loan to buy four sowing machines for three apprentice i have completed the processes with their parents to admit to train them for the next three years and one also for myself. The four Machines will costing $450.
Hence the loan amount that i will receive together with my savings will be used to buy the four machines for their use. they will be paying apprentice fees before starting too. this will also help me with the weekly repayment.
The loan will help me to help these young ones that have dreams today just like i had. still from daily operations of sowing new clothing, making alterations and etc, i will be able to repay the loan on time and get on board with bigger help to help me expand my office and admit more people in my community.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 13, 2017

Repayment status


Projected term

61 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $10.13

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