Buying a tuk-tuk for taxi business

Philemon Misoi

Ayany, Kenya

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Philemon Misoi

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April 2017

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About Me

I am an entrepreneur by proffession .I graduted on 1st December 2017.I was born in poor family of 11 children.Four sisters an seven brothers .I went through hardship and challenges in my tender age due to finacial challenge .Being a big family I struggled through toil and hardship that made me to be self-reliant .The hardship and challenges forced me to be developed financial independence .While I was in my primary school at the age of 12 I started operating small business as hawker selling mangoes and oranges at Kamoiywa village .This built my entrepreneurial skills and the desire to have financial freedom.After four years I joined Karatina University and I have managed to complete my degree of bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and graduated on 1st December 2017.Currently,I am Working with Juhudi Kilimo as a partime job as I explore the business opportunities. I am still operating transport business.Currently ,I own one motorbyke and planning to acquire another new motorbyke that will transform my transport business.I am determined to established my business and become the manager of transport business .My dream is to expand my transport business to acquire more cars to acheive my dream of being a millionnaire.
My hobby is networking and this has enable me to get more business opportunities in network marketing as well as sharing ideas about upcoming business ventures.

My Business

As a sole proprietor, I operate a transport business .I am in possession of 1 motorbikes facilitating transport businesses within small town s. Its operating from morning till 8 pm at night.I have managed to employ one person to carry out the transportation.
Currently, I earn 100 dollars per month after deducting monthly expenses.Due to low season and long election period the transport sector has been affected adversely. The transport in small towns has high demand because it's the only profit convenient mode of transportation in rural areas.
Since we have dynamic changes in transport sector their is a need to shift to use the Pro-box car since its now the convinient mode of transport and also more profitable than motorbike . I have managed to saved 2500 dollars.I am looking forward to accumulate the saving and reinvest .Through savings,and loan that I expect from lender I will be able to get 1500 dollars to buy a Toyota Pro-box costing 4000 dollars . This would enable me to increase my income to a higher level of 250 dollars per day .I am really yearning to start my career and grow to be a millionaire.
I also have a plan to diversify my business by venturing into selling gas cylinders as well as gas for cooking.Moreover ,as ambitious entrepreneur and also opening shop for selling second-hnad clothes(mitumba).This business will create more income as plan to venture to other lucrative businesses.
I am anticipating to minimize cost by selling the gas cyliders and second-hand clothes by the nearby shop to avoid rent expenses and minimizing the costs.I also found selling cooking gas within the estate would create a large market for my business since most consumers are within the vicinty.
My plan is assisst my parents in their upkeep as well as reivest more to generate more income.

Project Proposal

I would wish to expand my water business by adding another Tuk tuk costing 2700$.I have been able to save 130$ from my water supply and transport business.
Every week profit ranges from 250 to 300$.
I am in need to expand my business to due to high demand from customers.
The expected increase in income to about 450$.
I requested for funding to help achieve my dream as an entrepreneur.





  • Mary    Nov 4, 2017

    Philemon is an excellent borrower!!

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    • Philemon Misoi    Nov 11, 2017

      Thank you.I am grateful for your support. I am glad because of zidisha team for being of help to me as a young entrepreneur. I am hopeful that my dream will be realised through the support of zidisha team and well wishers.

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      • Philemon Misoi    Nov 26, 2017

        Hello lenders, I am glad to be a member of zidisha community .Kindly consider my loan proposal I need your support to grow my business .

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    • Philemon Misoi    Dec 6, 2017

      Hello Mary, I have given my proposal kindly consider my request .

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      • Philemon Misoi    Sep 11, 2018

        Hello Lenders, my transport is on progress despite the challenges I am going through in transport sector.We have had rainy season that has affected our business. I am hoping to clear loan soon with lump sum of cash.Thank you lenders ,I appreciate your support. God bless you.

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May 30, 2022

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