Clothes materials to make school uniforms

Janet Thoya

Kibaoni, Kenya

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Janet Thoya

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April 2015

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About Me

My name is Janet Thoya. I am a third born in a family of eight . My childhood education was faced with a series of challenges ranging from social to economic challenges.
I lost my father when I was hardly ten years of age.
This became the root of my challenges in education and life in general. My elder sisters were forced to drop out of school to help my mum working for wages in order to provide for our basic needs.
Currently I live with my mum and my
little siblings. My elder sisters are married so my mum and I are the only hope for these kids.
Amid these challenges I learnt several skills including dress making, knitting and hair dressing. From the little we made in daily basis I managed to save a little so as to start my business. Finally I raised $25.00 and started my small business of sewing clothes.
One thing I like about our culture is that the people value and appreciate skills and talents.
I would like to raise my future children to be responsible persons in my society and in the world at large.
My hobby is singing and I was chosen as a youth choir leader in my local church. I also like interacting with nature especially the ocean. During my free time I go to the beach and enjoy the breeze.

My Business

My business is producing and selling clothing as well as repairing torn clothes in my village.
Clothes have a high demand as they are basic needs to human beings. More often I make school children uniform because they are on high demand.
On the other hand, those who cannot afford new clothes bring their old torn clothes for repair.
I chose this business because I found that I could start with small capital and it had a high demand among the local people.
Currently, the total cost is $50.00 and I make $3.00 a day.
I pay rent of $1.00 daily and walk home with $2.00.
I use $1.00 for food in the family daily and save $1.00 every day which I in turn use it to pay school fees for my little siblings. I hardly have enough to expand my business. Its my mother who help me marketing the products.

Loan Proposal

If I get this loan I will use it to purchase clothes materials to make school uniforms.
I will use $45 to purchase clothes material for making shirts.
Then about $65 will be for clothes materials to make shorts for boys and skirts for girls.
This will really help me make uniforms for the school pupils in the village.
This will also increase my earnings and be able to assist those who needs my help.





  • Day Family    Feb 23, 2019

    Unfortunately a loan of over $700 was not repaid 2 years after due, with no updates from the borrower despite follow ups from mentors.

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Classic Loan

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Sep 23, 2015

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On Time

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2 months

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