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Edward Agola

Kadongo, Kenya

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Edward Agola

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June 2015

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About Me

About Me
I am a young health professional committed to making a difference in my community, and in the world. I have a diploma in Clinical Medicine, Community health & Surgery. With great pleasure, I can share that I am now registered to complete my degree in clinical medicine on the weekends! I have also taken courses in maternal and child health, reproductive health, communicable & non-communicable disease.

I live in Kadongo (population: 40, 772) and am not married.

My Business

In 2015, I spearheaded the creation of a Community Based Organization (CBO) called Hecomkenya. ( We are now a team of 15 committed volunteers who run a medical facility and community educational health programs, with a focus on helping the disadvantaged members of our society.

We have a particular interest in health care touching on all aspects of human reproduction, including access to contraceptive choices, sexual education, menstrual health management for all girls and women, and maternal child health.

We give free health information talks at various community locations, such as learning institutions, worksites, and healthcare centers. Recently, our topics have included: family planning, menstrual hygiene and the prevalence and risks of 'back alley' abortion. Our focus is on preventing unwanted pregnancy through education and access to contraception.

We have been experimenting with different approaches, including giving out free condoms in discreet bags, when appropriate. We also track our activities and our progress toward our goals.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. I am grateful to all of lenders for being my partners in creating a sustainable and healthy future.

Loan Proposal

With this loan, I plan to spend 8,000 ksh on the running of the health facility, including a supply of much needed pharmaceuticals.

The other 10,000 ksh will be dedicated to contraception - both educational outreach and supplies. We will direct energy towards sexual health education and offer conyraceptive options such as UDS, implants and injections of depo provera. We will offer condoms for sale, as well as giving out discrete packages of free condoms at our health talks.

40% of the earnings from the medical center will be used for zidisha loan repayment. I am particularly motivated to have a perfect repayment record and on-time repayment to increase the amount of my future loans.

Thank you!






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