Office equipment, stationery, and furniture purchase

Edward Agola
Kadongo, Kenya
Volunteer Mentor: Silas Barasa
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Disbursed Amount: $151.49
Date Disbursed: Dec 9, 2016
Repayment Status: Late
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 3 months
Cost of Loan: $7.47
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About Me

I am a young entrepreneur who believes that entrepreneurship is like boxing and that, you lose/fail because you choose not to stand up.

I also believe in the blessings that comes with giving and the 'power of many'

My Business

Initially Hecom Medical Centre and recently registered with the Kenya’s Department of Gender and Social Services as a Community Based Organization (CBO), the organization has been joined by health workers of varied backgrounds who in the past volunteered in several community health programs helping disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the society.

The organization has an aim of reducing morbidity and mortality cases caused by preventable health conditions through consistent and continuous community health education in addition to advocacy and support of implementation of health reforms in the country.

At Hecom we believe that; involving communities directly in effort change and advocating for volunteerism, contributes significantly to community project implementation and sustainability; supporting consistent and effective community health education improves communities’ in-depth understanding of pertinent health issues thereby increasing access to healthcare services with subsequent reduction of morbidity /mortality cases from preventable diseases.

Our core values:
1. Volunteerism
2. Collaboration
3. Integrity
4. Transparency

Our vision:
Be able to improve access to efficient, integrated and high quality affordable community based healthcare services in the country, through community health education and health reform advocacy and implementation.

1. To improve the quality, availability, and effectiveness of community educational programs with special focus on Mother-Child Health and Cross cutting issues within the community.
a) Conceptualize, develop, execute and evaluate community health educational health programs.
b) Invest in and or support collaboration with individuals, institutions, organization and promote educational efforts to educate the community on health.
c) Reach the community with health information through existing social structures i.e. schools, worksites, healthcare facilities and groups.
d) Employ continuous community participatory and interactive educational approaches.

2. To support policy and advocacy efforts to implement health reforms that ensure communities have access to culturally acceptable, affordable and high quality healthcare.
a) Invest in and or support advocacy efforts to eliminate barriers to accessible, affordable, high quality healthcare.
b) Invest in and or support collaboration with institutions/organizations that are committed to community based health care service provision.

3. To gain the broadest possible community-wide support.
a) Facilitate formation of committees in areas of project implementation with its members drawn from area sub-units and with support from local authorities.
b) Each committee headed by Location Representative (LR), actively participates in community health problem resolution and project implementation.

4. To operate so as to allow associates to fully utilize their capabilities for the achievement of organizations’ goals.
a) Provide a favorable working environment that allows for personality fulfillment, personal/interpersonal relations improvement and encourages associates to take up roles/positions they are qualified in or skilled at through periodic capacity building programs/training and constitution enactment/enforcement.

Loan Proposal

The organizations activities are currently being managed at a medical facility (with no adequate rooms) that the organization runs. we are sourcing out for funds to help us set up an office in a nearby centre.

Currently we need about USD140 to add onto what we already have to
buy computers, a printer, office tables, chairs, benches and cabinets.

40% of the earnings from the medical centre will be used for zidisha loan repayment, pay Salaries and take care of bills and other expenses as 60% facilitates the projects.

I would like to thank my previous lenders for having believed in us and reassure lenders and Zidisha team that this loan's repayments will be done in good time.

Thank you!

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  • Flipmore     Nov 28, 2016


    A pleasure to lend to Edward

  • Emma     Jul 18, 2016


    Doing great work :-) Would happily lend to again.

    Wishing you all the best with all that you're trying to achieve Edward :-) Emma.

  • Markus     Oct 18, 2015


    Okay :)


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Office equipment, stationery, and furniture purchase

Edward Agola
Kadongo, Kenya

60% Repaid