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Francis Wanyonyi

Kitale, Kenya

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Francis Wanyonyi

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April 2018

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About Me

I was born in early 1980s, being number nine in family of 15 siblings. My father was a peasant farmer on one acre farm. We didn't get enough from the farm to sustain us for a year. We worked on peoples farm to meet our family needs. My mother was a house wife.
I went to village school, both primary and secondary. My parents could not raise my fee for a boarding school. Secondary school fees was paid through manual services rendered to the school by my father. I also used to bake bricks together with my brothers during holidays and evening after school to raise our fees.
With all the challenges we managed as a family by working hard in every activity i was involved in. My objective was to change the state of our family and the community. I am sure am on the right path of salvaging my people from poverty.
I entered into farming (commercial crop production), producing maize after selling some bricks i baked on my fathers land. I later bought a poshomill for milling maize i get from farming before i sell it as flour.
The land i stay is very viable in business line. High population, good security, easily accessible and market gaps not fully exploited.
I have two children, my first borne daughter in grade one dreams of being a pilot.
My free time is more spent on research about business world and social development. My uniqueness is persistent and hard work.

My Business

I have a double business. I produce maize and I also mill maize I produce.
Maize (ugali) is a staple food to my community and that's why it's on high demand.
I chose it as it is simple to start and easy to manage. Returns are also guaranteed.
Costs include leasing of land, tilling, labour on services required, transportation, electricity bill.
Revenues include selling of maize cereals, maize flour and profit on maize mill.
Profit is ploughed back into the business and some paying for fees and food.

Loan Proposal

I have a dairy that I milk daily. I have realized that it's production increases when I give it food supplements from agrovet. So I will like to buy 20kgs of dairy meal which costs 800/_

Income Source

Milk is basic product to all families. I have customers who buy milk daily and they pay at end month so I will use the proceeds to repay the loan






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Classic Loan

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Jul 24, 2020

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On Time

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2 weeks

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Service fee: $0.68

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Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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