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Nairobi, Kenya

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October 2015

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About Me

My names are Patrick Tom land, a first born in a family of six, born in western Kenya, Kakamega county, educated in Musaa primary up 1994,when i did my k.c.p.e, joined Bushingala high 1995 to 1998, where I sat for my KCSE.

in the year 2000 I moved to Nairobi in search of better job, i managed to work as a casual worker in a construction company [H.young east Africa limited,] in the same year 2000 to 2001, August, I ventured into the business world. I worked as a barber for 3years , In a clothing and shoes boutique for 3years, water Vender for 2years,.
It is while I worked in this jobs that I managed to save some money and bought a motorbike . That is how I ventured into Transport industry in the year 2010.
Before purchasing my motorbike , I tell you I really struggled because I was paid very little money .I always prayed to God to give me courage and strength so that I save at least ksh500 per week. It took me up to 5years to purchase the motorbike. At some point I could sleep in the Barber shop because i had no money to rent another house.
Personally am a Luhya and my community has several cultures including bull fighting and cork fighting.This attracts so many people who enjoy this game.
My daughter want to be a pilot when she grows up. (She always tells me that she will carry me on the aeroplane.)
I like sharing with needy people.

My Business

I offer transport services to the people of Nairobi and Utawala area.
Transport is so demanding because motorbikes are liked much for their quick ,affordable and can access places where vehicles cannot access. Motorbikes are also much used by Nairobians to avade Traffic jam.
I chose this type of business because it is profitable and has alot of demand by the people. Also the capital to start the business is not much.

Typical costs
in a day i can make up to $15
fuel - $5
Maintenance- $5
total $10

I save $5 per day

how I use the profits
-school fees for my child
-Rent for my house
-initiating other businesses

Project Proposal

The funds raised will be useful for clearing fee balance for my daughter, purchase of training materials, purchase of school uniform, purchase of books,and payment of her transport to and from school.





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Jul 19, 2022


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