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Richard Tawiah

Apam, Ghana

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Richard Tawiah

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May 2021

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About Me

I am 22 year old man , the first born among 4 kids.
Both parents are small scale farmers on a piece of land my father inherited. The land has been cultivated over and over again and it no longer yields enough .
As a young boy i was very hard working and as a first born, I always want to persevere through all obstacles to be the light among my family.
I completed JHS , saw a friend in the area I live who is a professional tailor and inform him of my intention to learn from him.
Though I had no money to pay for head price before apprenticeship, he obliged to help me.
I'm currently in my 3rd and final year of learning to be a professional Fashionist

My Business

I am a tailor who currently work on small scale at home. Business took a slow start but after the community realized how good I was , evidenced by the materials I have shown for people, many people are patronizing my services.

I want to get a container on a piece of land near our home and fully establish myself.

Project Proposal

Zidisha has really help me as a young entrepreneur in the rural part of Ghana.
I started with buying small sewing accessories to help style neighbours.
This is how I gain popularity with the garments I show.
I currently want to get an electric sewing machine to make my work more convenient and faster to do.
I currently have a good market base and it is on this grounds that I currently need to get the job done quickly and on time.
Thank you.

My Videos

Jun 15, 2021: Richard tawiah





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Jun 17, 2021

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