Starting a poultry farm

Charles Wairagu

Mwiki Estate, Kasarani Nairobi, Kenya

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Charles Wairagu

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May 2013

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About Me

My names are Charles Wairagu and 26 year old and married with with two children. I started my primary school in the year 1993 and finished in the year 2001 where I got a certificate of primary education with a grade of C+ Then continued for my secondary school in a school called Thanchathi Secondary school where I did my O level and passed with a grade of C, After school I did not go to college because my parent could not afford the school fees and were taking care of my other brothers and sisters

My Business

After taking my O level examination I did not join any college due to lack of School fee. I decided to start my own business after working as casual laborer to raise enough capital to start a business of selling green grocer.. I started this business and operated for a period of one year, before starting another business of selling smokies, boiled eggs, Samose a long Mwiki Road opposite Njeri house. This business is doing well and through this am able to feed my family and pay for all of their basic goods and services. In a day I make a profit of Ksh 100 that is about ksh 30,000 a month the money I use to pay for my family needs and pay for house rent and save about 10 percent in my and account..

Loan Proposal

I will use the money to buy 1000 chicken which will cost USD1,000, USD500 will spend on house will the balance will go to food, maintenance and medication. The chicken will lay proximate 800 eggs per day giving me a revenue of Ksh 8,000 per day which I will sell them in my business and other people available in my area .this will add more profit to my business.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 6, 2017

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On Time

Projected term

14 months


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