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Gekomu, Kenya

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July 2014

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About Me

am a Kenyan aged 29, the first born in the family of seven. I have a
diploma in social work from a public institution. During my college days
i encountered difficulties in the payment of college fee and so in my
first year i decided to venture in the firewood selling business and by
doing so i was able to offset my school balances and continued with this
business till today. The business earnings helps me to pay for the
premise, my residential rent, my younger sisters' school fees and my
personal up-keep. I have since the start of 2017 introduced an iniative of me,my family members and friends visiting and giving back to the community some percentage of my earnings to kids in my local children homes.

My Business

am in firewood selling industry whereby i have done this business for
Four years now. I earn my regular incomes from the selling of firewood charcoal and energy saving jikos
to households and schools. There is a great demand for my product
because am a licensed business person, the working hours is 12 hours
giving me an advantage over my competitors and am situated where the first aglance of a premise is my shop. The reason why these products are in great demand is because most of the residents are a mix of middle class and below the poverty level, so this is what a majority can afford. The reason behind me doing this business is to provide for the locals the products and services the would otherwise be walking miles miles looking for and another reason is to enable me and my family have something on the table and finally growth and sustainability. My business is profitable because it is
easy to access and the quality of my firewood is superior than of my
competitors. The threats i face is heavy rainfall and transportation of
the firewood from interior places. My typical monthly costs include:rent
is 37dollars,stock is 185 dollars,sales is 303 and my profits are 272
dollars. The profits I make from the business I use them on making additional stocks to my current one,my personal upkeep,meeting my family needs,educating my younger sister and giving back to the community in the form of donating to the children s' home in my locality. Kindly
consider lending me this cash to fulfill my desired goal in life.

Loan Proposal

loan that I am borrowing will assist me to add my firewood stock and
introduce charcoal as alternative for clients who prefer it. The exact
items are firewood which will cost 45 us dollars and charcoal which will
cost 5 us dollars.It is not the first time to sell charcoal but in fact
the second time am going to sell it. The reason for for incorporating
this is because in the previous loan the returns from charcoal really
made my earnings to sky rocket. This loan is going to help me add my
stock which will result to me making a lot of profits that will assist
me grow in business and also help in my personal up keep and continue
in assisting me to pay for my rented business premise. This loan will
help me raise my profits by 55% from the current 110.218 us dollars. Thank you
zidisha team for making life easy.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 30, 2015

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On Time

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3 weeks





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