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Alberta Brago

Accra, Ghana

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May 2021

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About Me

Alberta Brago Opoku is my name I'm the first child of my parents. I lose my mother 5years ago and since then life has become so hard for me I'm currently a student studying fashion designing and doing small businesses to support my family and to pay my school fees as well because my father is has lost his job and he is not able to provide for myself and my siblings.

My Business

I buy and sell clothing, provisions, cosmetics etc. I want to use the loan to invest into my business so that I would be able to buy more new stocks and sell so that I can pay my school fees and support my siblings as well. Since my father has lost his job

Project Proposal

I would like to use this loan to support myself in my Fashion design schooling i will use some to buy materials for practicals. It's true many business face risk in current economic climate but i will be paying back the loan from my personal savings and income from the business

My Videos

Jul 1, 2021: My video at my work place





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Pay It Forward

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Jul 2, 2021



Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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