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Josphine Obuya

Mbita Viillage, Kenya

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Josphine Obuya

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September 2016

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35 installments  •  51%

About Me

am josephine agola obuya, from mbita village ,homa bay country in south nyanza, am adoughter mr and mrs obuya as their second born out of 5ladies and 2 men . i grew up in mbita did my primary level in icipe primary school, later joined ogande girls high school , after that started my tesiary aducation in moi instutute of technology in migori country as well where i did certificate in food technology.

My Business

I started food grocery/ a shop with averring of first moving goods , i.e sugar salt , milk, bread, rice , flours, books ,/ stationary etc
These are day today useful food by the residents in the surrounding /location as well.
The reason why i decided to started this kind of business is due to lack of employment in my country i sat and decided to be an entrepreneur and due to demand this was as a result of lack shops in the areas therefore resident had to walk distance to market area.
This is retail shop where goods are not much expensive compared to other shopping malls/ supermarkets .
My profit is normally save for future expansion of my business as well spent in ,after the deduction of expenses like pay rent ,pay my kid schools fees,clothings,/ basic needs in afamily

Loan Proposal

-I will use this next load to renovates my grocery shop which is in bad station after strong rain which took place last year . this will cost Kenyan shilling of 2,500 for buying 2pcs of new iron sheets 4pcs of roofing poles and 3kgs of nails and labor charge for the work.
-The remaining balance it will be used to repaid of my faulty fridges for storing fresh fruits and perishable goods at accost of 1,500 .
-Therefore by doing this my grocery shop will be more attractive to new customer thus will boost by daily sales compared to current status now.
-This steps will also increase my due to good and quality products like fresh vegetables milk e.t.c as a result of good storage after i would have repair my faulty fridge successfully.





  • Margaret    Jun 6, 2017

    Josephine paid off her loan in a timely manner. Thank you!

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  • Peter    May 21, 2017

    Hi Josephine. Congratulations on your loan payments. I hope the loan was helpful for your business and added to your success. I hope your store continues to thrive.

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Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 16, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

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Service fee: $1.82


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