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Blessings Nyirenda

Lusaka, Zambia

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Blessings Nyirenda

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December 2023

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About Me

My name is Blessings Nyirenda , I was born in a family of 7 as the first born, I went to primary school and qualified for senior secondary school and I was selected to study for tertiary education at ST. GIDEON University ,I did obtain a Diploma in Administration , After completing my collage studies, I got a small job and started making a bit income for my self and helping my siblings and family. I started a grocery shop because in grocery there is good profits to make the business grow., I started this business because I was inspired by chain stores and and one of Uncles who was a business man in fast consumable goods. I also rare chickens as another source of income which is able to help me pay school for siblings who are still schooling , I have the passion for business ,Because of the passion I have in to grow and develop my business ,I live in a culture where people depend on farming , But they don't it on a large scare hence once I Zidisha begin to help access their loans, I will to grow the business venture in farming and start growing different types of crops and rare more chickens today to supply in supermarkets, restaurant and hotels. Next year we are planning to go and visit the famous Victoria Falls in Livingstone town which is a tourist capital of Zambia.

My Business

I sale different types of grocery goods in my retail shop and it is the main source of income and livelihood Mostly I sale highly consumable good which my customers buy on a daily basis. These are daily basic needs which people consume on daily basis. I choose these type of business because I make daily sales and I earn good profits. Therefore I want to grow this business by stocking up in bulk most goods because of this time of December, when most people are celebrating the festive season they buy in large in quantities. Grocery retail shop is highly profitable, for example when Invest ZMK 35000.00 and able to generate ZMW 10,500 as profit per Month. The profits mainly is the one I use to pay the shop rental, pay school fees for my children and siblings, reinvestment and for improving the standard of living for family.

Project Proposal

I would like buy and stock up my shop with the following goods to sell during the festive season;
1. Soft drinks, such Fanta, Coca-Cola and the juice
2. Macaroni, rice, noddle's, sapaget
3. Cooking oil, 1l, 2l, 5l & 750l
4. Boom washing soap, 5kg. 10, 20kg & 25kg and sunlight washing soap
5. bathing soaps and toilet tissue
6. Cobra and kitchen cleaning liquids.
7. biscuits, milk, mailo, ricoffee and tea leaves
8. sugar both white spoon and brown sugar
Basically these goods in my shop are highly sellable and do help me generate income very fast. With these goods my customers will be benefit a lot as these goods will be available during this festive season.





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Feb 8, 2024



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