Lydiah Mwangi

Mukurweini,nyeri County., Kenya

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Lydiah Mwangi

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May 2013

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About Me

I am a married woman to caring and responsible man;Maina.We are blessed with three children whom we love so much.I joined the world of business shortly after completing my primary school education and till to date am carrying on with it.I realized the need to start small sale business in order to help myself and uplift standard of living of my family and with the aim of furthering my education in future.By this, i have been able to uplift my livelihood together with that of my family though i never joined seondary school to further my education.I am glad that my sibling and my children's living is better now.I have a very hardworking husband who is in full support in all my undertakings and with whom we are schooling our children.We look forward to giving them better education.By this support of yours,we will create a better foundation for their future.

My Business

I work as farmer alongside business in my area of residence and out within Kenya.I grow maize ,beans ,kales ,spinah and any other plants which are in higher demand.I therefore specialize in business of selling these commodities together with other related ones such as peas,millet ,sorgum which i do not grow in my plantations.I plan to expand my business to have the commodities from all corners ,no matter how long in order to supply them adequately to other small sale sellers countrywide.I also look forward to include seeds and seedlings in my business and also expand my plantation to large scale farming for adequate supply.Challenges are there as many as possible.Higher pries,higher transport cost,lack of enough commodities ,crop diseases and many more.All these are due to inadequate capital.With your support,i will be able to minimize these costs and be able to buy goods and grow in bulk thus minimizing costs and expenses and fight crop diseases.

Loan Proposal

I intend to invest in supplying those goods that are in high demand during this nearing christmas season such as christmas cards and other goods.
I experienced this after engaging in such kind of business in supplying exam cards in this season when students are sitting for their final exams.This made me earn a lot of profit which facilitated to clearing my loan.
I decided to clear my loan even before the scheduled time in order to get more fund to push on with the business as i take advantage of the season and i will appreciate your support.






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Classic Loan

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Nov 7, 2013

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On Time

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21 months




Moon, United States



Switzerland, Switzerland


Surrey, Canada


Southampton, United Kingdom



United Kingdom

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Feb 16, 2014


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Dec 14, 2013 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Jan 14, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Feb 14, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Mar 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Apr 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
May 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Jun 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Jul 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Aug 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Sep 15, 2014 $11.90 Feb 16, 2014 $11.90
Oct 15, 2014 $7.15 Feb 16, 2014 $7.15
Nov 14, 2014 $0.00
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