Inventory of textbooks & crayons for my nursery school

Poline Kadogo

Makunga, Kenya

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Poline Kadogo

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September 2014

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About Me

Pouline Oyula Kadogo was born in 1979 in a humble family and the third born in a family of five.
I went to school in makunga primary, Namirama girls hi9gh school where I completed my fourth form.
I got married immidiatly unfortunately my marriage did not work. My husband threw me out after he found new love catch and went a head to make love in my presence and on my matrimonial Bed.
I went back to my parents and fortunately was taken to college to persue a certificate in Early child hood Education ECDE at Kaimisi technical college.
I started a small kindergarten at home in a certain church where i have fifteen children enrolled in nursary.
To make ends meet i cook chips at road side after school to feed my family of two childen.
I believe that one day things will work well for me in life.

My Business

I started a small school with fifteen children who pay 1500/= per month. this enable me ran the school and at-least to see to it that children around our home get knowledge.
After school I fry chips and sell to taxi drivers and motor bike drivers. In a good day I get at-least 1000/= per day. This makes my total earning to something like 32000/= per month which enables me take care of my self and my children not to bother my aging parents.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders,
This being my third loan in Zidisha, I am a step a head. Since my school is steadily growing up.
Should I receive this third loan, Will buy a few text books for my pupils at school that are valued at about 210 Dollars and crayons at 50 dollars.
This will include a variety of them and several boxes of crayons.
With this facilities at my school most parents will be a bit relieved since most of my parents some are not employed and equipping their children with all the materials needed at school at times is difficult.
This will attract more parents to bring their kids for enrollment since the will know that the demands before admission is not tight since their children will be find some of the items at school.
This will also increase their financial input since they will concentrate on school fees and uniforms alone.
I depend on your support for the bright future of this young children.






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Classic Loan

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May 9, 2015

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On Time

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16 months



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