African smock materials (Batakali materials) for clothing production

Ernest Ponsu

Akim Oda, Ghana

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Ernest Ponsu

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August 2016

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About Me

My name is Ernest Ponsu and i come from Akim oda in the Eastern corridors of Ghana. i lived the whole of my live in the village of 5 brothers and 2 sister. i am second level leaver graduate school with good results and later went to the polytechnic to pursuit further studies in fashion and design.
Whist in school i develop the dream to become an entrepreneur who will build up a great future in clothe making and as well sew good dresses for people. whilst all this thought came running through my mind i put up certain measures to ensure that i actualize this merciful dream of mind. the idea was good but very challenging, so as the year inch further i started facing more and more challenges both in my private and academic life . Besides this, I gravely needed certain things to help me even complete my practical tuition and learning but was really a problem , so this and many more left me in abject decision as to how to complete the course. so, as i develop that habit of designing many pretty wears for people , the more i work on that the more i then garnered the in depth experience in clothes making and designs.
So in all this efforts , it helped me gained conscious of the need there after the service i set up a small store of which i am into some tailoring duties. since i still leave within the catchment areas i am able to get people to make their clothes for them.

My Business

Talking about the business i have just started is the tailoring business, rightly into sewing and designing good clothes for more clients . People develop likes for the smart collections and designs i bring on board so i work from morning to the evening 9 pm busy sewing and meeting the requirement of my customers.
Infact as a start up i acheived a profit target of GHS 523 which is equivalent to 130 USD for now in a week.. I am hoping to push up more than that but the resource and machines required to meet this pressing demand is inadequate. i have put up strong effort to acquire another machine that could help relieved the other machine when breakdown occurs, but anytime i try, i do not succeed . i was one day discussing this problem of mine to a friend who then told me to join zidisha since they can help me in affordable loans to re sustain my business. indeed i did not declined and hence decided to join and have this fell of relieved , so if am here today is on a look out to the good lenders out there to assist me revived this seemmily lost dream. i also hope to make good repayment and meet other coming opportunities . Thank you

Loan Proposal

As a very energetic young entrepreneur very mindful and careful about business, I have realize the strong need to really make my business profitable and a going -concern.

Crown by the support of my unfailing lenders and the zidisha community as well in everyday of my life i remain always thankful to them for expanding my tailoring business.

As of today, i have expanded in size and progressively. I need to extend my horizon into making of more Africa Smock (Batakali) for a very high patronage and this will depend on buying in more of their materials. I candidly need your support, base on my credit rating.





  • nicole    Aug 25, 2017

    My second loan to Ernest -- I recommend him to others & would be glad to lend to him a third time!

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  • nicole    Mar 13, 2017

    Ernest paid on time & I would be happy to lend to him again!

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Classic Loan

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Mar 20, 2017

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On Time

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5 months




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