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Sarah Ntsiful

Madina, Accra, Ghana, Ghana

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Sarah Ntsiful

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March 2015

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About Me

Sarah Ntsiful is my name. I am a Ghanaian. i had not all that a happy childhood but i am always grateful to my parents because anyhow they raised me was the best that they could do for me at that time given their financial strength. when i was a child i loved toys and i can still see that i love them except they are bigger toys now.
i am a high school graduate, i studied home economics in high school. so when it comes to cooking, that is my field.
My mother used to run a local chop bar, when i left school, i took it upon myself to run it for her since she was getting more older by the day. it was a decision i was scrutinized and humiliated about even by my own friends but i had faith in my own decision.
i took up this duty and today, DELIGHT CHOP BAR is one of the best if not the best in my locality. so i did not really had to start afresh i only took over from my sweet mother. Yet i had to take certain critical decisions at the work place since i have two workers helping me already. the dream is to expand it to a restaurant status and everyday when i walk in there in the morning, i remind myself of how we start with just two tables, myself and a cousin doing all the job and today, i have two workers and more than five tables with chairs for customers to sit on and eat.
i spend spare time reading books and listening to music. i love country music actually from Kenny Rodgers.
i have a dream to build the first restaurant in my locality and that quest is what has brought me on Zidisha platform today.

My Business

Delight chop bar, i operate a chop bar that serves local foods like fufu, Banku and soup and many others and also jollof rice and some few soft drinks as well.
People usually like to eat good food and the one in well hygienic environment like mine.i choose this kind of business because i saw an opportunity in growing something that my own mom have already started and also due to the high demand and the profit involved.
the truth is, since we are dealing with food, it is highly profitable. we make more than 50% profit on the expenditures we make daily. and this is a daily business. once you open the bar, people will surely come and eat.
Since i am not the sole owner of this business, although i take all the basic decisions, i am entitled to 60% of the profit and the rest goes to my mom and that is after deducting the wages of the two workers. i save 80% of my share of profit and live on 20%. i am happy for my mom since she can now fully rest whiles i run affairs at the Bar.

Loan Proposal

As of now , i am look for a $100 to boost my chop bar business. when my loan is entirely funded, i will use $50 to buy a bag of rice, $10 to buy new drinking cups, $10 for spoons and forks for eating, $20 for eating bowls and finally, $10 for liquid washing soap for the customers to wash their hands.
This loan will re structure my chop bar and will improve our customer care since the basic needs such as spoons, cups, washing soaps and even stock of rice to cook for sale. this will increase my profit margin and help make food readily available for the people of my community.....






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Mar 27, 2015

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On Time

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7 weeks

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Service fee: $2.15

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