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Kabwe, Zambia

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February 2021

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About Me

Hi my name is Gift Sakala I am 27 years old married with 2 sons. I live in kabwe and I have a farm there. I am a hard working farmer and I make sure my inputs efforts never go to worst so am always there supervising and working with my workers at the farm.

My Business

I am a a farmer I mostly grow maize and various vegetables on the farm. Currently I am just cultivating maize and the other vegetables were cultivated on a small scale just for consultation. I sell the maize to the Food Reserve agency and supply them in bulk usually about a thousand bags.

Loan Proposal

With this loan I need to use it to make a traditional shed house for storing the maize,this shed house is open on the top enable the maize to dry up further. I need to buy planks, dried tall grass,rops to help tie the grass to the planks to stack them together and finally small sticks.

Income Source

Even with this economic crisis it is my responsibility that the loan is repayed back when due using my business profit and sells that I serve.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 18, 2021

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On Time

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1 week



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San Francisco, CA, United States

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  • Gift    Apr 20, 2021

    The bank has delayed in payments as I waiting for the food agency to issue the cheque for the maize I supplied them with.

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  • Gift    Apr 4, 2021

    Thank for funding my loan, I will use to buy fuel for the pump generator .

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  • Gift    Apr 2, 2021

    The loan help me buy building materials for the tradition maize shed house,the builders at the farm are now working on the shed house and it will be ready for use by next week

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  • Gift    Mar 20, 2021

    I received the Loan thank you Lenders

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  • Gift    Mar 18, 2021

    I want to use this loan to buy material to build the traditional shed house that I will use to store my maize,thank you so much for having funded my loan Team

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  • Gift    Mar 17, 2021

    I got 10 hoes in the previous loan, atleast they were enough to help carry out the work in the field efficiently,thank you for the support.

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  • Gift    Mar 1, 2021

    Thank you Mark ,Donald and Fenty for funding my loan I can now buy the farming hoes ready for field work .

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  • Gift    Feb 17, 2021

    Thank you so much for funding my loan am set to buy the fertilizer and insecticide for my crops, grateful to all my Lenders!

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  • Meghan    Feb 17, 2021

    Good luck! :)

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