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About Me

My name is Walter Onyore. Am the second born in a family of four, 2 boys and 2 girls. I was born on 24th October 1983. I am single but intend to marry as soon as I find an appropriate person. I went to Rongo primary school in East Kamagambo location of Migori district in the 1990 to 1998, later joined Mbita high school in between 1999 to 2003. Later I joined Kenya College of Accountancy University in the year 2006 to 2010 where I did my C.P.A. up to part three. I moved to Rongai and settled there in 2011. Currently, I am working at Vanessa Grant Girls’ secondary school in Rongai District of Nakuru County as an accountant.

My Business

I am engaged in poultry farming. Due to the high demand of the eggs in the hotels around and the customers who prefer the high quality of eggs my layers are producing due to the feeds used. At the moment, I have 150 layers. Each day I collect an average of 140 eggs which I sell at Ksh 10 each. This fetches Ksh 1,400 daily; which is Ksh 42,000 per month. The cost involves the following
1. 2x 70kg chick mash @ 2700 each =Ksh 5,400
2. 3 x70kg growers mash @ 2700 each =Ksh 8,100
3. 6 x 70kg of layers mash @ 2700 each = Ksh 16,200
The chick mash and the growers mash are given in the first three months while the layers mash is given when the chickens start laying eggs. The lifespan of a chicken is 12 months before it is disposed. During this period the chickens are expected to have consumed 54 x 90kg layer mash at a total cost of Ksh 145,800. Add this to the chick mash and growers mash gives you a total expenditure of Ksh 158,500 against a total income of Ksh 378,000. The chickens are then disposed at Ksh 500 each and consumed as meat in hotels, giving a further income of about Ksh 75,000. This leaves me with a net income of Ksh 309,200 translated to about Ksh 25,800 per month.
There is a great shortage of eggs in the country. The risks involved in this business are diseases and egg damage.

Loan Proposal

My business is doing well at the moment and if I receive your support. I hope to buy a hundred more chicks to expand my project. The poultry house can be able to accommodate them and therefore I have no problem with the size. There is a lot of demand for eggs in the market right now and this is evident by the increasing number of customers looking for eggs in my farm. The festive season will also see the demand go high and therefore if I receive your funding I will be able to buy enough feeds for the layers in order to ensure that I collect a good number of eggs to meet the market demand.
I also hope to increase the proceeds from the business in order to continue supporting our family to cater for the basic needs and also support my brothers and sisters to pay school fees. They have been able to learn without any hitch since I began my business. I feel obliged to continue assisting them whenever am required because I see it as a responsibility and a blessing from God.






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Nov 21, 2012

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