Alice Mumu

Nakuru, Kenya

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Alice Mumu

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July 2013

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16 installments  •  6%

About Me

My names are Alice Mumu aged 32yrs.Have been in the cereals business for 3 1/2yrs now.My desire to have my business expand has been there and when i heard about zidisha from a friend i felt this was the right time for me to think of expanding my business.Am married and have 2 kids. my business has been doing well and i am looking forward into zidisha loans to make more dynamic.Once am into zidisha i need to wisely use the loans to help me realize the dreams i have for my business which a matter of fact can grow given your assistance.Am diploma graduate in sales and marketing which i graduated 7yrs ago.This course has helped me a lot in using the skills i acquired to deal with my customers and understand my venture better.The cereals business is profitable one which broadly taken on a different angle can give maximum returns.MY monthly returns ranges between ksh18,000-24000 per month.This profit however apart of it is ploughed back to maximize profit and the net profit to cater for the family.
The Zidisha loana will help greatly in adding value to my business and my growth will be appreciated as a result to your most treasured loans.

My Business

My cereals business includes selling of products like maize,rice, millets,sorghum,black beans and ordinary beans.Having been into this business for 2 1/2yrs am well versed with the running of my business systems which has sharpened my know how of this kind of this business.In most cases am able to manage a net profit of between ksh18,000-24,000. So from my business assessment and frequent stock taking am able to predict the future of my venture.However the business has not been without some challenges on it part.Some includes the an un anticipated seasons which a times affect the supply of cereals to my customers and this has really brought about the profit margin fluctuations.But now with the current zidisha into the play i will be able to have more stock hence being able to meet the demand of my clients.Also being there no any other venture of a kind in our estate am enjoying a good customer demand for my service since there is no competition.With the profit i get i do plough back a portion of it into the business for its growth.The other 10% is saved for any uncertainties.Therefore with zidisha loans there wont be any challenge in repayment since i have a good running establishment.Am therefore gratefully looking upon this request as a first time applicant.My believe is that the growth of my business will have an impact to the people i service with my services and my family.Thank you in advance as i look forward upon this loan request.

Loan Proposal

My loan will be used to add stock to my business.Am willing to be giving an updates on the progress on the zidisha loan which i believe will impact my business positively.Also as a result of this loan my growth will scale exponentially.Therefore my daily anticipated cash flow will be noted with proper business inventories.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jul 21, 2013

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $100.37 at 4.49% annual rate over 6 months = $2.35

Service fee: $1.84

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