Distributing solar lamps

Johnbosco Mfawala

Mombasa/ Bamburi, Kenya

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Johnbosco Mfawala


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About Me

My childhood education was back in the mid 90s. With all kind of struggling. I came to hate poverty. That's why i decided to come up with a project that it will generate at least a shilling per day.Most of my income from my current employee goes to my business. Im looking forward to have a business with a strong base foundation that will make meknown to the market with ease without incurring more expenses on marketing. I like reading motivational materials during my free time, to get to know how successful people came to make it in their life, how investors making their way in this industry of wealth creation.

My Business

Currently, my business is all about going green. making use of solar energy. Selling of solar products to people living in remote areas mostly those that are off-grid areas.
With my products in the market, most of my clients are able to obtain power through the sun. The products range from solar panels, solar batteries, dlight products, sunking pro400, sunking Boom among others. Have got lots of varieties that make me visible in every market that I visit. Currently, most of my clients actually preferred solar TV which I m also working towards it since is quite expensive. Since we also have some PAYG phones most clients have expressed interest in the same which I'm also doing my research to see if I can add to my catalog.
This business is most profitable as more and more people are shifting to green energy. Though my biggest target group is off-grid areas but still am also getting customers to those people living in on-grid areas.
Am still strengthening the business with the profit that I'm getting in this business.
The cost of one solar light varies depending on the manufacturing company, such as dlights s2 cost ksh.550 and market price is ksh. 950 which is almost double the cost price. sunking pro400 cost ksh. 2300 and the market price stand at ksh.4200. Solar panel 60w cost ksh.5200 while selling price is ksh.7200. Basically in each solar light, I get almost double the cost price which is very encouraging.

Project Proposal

With the amount requested, I will buy sunking pro400 which is currently preferred by most parents to help students to study. The lamp is very brighter and can last for even 5 days on low light but on high light for up to 12 hours. This time duration is ideal for students to study.
These solar lights will be very useful to the community as a whole since it will help people to access clean light free from the sun. Unlike currently when most people still use paraffin to light their houses which of course comes with some health conditions.
Currently, the product cost KSH 2800, and the market price is ksh4200. I will be able to make ksh1400 per unit sold. The profit can be used to regenerate more capital for re-investment.






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Pay It Forward

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Nov 15, 2021

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Service fee: $15.99




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