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Constance Mwongeli

Nairobi, Kenya

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Constance Mwongeli

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February 2016

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About Me

my childhood was not on a silver platter as my mum really had to hassle to fend for us despite being employed and I always thought some day away from working for n organization or individual i would do it for me by having a side business to get me there. I did not have luxuries that kids from today enjoy but glad I had a descent education and took it seriously.
I once overcame a hardship by opting to baby sit for my neighbor as at the time we were on forced unpaid leave due to current economic issues
tourism is very unique for us in my land followed by farming and at the ed if the day this people need decent clothing
I eventually want to be self employed and put all my effort into my business and also set precede to my peers and again create employment.
Am passionate about fashion and look forward to having a clothing line with my initials one day.
it is wonderful do have a passion and drive for your vision.
as a child i loved knitting for my dolls and making them fashionable .
started by business just selling stuff to my fellow colleagues and making a profit and going back to wholesale shops to get more
my children want to go places my daughter a neuron surgeon my son pilot and i know i need funds to take the m this far.

My Business

I sell clothes, jewellery, shoes and handbags and goods that are trending in the market at the time and am also employed
everybody needs an aspect of fashion and in my opinion it doesn't matter what you do but when your smart things always fall in place and people will always want to look nice
i chose this business because i act as the guinea pig as i love to look nice and people started asking where i buy my stuff so instead of directing them i offered to deliver at and extra fee and word went round and with time i got clients who will call and describe what they need i advice depending of figure and i have take my time to understand colours and motives what looks nice on who.
the profits range from 50-100%ing and being a single mum i supplement the profits to keep my children in school and some to restock this way i always have something going for me am also in a sacco where we get bonus which i also use to restock my stuff and have the moneys double hence making more profit
my typical cost would be like usd 500 aand out of it i can make a profit of say USD 300 .

Loan Proposal

I intend to go back to my suppliers with this proceeds and restock on the clothes and jewellery i intend to invest 40 dollars on the clothes this beign the cold season sweater will thrive most leg warmers and scarves as june july the wheater does not improve until second week of August. shawls will also come in handy for women and 20 dollars on jewellery normally because of the good working relationship i will get more on credit having put this down payment chunky jewellery is better this time round since people are wearing heavy clothing
The benefit is I will be able to take my kids to school next term pay for my rent and also sustain my ailing mother and supplementing with funds to pay salary for the gal who mans my shop.
when done my profits will be around 100-150 dollars





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Classic Loan

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May 25, 2016

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On Time

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2 months

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