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Francis Asare Bediako

Kumasi, Ghana

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Francis Asare Bediako

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August 2015

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249 installments  •  25%

About Me

I was born in the Ashanti region of Ghana at the Anglo Gold Ashanti hospital. I have been staying at Asokwa throughout my stay in this world. I started primary school at St Joseph D/A school. After I completed my junior high school education, I continue or further my education to the senior high school. After my senior high school education I moved strait in to Construction. l worked for sometime and later went back to the University . I leaved with my parent’s whiles I was schooling. My parents looked after me throughout my education periods. Life was not easy for me and the family as well. With God all things are possible so things started to turn around so life began to change for the better. My parents were into farming and business as well. So I learnt the business aspect of their life. My parents started with a small business by selling their farm product (e;g: Cassava,Yam,Tomatoes etc) . All the farm product improved to become a commercial ones which supported the family very well. The money generated from the farm products was used to cater for me and the rest of my siblings. After my university education, I decided to enter into business so I requested some small amount of money from my parents which served as a capital for me. I also involved myself into a construction and later moved into selling of safety equipment (PPE). From that time my life stared turning so I became a little okay in life. The money or profit gained from the selling protective equipment was used to feed my family and those needy ones in the community as well. I am hoping to get enough funds from you so that I can expand my business. With the trust I have developed in you, am 100% sure that you will help me with some amount to help me out.

My Business

I supply Personnel Protective Equipment(PPE) to Mining Companies like Newmont Ghana limited, AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi and Aduaprim mining Tarkwa, as well as Asankou Mines. I also supply Personnel Protective Equipment(PPE) to Construction Companies such as WBHO Ghana limited, PW Ghana limited, Ben Appah Electricals, Cross-Fire Insulation, Impact Steels Ghana, Cloten Steel roofing, VACC Electricals, Sheer Plan Ceiling and Partitions, MaxTool Plant and Equipment, Interspray painting, Cereb Plastering company, J. Hans block works and many more construction companies. Supplying PPE to all this companies comes with a cost over 10,000 dollars. PPE which I normally supply to my customers such as Safety Helmet, Safety Boot, Reflective Vest, Different types of Gloves including Rigger Hand Gloves, Rubber Hand Gloves, Orange and Green Palm Hand Gloves and many more, Safety Harness, Safety Goggles, Caution Tapes, Workers Uniforms, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Ear Plugs, Nose Masks different types, Had Barricade with reflectors, Safety Signage such as Wear your personnel PPE, NO Exit, NO Entry, Pedestrian walkway , DO NOT STAND HERE and many more, I also supply Rain Coat, Gum boot, Safety Nets, and many more Personnel Protective Equipment which I do supply to my costumers. I need not less than 500 dollars to buy safety boot to supply for my costumers, 600 dollars to buy Fire Extinguishers for supplying, 900 dollars to buy Safety Harness to distribute, 400 dollars to buy Helmet, 100 dollars to purchase ear plugs, 100 dollars to purchase Safety Goggles, 150 dollars to buy Reflective vest, 300 Dollars to buy Rain Coat, 900 dollars to purchase workers uniforms, and many more. At times it is a big problem when your costumers will need a particular PPE and because of money to buy these items you can’t supply your costumers, if it continuous you lose your costumer. Not even to mention the rent for the shop you keep the Safety Equipment it also comes with a cost not less than 400 dollars a year. Then the transportation system to distribute your items to your costumers. Zidisha has help me a lot when I join it last year, I have able to get enough area to keep my PPE items but I will be very happy if they continuous to get me more money to expend my business in Ghana and also help my family. I hope my application will granted thank you very much Zidisha team.

Loan Proposal

The loan will help me to get more Personel Protective Equipment(PPE) such as Safety Harness which is very costly is about 600 Ghana cedis for one Safety Harness, and also Safety Signages such as No entery signs, Wear your PPE, Danger signs, Working at Height signs, Safety Induction signs, Excavation signs, Be aware of Plant and Equipment signs ect, which is also very costly for supply to my costumers in various companies, other PPE such as Helmet, Safety Boot, Hand Gloves, Nose Masks, Safety Net, Goggles, Safety Vest, Workers Uniforms, Gum Boot, Rain Coat,etc. these are very important to get it in order to supply to my costumers. Transportation is also another area which also cost me in terms of transporting the PPE to my costumers. I can spend over one thousaned Ghana cedis for my transportation aloan. I still need to pay my rent for the shop am using now because is due. It comes with money as well as getting warehouse to stock all my PPE. I will be very happy if all my lenders will help me to get this loan again to continous my business and also help my community people. Thanks for accepting my loan proposal. Kind Regards!






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 31, 2016

Repayment status


Projected term

46 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $28.74




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