Pre-training brief for 50 urban farmers on "Agricity Foods"

Nixon Samba

Kisumu, Kenya

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Nixon Samba


Kisumu, Kenya

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About Me

Hello Zidisha Family,
I am Samba Nixon, from the City of Kisumu in Kenya. Am a social entrepreneur, Human rights defender, Urbanist and a graduate Food Scientist, Technologist and Nutritionist for the past 20years.

I am the CEO of Ohigla Group Limited which is a private company incorporated in Kenya to provide agribusiness support services and food value chain addition. Am also the Chairman of the City of Kisumu Urban Areas Association (CKUAA) which is a non-profit civilian body providing oversight on the management of the City of Kisumu and promoting the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact of 2015 and The New Urban Agenda (Quito 2016)

My Business

We aggregate smallholder farmers through agribusiness training, Agro-processing and market access support services . We are currently working with urban farmers to promote vertical farming technologies and urban farming techniques.

We are also focused on Small Holder Rice farmers in the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) Kenya through value addition in rice processing and packaging, sale and distribution.

Project Proposal

We have set up vertical farming technology demonstration site at our head offices in Mamboleo. We now target to recruit and Pre-train 50 urban farmers from the City of Kisumu in the month of August 2021. Pre-Training Brief is a 4hour marketing activity aimed at exposing urban residents into urban farming technologies promoted by us under the AgriCity Foods.

Our head offices shall contribute to this in-kind by providing a training venue, furniture, electricity, ablution services, and a trainer. We now seek additional funding to purchase the following items to conduct this training
a). Trainee Stationery materials (Biro pens, Notebooks & Nametags),
b). Trainer Stationary (Marker Pens, Print Outs & Flip Charts)
c). Refreshments, Drinking water & snacks
d). COVID19 PPEs (Face Masks, Sanitizers)
e) Assorted Gardening Equipment

This pre-training brief aims to recruit additional 50 urban farmers and increase our sales revenue by atleast Ksh.150,000 (USD1500) assuming each trainee purchases 1 unit of the pyramid garden valued at Ksh.3,000 (USD30).

50 additional urban farmers shall increase food productivity in the City of Kisumu and make atleast 50households food secure.

My Videos

Jul 15, 2021: Agricity foods





Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

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Date disbursed

Aug 2, 2021

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $3.66


Stefan Koshold

Mülheim, Germany

Iready Phiri

Kitwe, Zambia

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  • Nixon Samba    Oct 22, 2021

    We successfully purchased raw materials for urban farming

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  • Nixon Samba    Sep 18, 2021

    Thanks very much my backers. We shall be able to purchase farm inputs for onward sale to our customers

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  • Nixon Samba    Sep 17, 2021

    We purchased 10 packets Certified Seeds, 1,000 Nursery Seedlings and 20units of Organic Fertilizers for onward sale to the newly recruited farmers.

    This shall allow farmers to commence planting and production of vegetables immediately and start harvesting from the third week. This shall allow them have own food for their households while at the same time get extra income from the sale of the produce to neighbours

    This shall contribute to our growth through sale of farm inputs to the urban farmers whom are our primary customers

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    • LJ    Sep 19, 2021

      I missed your project or I would have contributed!
      I'm glad to see your loan has been fully funded and disbursed. :)

      Best wishes, and please stay safe!!

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      • Nixon Samba    Sep 19, 2021

        Thanks Laurie, we are growing and so we shall still need your support in the very near future.

        Thanks alot for your encouragement

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    • LJ    Sep 19, 2021

      I watched your video, Nixon. This is really great work you're doing!

      Pandemic or no pandemic, this is the way of the future, to help solve the problem of food insecurity in all parts of the world.

      Thank you for doing the important work you're doing.

      I just saw a reference to Isaiah 66:15-24 on another borrower's page tonight (morning where you are), so I looked it up: [Isaiah-6615-24-the-goal-of-life/].

      Paraphrasing, the goal of life is for all of us to find our way back to God.

      I would say that small-scale growing of food locally is one of the ways we do that. (Humans surely will be judged with terrible disappointment for the sin, among our many other sins, of our ungodly large-scale agribusiness that we as a species have been engaging in, never intended by God, causing terrible harm to the Earth and to our own health and to the health of other species, too, if we think about it.)

      Thank you, again, for teaching others how to do small-scale vegetable farming.

      Best wishes, Nixon, and please stay safe. :)

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      • Nixon Samba    Sep 19, 2021

        True your sentiments here. It is estimated that half of world population live in Cities & Urban Areas. By 2050, this may go 75%.

        And this shall put immense pressure on demand for Food in Urban Areas and cities.

        Growing your own food has many socioeconomic, climatic and psychological benefits.

        It's our wish to partner with Urban households and Urban communities to strengthen urban food systems as way of ending extreme hunger, malnutrition and extreme poverty.

        Our business model promotes the adoption of simple Urban Farming Technologies but with high food productivity.

        We shall prosper...

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  • Nixon Samba    Aug 16, 2021

    Thanks Birte and Florence.

    Your generosity shall be a huge blessing to our venture.

    Be blessed

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  • Nixon Samba    Aug 16, 2021

    We recently received funds from ZIDISHA to conduct a 4hour Pre-Training brief for 50 urban farmers on Agricity foods.

    The exercise was a huge success (56 participants attended) and about 19 participants wish to start immediately.

    About 26 participants wish to start in a months’ time while 11 participants said they shall be ready within 2months.

    We remain indebted to our funders for the success.

    Be blessed

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  • Nixon Samba    Jul 26, 2021

    Thank you Phiri.of Zambia and Stefan of Germany for your generosity support.

    We will be able to buy training materials for 50 urban farmers

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  • Nixon Samba    Jul 26, 2021

    We were able to install a WiFi equipment and internet services from the Kalanet Communications Limited an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Kisumu (

    We are now able to access unlimited internet with upload and download speeds of 10mbps all day long 24/7 shared amongst all our staff and visitors to our office. The internet is charged at a fixed rate regardless of the number of users and can support upto 100users at a time.

    This WiFi internet service has reduced our internet costs by 50% since it is shared and eliminated the need for Local Area Networking (LAN) cabling and regular maintenance.

    We also set up bulk SMS services and managed to reach over 5,000 of our customers with market and product information at 70% cheaper than before in the past 7days.

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    • Ulf    Jul 27, 2021

      Sounds very promising! Internet should be unlimited and free for everyone.
      Thanks for your effort Samba!

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  • Nixon Samba    Jul 16, 2021

    Thank you Ulf of Germany for funding us 100%.Your generosity is going to allow us buy a WiFi Internet Equipment and Set up Bulk SMS services so as to be to communicate to our upstream and downstream customers.

    This funding shall cut our traditional communication methods and help us save upto 70% communication expense.

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