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Solomon Odiero

Nairobi, Kenya

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Solomon Odiero

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October 2020

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About Me

My name is Solomon Odiero, from Nairobi, Kenya. I am married with 3 beautiful girls. The nest is still growing, though.

Growing up in Hawinga in rural Kenya, I herded sheep and cattle and ran barefoot to school and back home all through my primary school days. I had to learn how to swim and swim well while barely 4 years old; survival in crossing swollen streams while grazing animals or on your way to kindergarten or school games demanded swimming skills as soon as you realized that mama would not always be around to save you whenever you were away from home.

I graduated from primary school at the top of my class, went on to high school, and onto university, where I studied Mathematics and Business and Education. Whenever I was back in the village during campus recess I would teach and mentor pupils at my former school.

I would later graduate from university and take up a career in teaching, still only 21 years old, just out of my teens, before later joining banking as a management trainee when I was 28. Since then I have been a career banker. I would later on add an MBA in Finance to fortify my banking practice.

Now, I am determined to give back to society. And what better place to start than in my rural village, where we plan to organize about five villages into a farming commune with a SACCO to boot. We want to provide boreholes, modernize agriculture, market the produce, carry out value addition and provide affordable credit to all the homes. This will raise living standards significantly after just a few years and lift these people out of poverty. And God willing, we shall accomplish this.

So why am I joining the Zidisha Fraternity? Because, well, I want to see how this works, and if we can raise cheap enough funds on the platform to partly finance our budding projects back in the 5 villages. Maybe we could even replicate a platform like this one for our village mission, pooling funds from village alumni to onward lend to various homes and work with those homes to see to it that the credit is put to good and productive use.

Thank you, and God bless all of you members, both the lender and the borrower.

My Business

The family business we run at the moment is a butchery doubling up as a restaurant, so this is in essence a food business. It is just a start up at the moment, so we shall see how it grows with effort and time. We plan to open several similar outlets within towns in Kenya.

Expenses revolve around rent, supplies of food stuffs and wages to staff. Revenues are realized from sales at the butchery and the restaurant.

My passion, however, is to build a thriving village-based savings and credit co-operative society that empowers rural folks to grow out of poverty.

I want to do what I have described above - turn those rural villages into a thriving farming community, with access to cheap credit, modern farming tools, churning out good produce season after season, and with access to good markets, with children going to good schools and the whole area semi-industrializing in the long run.

And intertwined with all that, social cohesion built around moral accountability, sanctity of life and family, and Godliness.

We shall be back here soon to look for initial funding for the co-operative society once it is set up.

So Help Us GOD.

Project Proposal

We would like to buy a Chiller for use in keeping cold bottled water, fresh juices and soft drinks for a cool, refreshing enjoyment by our customers amidst the sometimes sizzling heat of the day.

We have identified a good chiller in a150 L Von VARV 15 DAS Vertical Cooler, with an internal capacity of 150 litres. This is available from Hot Point Appliances Ltd, and is priced at Kshs 53,995/=.

We have saved some money towards the purchase of the cooler, and we have turned to Zidisha to raise Kshs 23,995/= of the purchase price.

Our eatery's clientele is growing, and we would like to keep it that way. We have grown from a little take away butchery to a small restaurant, and we aim to become a large restaurant chain with multiple outlets in the not too distant future.

Zidisha's gracious financiers have in the past enabled us to buy a deep freezer and a meat mincer, which have helped us serve well the needs of our growing customers. We are grateful for their continued help. We are reaching out to them again to help fund the purchase of the cooler.

Thank you.





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Pay It Forward

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Sep 8, 2022

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Service fee: $9.72

Pay It Forward contribution: $17.51

Optional expediting fee: $23.34


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  • Solomon Odiero    Sep 10, 2022

    We are growing. Bigger premises, better equipment, tastier meals.

    Thank you members.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Sep 8, 2022

    Many thanks Zidisha members for your help in raising the funds. We want to buy a 150-litres vertical chiller / cooler currently priced at Kshs 53,995/= for use in keeping bottled water, fresh juices, and soft drinks sufficiently cold for quenching the thirst of our customers, especially during hot days.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Sep 6, 2022

    I must take this opportunity to profoundly thank our financiers for making the funds available for progressively growing our business, enabling us to buy a deep freezer, a meat mincer, and moving our eatery to a more spacious building. All these have resulted in growing customer numbers and sales. Thank you very much indeed.

    Now we are looking to buy a chiller to keep bottled water, soft drinks and fresh juices cool amid the sometimes scorching heat of the day. A cool drink amidst a hot day can be quite refreshing, and we are responding to our customers request in this regard.

    The chiller we have identified for purchase is a 150 L Von VARV 15 Das Vertical Cooler, with an internal capacity of 150 litres, available from Hot Point Appliances Ltd for Kshs 53,995.

    This is one more restaurant appliance that will help us quench exceedingly well the thirst of our cherished customers.

    Thank you.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Mar 8, 2022

    Many thanks indeed to the members who have funded my project. Your response was truly quick and I am deeply grateful for the beautiful help. And thanks to Zidisha for enabling and facilitating this. The funding will allow us to move the business to bigger premises this month, and to be able to serve a bigger and growing clientele. Thank you all.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Mar 3, 2022

    Hi Zidisha members. I am grateful to all of us on this platform who are walking together in this blessed journey - from the lenders who consistently provide the funds that feed the growing appetite for borrowing, to the borrowers who faithfully pay off their loans, and to the admin staff who run this amazing platform. Let us not tire in growing this community and investing in it.

    My last loan was used in purchasing a meat grinder, which has expanded the range of meat products the butchery is currently selling by adding a line of smokies, sausages and minced meats. That has grown the number of customers and sales.

    To serve our growing clientele in more spacious surroundings, we want to relocate to bigger premises where the monthly rent will be about USD 200. The new loan will be down payment for the monthly rent.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Dec 7, 2021

    Thank you very much indeed for this funding. Our plan is to use this money to top up our savings and purchase a deep freezer for about Kshs 40,000/= for the butchery cum restaurant.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Dec 7, 2021

    We were able to raise KES 6,545 (net amount received on gross loan of KES 8,500 after charges) which we used to buy a meat grinder for about Kshs 9,500.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Nov 10, 2021

    Thank you all for your help. Together we move forward.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Nov 10, 2021

    We used the previous loan to put up a display panel for the butchery. We still need money to buy 2 deep freezers and a chiller for storage of beef, fish and chicken. 2 deep freezers and 1 chiller would cost about Kshs 150,000/=.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Oct 24, 2020

    Loan is Kshs 5,000/=. Service fee is Kshs 450/=. Risk Fee is Kshs 500/=. So charges are 20% of the loan; actual loan proceeds 80%? I am just a little miffed that charges and fees can constitute 20% of an online loan where lending overheads are little to zero and the actual cost of running the platform is that of maintaining the website. So where are the charges going? Who gets what? That's not right. Even banks are not that greedy.

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  • Solomon Odiero    Oct 17, 2020

    Thank you Paul for your kind gesture. We will use the loan to grow stocks for the business. Thank you for helping us grow. God bless you and your family.

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