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My full names are Jesper Kumuhuza. I was born on 16th January, 1992 in Northwestern Province of Zambia. I started my grade one in 1998 at Ikelenge Primary School. My father was working a truck driver for a Catholic mission in our area. It was not an easy job for my Dad to educate six children from the income he got from his job as a driver. We used to walk about 10 kilometers fro and to school every week day with my siblings and a few friends.

I attended my grade one up to grade twelve at Ikelenge Primary school and High school respectively. Attaining education in the village was challenging as there were a lot of hurdles that I faced personally and as a family. It was through my determination and hard work that I managed to pull through to grade 12. Despite the hardships I went through, I scored good results and got accepted at the University of Zambia.

One thing that has helped me to overcome my challenges in life and pull through is because am supper focused, determined and organized on what I believe in and what is good for my life and the community I live in.

From college, I learnt that life/education is not about getting a job only, but changing the environment. I believe in a poverty free community. I want to plant a good environment for my children, family and community; hence I started my own business.
Chipata is a good town because it is a border town, with good business opportunities, developing at a high rate and yet to be called City.

During my free time, I like to read and research, surfing on the internet so that I stay informed and up to date with the world.

My Business

I run poultry for broiler chickens. The poultry is located near to my house and it can accommodate up to 300 chickens. I buy small chicks from local sellers and then keep them until they are ready for consumption then I sale them too. Of late chicken is one of the most consumed as relish in Zambia. Many Zambians buy chicken on a daily basis for home consumption and business for instance those running cafeterias and restaurants. Chicken is cheap and affordable, this helps even the poor to have the ability to buy chicken pieces and have a good meal in a day. So chicken is on demand in Chipata and as a person who has a heart for the community, I chose to run one (poultry) so as to provide the public with enough relish.

At the moment, the cost for selling one whole chicken is about K40 ($3.8) each. The small chicks cost about three Kwacha (Zambian Kwacha) each. The cost for selling one big chicken is arrived at after calculating all the expenses on feed and medicine for the chicks.

I use the profit from my business to pay for my house rentals, bills, and food. Apart from this, I also help my father since he is old now. The remaining profit I reinvest in the business with the dream of expanding it.
I plan to use some of the money to finish my house that I have built through zidisha help in my business. I will need to buy paint for painting the exterior and buy sealing materials. The loan also will help me to pay for labor expenses.

Loan Proposal

In a quest to provide good services to our customers and improve efficiency in our business management, we have proposed to purchase a motorbike for transportation. It has been quite challenging to transport our poultry produce from the production place to the market. We have always been hiring a van which has proved to be expensive. My poultry is located about three kilometers away from the market which costs $10 per trip to hire a van to transport the chickens to the market. I spend not less than $100 on transport only for a period of one month. The motorbike will help me to transport the chickens from the poultry to the market on a daily basis. It will be less costly to transport the chicken with the bike as it has low fuel consumption and maintenance is affordable. The bike will also help me to deliver chickens to customers’ homes. Some customers prefer calling for chickens to be delivered to their homes hence the motorbike will help a lot in this area. The bike costs $700 from the local shops. If you lend me this loan I will be able to add the remaining balance and buy a new bike from the shop. I am positive that with this initiative, I will be able to make more profit resulting from the cut on high transport expenses. This will also increase sales when I start the door to door deliveries of the chickens to our customers. The community will again benefit from good services and access to good meals.

My Videos

Jan 11, 2021: My house project





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  • Ivanof    Jan 8, 2021

    Simply perfect. Good and accurate communication.
    Jesper repaid on time.
    Just look at his profile and you will understand.
    Trust him.

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  • Joshi    Nov 16, 2018

    good experience. Will lend again.

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