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Chililabombwe, Zambia

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September 2020

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About Me

My names are Shadrick Kapolyo, from Zambia on the boarder town of Chililabombwe, on the copperbelt province. My career journey in life as seen me through some of the most interesting episodes in life. From the hey days in school, at Mungwi Secondary Technical School, in the Northern part of Zambia, and Kasama in particular to rose days as a banker with Barclay bank pls, and then Finance Bank Zambia Ltd, and life in the mining industries of Northwestern province, Solwezi.
Life can really be interesting, its like they say, life is what you make it, i could comfortably say i have had it all. Now settled in Chililabombwe, life has to continue, i have always dreamed of running my own affairs (business) and the boarder town provides that unique platform for both start-ups and established businesses, the common adage; ''any thing sells in chililabombwe/Kasumbalesa'' can not be over emphasized. Mine is to one day grow my Agric feed business, supplying agricultural feeds to poultry famers both local and across the boarder.

My Business

My business is currently seasonal, am operating lawn mowers, with hired laborers, this business though seasonal is very profitable. Currently i have two machines, one is electrical and the other is petrol powered. From what i have seen in the past season, this is far more profitable than running a fleet of taxis, as the operating costs are far too little compared with running a taxi, better still, the capital employed could be 1/200th of that of buying car. The daily cashing from a lawn mower business, is three or 4 times higher. This comparison arises from the fact that i have operated a taxi business before, whilst am almost set on this business, my eyes are still focused on running a Agric business, which logistics are almost done.

Loan Proposal

As the rain season sets in, am readying my self for another business ventures with my lawn mowers, i need to service these machines well in advance, buys spares in advance like the lawn blades, oil, filters etc, as well get the electrical one in good shape. With the first drop of the rains i should be counting down to another 2 or weeks before an average of k420 daily cashing.

Income Source

I will fall back on my little savings as well as a bail out from wife's monthly income, and steady rental income.





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Classic Loan

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Oct 1, 2020

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On Time

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4 weeks



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