Replenishing my yam supply

Eunice Juma

Busia, Kenya

47% repaid



Eunice Juma

Member since

February 2015

On-time repayments

304 installments  •  7%

About Me

I am a kenyan citizen and mother of two children ( twins), i was born in Busia (Nangina) and went for part of my primary school in Nangina and proceeding to do my high school in Uganda. After graduating from high school i ventured in business assisting my aunt who exports mineral water from kenya to Uganda. After a while i started venturing in farm produce which i am still involved in to date.

My Business

After four years of assisting my Aunt in her export business i have been able to save enough to start my own business , which saw me buy yams from Busia to Mombasa a business that i have been involved in now for two years running.this business has a ready market once the produce gets to their destination (Mombasa) but has one risky part that part of the goods may go stale enroute to Mombasa.

Loan Proposal

Ever since I started taking the loan from Zidisha my stock of yam has increased and it has been easier for me to transact. I there for intend to use the loaned money like this-:Kes 6000 ($ 57) in restocking my supplies,Kes 2000($20) in transport costs and Kes 1000($9) in miscellenous expenditure. Thank you in advance for your support.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 2, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

64 months



Manama, Bahrain



Patagonia, Argentina



Austin, United States



United States


Matt Willis

United States


UK, United Kingdom


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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  • Caroline Muhoro    Mar 11, 2021

    I spoke to Eunice and she said that she has a patien therefore not in a position to repay the loan now

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  • Rebecca Nyangena    Jan 30, 2021

    I contacted Eunice, she said she ran into a few issues that affected her business and she hasn't been able to repay her loan, she promised to resume paying the loan once she is back on her feet

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  • Rebecca Nyangena    Dec 28, 2020

    I spoke with Eunice and she promised to make a payment today to reduce her loan and promised to clear soon

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  • Eunice Juma    Oct 23, 2020

    I had serious financial problems that have started easing notwithstanding the Corona pandemic I have therefore decided to clear my long-standing loan as my gratitude to zidisha.

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  • Yohannepaulo Ochieng    Aug 8, 2017

    I have come to learn that Eunice made her last payment in one go but unfortunately for her she entered the wrong pay bill number and is still struggling to get her money reimbursed.

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  • John Otieno    Apr 6, 2016

    Eunice says she has been sick and that has affected her business.She promised to reschedule her loan and make some payments

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  • John Otieno    Jan 27, 2016

    Eunice says she has been sick, and is still sick ,but will make the payments soon

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  • Eunice Juma    Oct 5, 2015

    hi lenders i received Kes 9,000 as loan money and proceeded to restock on the yams the following day.Thank you for your financial backing.

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  • Eunice Juma    Sep 30, 2015

    I intend to buy more stock of yams and plough back the proceeds so as to grow my business thank you once again dear lenders.

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  • Eunice Juma    Sep 19, 2015

    The loan has made a difference in my life though due to unavoidable circumstances I had to defaut on this loan that has seen my repayment rate drop substantially thus regrettably disqualifying me from applying for a larger amount. Thank you lenders for your support and I hope you will still be there for me.

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  • Isabella    Sep 18, 2015

    Thank you, Eunice, for repaying your loan so promptly. I would be happy to lend to you again. Very best wishes to you and your family, Isabella.

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    • Eunice Juma    Sep 19, 2015

      Thanks Isabella for your support an confidence in me, may God bless you.

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  • Eunice Juma    Aug 26, 2015

    My business is arrangement with my customers is that i get paid on delivery of goods but the payment is seldom prompt , i am currently foreseeing a late payment and would hate to drop in repayment percentage thus the reason for rescheduling.

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  • Eunice Juma    Jul 13, 2015

    Hi lenders i did receive the disbursed amount and i used it in restocking and currently i am waiting for some of my customers to make payment for the goods that i suplied them with before i can make payment.

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  • Eunice Juma    Jun 20, 2015

    Thanks Zidisha and you lenders for supporting me despite my not so sterling on time payments in the past I promise not to let you down once I replenish my stock of yams with the funds that you have provided.

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  • Eunice Juma    Jun 8, 2015

    Thanks once again Joseph for the support you gave to me today I have made my final repayment of the loan even though a day later than scheduled. I hope that you will continue to support me in days to come asante.

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  • Consilata Shirly Siro Achieng    May 18, 2015

    Hello lenders,I am trying to reach Eunice. Her phone is off but the contact person promised to talk to her and get back to me. kindly be patient.

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  • Consilata Shirly Siro Achieng    Apr 10, 2015

    Eunice says her business is down but,will repay once things are well.

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  • Eunice Juma    Feb 25, 2015

    Thanks zidisha i have received kes 6,034 though i expected kes 8,034.

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  • Eunice Juma    Feb 24, 2015

    Thank you Thomas, i promise not to let you down.

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  • Eunice Juma    Feb 18, 2015

    Thanks julia for the suggestion i have posted another photo i hope it works.

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