Sheep farming

Simon Karanja
Engeneer, Kenya
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Amount Requested: $675.00
Still Needed: $562.00
Application Expires: Apr 29, 2017
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 22 months
Cost of Loan: $33.49
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About Me

I was born in 1976 a first born in a family of 3, 1 boy and 2 girls being the only boy in the family, there was a lot of expectation.i started schooling at weru nursery and later centre primary later joining njabini high school finishing in 1996. I did not further my studies due to lack of fees.i embarked on married and live in kinangop together with my family of 6 children,3 boys and 3 a farmer dealing in both livestock and cultivation of crops. Kinangop is a good place with ample climate in the Kenya highlands. We receive two kind rainfall; relief due to aberdare ranges and convectional rain due to lake Naivasha. Due to this there enough rainfall throughout the year. I cultivate crops including French peas, carrots and irish potatoes.i also have kept sheep poultry and a dairy cow.With the help of my wife we are able to undertake the different farm chores without any problem. I have 2 boys in high school and have to work hard to cater for their fees.

My Business

Am in farming business mostly dealing with cultivation of French peas,irish potatoes and carrots.i have also reared 4 sheep several chicken and a grade mostly concentrating on dairy farming. I have one cow which produce 11kg of milk per day.we usually use 2kgsfor home consumption and sell 9kgs to musan dairy co-operative society at cost of USD0.3 per kg. on average am able to save USD20 dollars after expenses and other operating cost. The main challenge of dairy farming in my farm is fodder for the cow.i have to ensure fodder is available throughout the year for consistency.

Loan Proposal

Am intending to buy 10 sheep at cost of USD 50 per sheep. I have got an area which is receiving low rainfall currently hence no enough pasture for the animals thus are selling them at much cheaper price.the transport is USD 50. The rest of fund will be used for buying sheep ration.I would be glad for funding my project my God bless you in advance lot of thanks.

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  • Maddie     Apr 17, 2017


    Good luck Simon.

  • Dean Suminski     Apr 15, 2017


    Congratulations on paying off your loan! Keep those sheep coming.

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Sheep farming

Simon Karanja
Engeneer, Kenya

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