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Evi Diah

Batam, Indonesia

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Evi Diah

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January 2018

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54 installments  •  100%

About Me

I am a young mother with 2 daughters, I graduated from high school since graduating from school I am used to working and being independent, before getting married I worked away from my parents and worked in a private company until my contract expired. after getting married I decided to open a small business at home while taking care of my child the most difficult thing was the beginning of the business many obstacles and obstacles but I did not give up and kept trying until I could survive

My Business

I started an online business selling clothes, dolls, bags, etc. and then it hasn't fully been able to help my family's needs, let alone the cost of living in the city where I live is very expensive. I decided to increase my business in the culinary field, especially baking. Now I'm joining GoFood and Shopeefood for my baking business, so that my reach is wider and more people can enjoy my cake. I also accept orders for various cakes if there is an event

Project Proposal

I want to add to the purchase and stock of some cake ingredients because I have several orders, hopefully my business will run smoothly thanks to your help

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About Me

saya seorang ibu muda dengan 2 putri,
saya lulusan smk sejak lulus sekolah saya sudah terbiasa kerja dan mandiri, sebelum menikah saya kerja jauh dari orang tua dan kerja di sebuah perusahaan swasta hingga saya habis kontrak.
setelah menikah saya memutuskan untuk membuka usaha kecil dirumah sedari mengurus anak saya
hal yang paling sulit adalah awal2 usaha banyak hambatan dan kendala
tapi saya tidak menyerah dan terus berusaha hingga bisa bertahan

My Business

saya memulai usaha jualan online baju,boneka,tas,dll
lalu itu belum sepenuhnya bisa membantu kebutuhan keluarga saya apalagi biaya hidup dikota saya tinggal sangat mahal.
saya putuskan untuk menambah usaha dibidang kuliner khusunya baking. Sekarang saya join dengan gofood dan shopeefood untuk usaha baking saya, agar jangkauan saya lebih luas dan makin banyak yg bisa menikmati kue saya. Saya juga menerima pesanan aneka kue jika ada acara

Loan Proposal

Saya ingin menambah pembelian dan stock beberapa bahan kue karena saya ada beberapa pesanan, semoga usaha saya semakin lancar berkat bantuan kalian semua





Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 1, 2022

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $1.20

Pay It Forward contribution: $3.60


Risna Wati

Pekan Baru, Indonesia

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