To buy gas cooker and cylinder for food service

Elizabeth Neequaye

Kasoa, Ghana

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Elizabeth Neequaye

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October 2014

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About Me

My name is Elizabeth Adwoa Neequaye . Some of my friends call me Mamalizzy.l live in Kasoa, Accra .l was born in Accra-Ghana I am single and mother of two children.Someone may ask where is your Husband .Is sad lovely husband died when l was about to give birth to my second child. My children are girls l completed my Junior High School and obtained my certificate and due to financial difficulties my parents could not send me to Senior High school . When my husband died l decided to set up small business so that l will be able to generate good income to send my children to school and also to feed
l establish my own food service restaurant. l sell local food call Banku with vegetable stew.l established my own food service restaurant in my community to provide healthy meals to people living in my community . This business help people in my area a lot. Owning my business has enabled me to earn income which has help me and my children. l used my earnings to reinvest into my business , pay my children school fees and pay house rent. my hobbies are listern to good music, reading and listern to world news.

My Business

I have set up small food service restaurant for people in my community. I started this business about 5 years ago from my my little income and now l have been able to increase my income capital.. I Provide healthy food to people . l provide locally healthy and tasty food called banku and vegetables stew and sold to people in local neighborhoods . My customers are the people in my community and I have a very good customers who always buy from me .They prefer my food to others because l sell healthy food to them at the low price.
My business is profitable because I have so many customers so I sell more. The risk my business have been facing is lack of capital to reinvest so that l will provide more healthy food with vegetables to my customers in my area . l used charcoal to cook and l want to get gas cooker(stove) and cylinder .
This food service has impact on the people because it provides nutritious meal with vegetables to my community .
l earns my income and profit from my customers willing and able to buy my food. The cost of running this business is very high .
I know very well l am going to pay back the loan because of the profit I make per day. I make at least income of GHS 300 ($90) a day

Loan Proposal

I have food services restaurant that provide food for people in my community. The cost of running this business is very high . especially it equipment.
I will used the loan to buy equipment like Gas Cooker and Cylinder to help me prepare the meal to support the customers in my community by providing them healthy meals.l want expand my business so that l will get income to send my children to College. I am asking Zidisha and lenders to lend me this loan. l know that with the help from Ienders and Zidisha I will be able to satisfy my customers .
l will pay back the loan because of the profit I make per day. I make at least income of GHS 300($90) a day. I will be paying the loan from the Profit






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 23, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $110.33 at 3.69% annual rate over 4 months = $1.44

Service fee: $0.76




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