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I am Tobias Lengo a Kenyan, who consider himself or known for his integrity and passion to succeed and motivate others in life. Honesty is the key principle in all of my business and personal engagement. I am a Christian who is also passionate about my faith which I practice what I believe in at all times. In addition, I believe in family values providing for and taking good care of my family being there and sacrificing for them. Besides, I have a soft spot for those who are in needy in the society and would go an extra mile to help them come of their situation and realize their God given potential of being independent and not depending on others to survive. I am not in business not only to make profit but mentor young people to get into income generating activities and avoid getting into crime related activities so as to survive. I have set and registered a self help group known as YIE BER SELF HELP GROUP to enable me reach out to such young people that are talented but jobless.

Zidisha has become part of my life and have seen my business grow over the years. My pledge is to support Zidisha family by being honest and sensitizing other to join and honor their credit payment obligations since I have seen Zidisha changing lives.

My Business

Executive Summary
I am a research worker who deals in academic research consultancy. Besides, I am a pharmacist who currently run one pharmacy outlet Mtwapa, Mombasa. after selling Thika branch so as to consolidate running capital and ensure a focused management. The pharmacy has two units; Medicine sales and Mpesa money transfer services. MPESA is money transfer business using mobile phones that is used to pay bills, shopping, send and receive money.

Other Business Units
Apart from the Pharmacy, Still in Academic Research business that I established with the help of Zidisha and Property Business that I have invested in a Land Buying and Selling company owned by young Kenyans with a vision to generate income. . This fifth loan will assist increasing my Mpesa business float that is low and cannot meet high demand of Mpesa services. With this business I will be able to comfortable pay back the loan.

My Need;

Currently my MPESA business have a float of US dollars 500 against a daily demand of 1500US dollars. In this kind of business the more float you have the more you earn. My monthly commission stands at $130 an increase in float will lead to 100% increase in commission, I plan to repay the loan monthly with 50% of my commission, Thus, I will be able to repay the loan within 6 months. '

I, therefore, need this loan of $920 to increase my float in my MPESA business which is ongoing and need to meet high demand from my clients. This will increase more traffic to my business and make more people aware of the Pharmacy products that I also sell.

Loan Proposal

I am currently working for a number of clients who are seeking for Academic Research Project. Being a high season, I have lots of work and I would like to add one Research assistant to help work on the projects so that I may reach the deadlines and earn more. Due to diligence and handwork I have more clients who would like to have work done for them. By assisting with the loan to purchase the desktop I will be able to expand and avail satisfactory services to my clients.






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Mar 11, 2014

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