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About Me

My name is Nelly Mungai and I live in Ruaka in the Kiambu county with my siblings and parents. I am a graduate from Daystar University having studied Community Development and I am currently undertaking a diploma in Project Management at the Kenya Institute of Management.

I am a business minded young adult. Since I graduated from Daystar, I have started my very own business where I sell rice I get from Mwea and sell it in retail but over time I've begun selling the rice in wholesale. The purpose of me starting this business was to support my family and I. Other than that, it helped with keeping me busy and ever since I've become a lot more independent.

Some of my hobbies include watching movies, listening to music as it keeps me relaxed, and travelling, especially out of Nairobi as i enjoy the fresh air and simply admiring the beauty of the surroundings - I love nature.

My Business

I get my rice from Mwea and sell it in Ruaka and the Parklands area. I generally target the private schools and hotels, therefore I am able to sell my rice at whole price and stock moves fast since rice is a staple food.

My customers prefer me over others as I only sell high quality rice(pure pishori with absolutely no mixture of local rice) at very reasonable prices and also because I deliver the rice on time. I have been able to expand my business to other areas as my clients have given me new referrals. Aside from that, I work for as a Mortgage Advisor for an International Corporation.

I believe once I receive a loan, my business will be able to grow as I would be able to add more stock to my business and I will be able to repay the loan within the promised time. I will be able to do so with the money I make from the sales of the rice as well as the salary.

Loan Proposal

Hello, I am requesting a loan of 6000,this money will be used as transport and 14000 will be used to increase stock(shoes and handbags) that I buy from Uganda. Your assistance will be highly appreciated

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About Me

Hello Zidisha Family,

I was born in 1989,in Kiambu county ,i am a first born of two.Both my parents worked hard to ensure that we got proper education, food and shelter.It wasn't an easy journey for my parents to cater for needs since both of them were not in stable employment. .
After my secondary education, i started volunteering in children's home and in the community before i joined the university to study community development.
I was lucky enough because my university education was half sponsored thus it meant that i wont study full time since i had to look for a job in order to help raise the rest of the school fees and also support my aging parents and sibling.I would get second hand clothes and resell them to my fellow students thus save and get some pocket money, My financial difficulties helped me to mature and independent, i am always looking for new opportunities to better my life and that of my family members
In my free time,i read novels,educative and informative materials so that i learn more and know whats happening in the world i love traveling especially out of Nairobi because of the fresh air and see how beautiful our country is. I volunteer in children's home over the weekend.
I am also involved in a youth empowerment programme in Kiambu county where i help in mentoring young ladies on how to become independent, how to handle peer pressure.This has been a great experience and I gotten an opportunity to learn from other youths and has helped me in networking. This is my way of giving back to the community.

My Business

hello,zidisha family,I am currently employed by a local bank in Kenya and ,one sell cereals and handbags and shoes online.the past year business was badly affected by the political climate in our country and things are yet to stabilize.
I love the cereal business because everyone in the country use one type of cereals and its quite profitable,the online business however its profitable during the end months and the festive seasons.

Loan Proposal

Hello, I am requesting a loan of 6000,this money will be used as transport and 14000 will be used to increase stock(shoes and handbags) that I buy from Uganda. Your assistance will be highly appreciated






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Mar 3, 2020

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